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Friday, March 25, 2016


Mrs Gwen Woods joined by her aunt -
and thousands of supporters in spirit.
This fight has just begun - and this corrupt
administration will be toppled - down.

Hundreds gathered at the Joseph Lee Gym in the Bayview - to get an update on the Mario Woods murder.

An update - linked to the rogue San Francisco Police officers - and the nonchalant manner - in which Mayor Edwin M. Lee has reacted - to the murders of Mario Woods and other mostly Black young men.  The Mayor must step down - now.

Families members whose sons were murdered
by rogue Police Officers - gathered at 
Joseph Lee gym in the Bayview - March 24, 2016.

The "Machine" - the other very corrupt politicians - and to be very sincere " the Democrats " who brag they are for the people - have all failed the people. 

This time around the " Brown and Black " coalition has the " power " - to get rid of the chaff.

The Movement is strong - because it is ground in " deep spirituality " - we must learn to submit and in humility - we will go a long way. Nothing will deter us - and more those that are shallow and are always doubting - if you doubt - please get out of the way.

We can talk all we want - but when it comes to the elections - we need to get rid of - Senator Diane Feinstein, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - corrupt and inept Supervisors like Malia Cohen, London Breed, Katy Tang, Scott Wiener, and Mark Farrell.

Our Latino and Black Brothers 
were in the House - united -
we can do whatever we set our mind to do -
this time around the Mayor is stuck in Room 200 -
at City Hall - with his tail  - between his legs.

Hundreds of young fathers - like the one above -
took the pledge - we are very serious this time around -
The sell outs - must be on the watch out -
united we cannot be defeated by those evil forces -
that have been selling out the community all these years.

Herm Lewis - a Brother from the Bayview -
speaking his mind - and we need more of him -
and less of those that throw words to the wind.

The Stop Lennar Action Movement (SLAM) started in the Bayview - so did the Oscar Grant Movement - and so did the Mario Woods Movement.

From these movement in our Bayview  - many other Movements all over the Nation - have taken our inspiration - and fought for their rights.

Our movement have been documented by thousands of photographs and writings - some published and some kept in our archives. We have planned well for the future - and have not let the ball down - since the year 2000 for sure.

Our purpose should be to focus on our youth and young adults - and this must be done on a " war footing " - to spur the movement in the right direction.

Our youth and young adults are fed up with Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his lackeys. The Mayor is not respected - and his rating are down to a single digit. Our Movement has a lot to do with it - and credit goes to our youth and young adults - who have been on the fore front. This dynamic effort by the youth and young adults - must be recognized - and we must count our blessings - must never, ever take anything for granted.

The true protests - the busting of the meetings and many press conferences - have been done by the youth and young adults - and they must be featured in any Movement - given an opportunity to speak - express themselves - if not NO movement is  - worth the salt.

Our musicians have been incorporated in 
our Movement - with a specially craft theme song.

Our movers and shakers -
were listening to more of the same -
never mind - we can do it - at 
another level and better.

Our people of color have been suffering for a long,  long time.

Some of us do not get it - our plan to rock the "enemy " - worthless Supervisors, the Mayor,  other lackeys that are a disgrace to the human race - and pretend to represent - they must be removed - the sooner the better.

To perform this surgical operation - we must be - " laser beam focused ".

 We must be educated on issues.

 " Spiritually we must be very strong. "

We cannot have a Movement - without planting good seeds - so let us get rid of the chaff - and keep moving with those that - are worth the salt. More action and less talk.

Our youth were in the house - I remember
a " young girl " - 5 years old who spurred
the SLAM Movement - from the mouth of babes
comes "wisdom " and more blessings - one of a kind.

We call upon the Alex Nieto organization -
as we do all youth and young adults -
from the Brown and Black organizations -
in this " one fight " - at this " one time  " -
to bring that one change - that has been on the horizon -
waiting to happen - we all saw the Rainbow.

No one will understand the pain nor feel the pain - of a mother, a father, of the family and loved ones - murder is horrific and more traumatic. 

We have heard the many speeches - attending all the many meetings - the time in now - to first understand the situation at hand - and then step by step - attain our goals - more action and less talk.

The City and County of San Francisco is a Racist City - I want you to hear this loud and clear - by repeating to yourselves - many times : " This City and County of San Francisco - is a racist city - they will kill without cause and we must be prepared ".

The City Fathers and Nazi -
once had their ceremonies -
for all the world to see at SF City Hall.
Nothing much has changed today.
Circa 1938

Now, that we understand this statement - we must have a plan to bring about those changes - necessary - and this must be done on a war footing. We must be united - smaller groups - much like the " Special Forces " - can make an impact for good.

Man made laws have flaws - and those that have God in their hearts - can stand for the "Truth " and make a difference.

With God on your side - you do not have anything to fear - with more God fearing folks doing right -  loving your neighbor - we can take control of our destiny.

No human being should be murdered in cold blood.

We will NOT tolerate this blatant nonsense anymore.

Nothing can be done on a " war footing " - without discipline - and one of the first things any meeting, any event , any gathering has to have - are good leaders - with an agenda that has been vetted.

Good leaders show the way, know the way and go the way.

The presence of those interested 
in the Movement to bring about change -
at the Joseph Lee Gym 

On the streets with the Movement - 
linked to Amilcar Perez Lopez -
hundreds were in attendance.

At the Federal Court House -
the youth were in the house -
and that is how - it ought to be -
the youth and young adult - taking charge -
as we did with the Alex Nieto - case.

On the steps of City Hall - 
the youth and young adults - demanded and shouted -
while the Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
cowered down - as he always does under pressure.


We all have chosen to be in a Movement
You cannot be in a " Movement "
if you do not submit
You cannot be in a Movement
if you are not educated on issues.

More action and less bragging
death is not not pleasant
more a death of a young person
Why are they murdering our youth?

They are challenging us - they are provoking us
So we must understand - how to tackle this delicate situation
our Constitution for all practical purposes 
does not serve the poor, the indigent, those that have
no resources, no connections, and for sure no voice.

Here is San Francisco what favors us
are our youth and young adults
we can rally in numbers and send chills down the spine
of the corrupt, the para-military forces, and others
there is one snake in Room 200 
that must be dealt with.

 We get rid of this " one snake " and most things will be in order.

Let me make it very clear
this is Muwekma Ohlone land
The Muwekma are for the poor, the homeless, those that
are murdered - by those that have no compassion.

What does that say to any Movement that is supported
by the Muwekma Ohlone?
You all have the blessing - of the First People
of the land - San Francisco and beyond.

Our Movement must be viable and sustainable
our warriors children, youth, young adults -
the wisdom of the Elders 
can win - and we must adhere to the sound principles
of trust, fortitude, hard work, and being laser beam focused.

Scatter brains - ruin it for all .

We ought to be organized - in all we do -
we must be spiritual - and if we are - but we can do better.

We are out to fight for the Amilcar family, the Nieto family, 
the Woods family, the Harding family, the many other
families - that we all - love.

There can be no love - if there is NO sacrifice
We must submit - for in humility - lies VICTORY

Francisco Da Costa
March 24, 2016
San Francisco