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Thursday, March 24, 2016


A map that covers the area the 
Muwekma Ohlone have Patrimonial Jurisdiction over.

I represent many organizations involved - addressing Quality of Life issues - on the local level, the National level - and also on the International level.

 Foremost my main focus in recent years - the indigenous people - having  foremost in mind - the youth and young adults - who are being discriminated - more with abject disdain.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone in Francisco - on issues that matter most - linked to land issues and other related issues - and will fight for all indigenous people - here in the Bay Area - the Nation and worldwide.

The Muwekma Ohlone are the First People of San Francisco and the surrounding area.

We, the Muwekma Ohlone - full understand the struggle - the trials and tribulations - on this land - dotted with Shellmounds - the Sacred Burial grounds of our ancestors.

To this day - in their own land  -  the Muwekma Ohlone - have to fight for their own rights.

For the right to exist with the freedom afforded the others - strangers.

The Muwekma Ohlone -  daily existence and survival - without  having  the full rights given each American citizen - strangers in their own land.

The Courts in the United States - the Department of Interior -  other government agencies - discriminating against the First People of Turtle Island - the Muwekma Ohlone - once on the Federal Register - now, illegally removed in 1927 - by a Bureau of Indian Affairs agent - L.A. Dorrington.

San Francisco City Hall has long been known
as the bastion of discrimination, corruption -
and out right injustice. Here witness the KKK
having a field day - under the rotunda at SF City Hall.

( This photograph circa 1938 of SF City Hall )

The San Franciscan Friars bent backwards 
to convert the Muwekma Ohlone  to Catholic Faith -
forcing the Muwekma and other Tribes in California -
to shun their language, their customs, and to follow
what they deemed right - which we know was WRONG.

Great Chiefs well known - all Native Americans - have declared - that those Whites who invaded Turtle Island - no one invited them - from day one.

The strangers - have lied and resorted to stealing, killing, raping, and committing so many atrocities.

Daily their sordid  actions cry to heaven for justice - and to this day - we,  the indigenous people are fighting for our rights - afforded all only to Whites.

The paradox the entire area we call California belonged to Mexico - who sold the land under pressure - for some coins of gold - tainted  and stained with blood.

Those who agreed to this action never ever dreamt the damage this one act would render  - and amount of suffering it would cause to millions - up to this day.

18 treaties were signed between the California Tribes and the Untied States Government.

Millions of dollars  were promised - land was promised - none of the treaties were ratified.

Such are the action to this day - of those who great Native American Chiefs - have deem - " pale faces " - who speak with a " fork tongue ".

The many artifacts reveal how well mannered and civilized the indigenous people were. 

We know who mapped the sky and the stars - much before any nation in the world. 

Who invented mathematics - and who mastered -  kept records  - of the Universe.

Who built monuments - to this day - those who build marvel at those architects - monuments that cannot be replicated - even with our contemporary technology.

Ignorant Christian Friars and others destroyed precious documents - not knowing that these documents were far too advanced for the ignorant -  to comprehend  - less understand and even less fathom a word. 

To this day - this ignorance continues - the " pale faces " - kill to shoot - discriminate - and spread their inherent venom - that is part of their " sordid " - DNA. and barbaric past - that will not leave their being.

The Samoan community stand united
with all indigenous people.

Native Americans from the East Bay -
at Friendship House that celebrated 60 years -
continue to keep the " fire burning " 
respecting their Elders and the Great Spirit.

We marched to bring to the attention -
the atrocities committed against Amilcar Perez Lopez -
putting on notice the SF Police Officers - and more -
rogue officers must STOP shooting first asking questions latter -
enough is enough

We are in a war - there are many battles to be fought -  each battle brings us closer to the winning the war.

First we must discipline ourselves - the digital world - affords us ample and varied opportunities. We can use the internet to serve our needs - we have to be articulate -  be educated on issues.

Our unity is demanded - unity that will not be compromised - no sell outs have a part - in any movement that is holistic and wholesome - it will not be easy - but, it is not impossible.

The indigenous have inherent  best qualities - that have evolved for thousands of years - for good. 

Remember - when the indigenous built large temples - mapped the skies - had well built cities - the many " pale faces " - that talk the talk today - lived in caves - with animals - and were called barbarians.

Even as early as the 15th century - the White nobility did not take a bath - and it was not uncommon for such folks not to take a bath -  for years.  Such unhygienic ways were part and parcel - of the so called - barbarians.

Remnants of those " barbaric traits and trends " - stereotyping those that do not look like the " pale faces " from Europe  - are common.

In my life  - nearing 70 years - I have met many  such folks - and convinced them - who is really superior.

Such people the " pale faces  - who have created so much divisiveness -   suffer from - " inferiority complex". Most of them do not have peace of mind - plagued by the misdeeds, crimes, and sordid actions of today.

We must now understand - and quickly learn - and unite our people .

Take care of - our children, our women, our men, respecting our Elders - listening to our leaders - young and old those that have been blessed with - wisdom.

What favors us in San Francisco - we know all those in power.

 We have had sufficient patience - to study their " wrap sheet ".

Those politicians who are not - representing.

We have the power o boot them off - Supervisors Malia Cohen, London Breed, Katy Tang, Mark Farrell and Scott Wiener.

The above are put on notice - and do not forget to put them on notice

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
a " lap dog " who has sold out the community at large -
make no bones about our warning - 
you must step down - or forever hold your peace.

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee has failed us - and must step down - everywhere he goes - we go - " no justice no peace ".

Do not tell us what to do - we the people tell you - what to do - as we pay your very hight- salaries. 

These jerks make in access of $250, 000 with benefits - are in control of what - nothing - fleece the tax payers - and most of them do not - represent.

If you scum bags - do not want to listen to the people - more the commons.

We the people - demand  -  you step down - and fade into oblivion - we have had enough - and enough is enough.

This is Muwekma Ohlone land and I represent the Muwekma Ohlone. Aho.