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Friday, March 4, 2016


Alex Nieto

The Alex Nieto court case now - being heard  - at the Federal Courts - situated at 450 Golden Gate Avenue in San Francisco - has clearly shown - once again that - " rogue police officers " are tarnishing the name of our City and County of San Francisco.

We pay huge sums of money to allow these officer to work on our streets. We expect high standards and when a few rogue police officers - take matters into their hands - we all suffer. Once you folks - that behave like "thugs" - loose respect - you tarnish all the police officers - and so this time around - let all the police officers pay heed - and take care of the situation - as best you can.

Our Brother Alex Neito was a practicing Buddhist - this fact has not been talked about. He practiced " ahimsa " - he practiced "non-violence" - he was a peaceful soul.

 I knew him - so his death was felt by me and many - as we knew - he was not a person - to react in the manner - that was described in the incident report.

A witness who saw it all - explained the situation at hand in Court - Alex Nieto had his hands in his pockets - there was no way he could - point anything - to anyone - you simply cannot do that - with your hands in your pocket

This case will bring forth the TRUTH - the TRUTH is what many are looking forward to in ernest. 

This case is not simple - it has been muddied by those that we trust - police officers - who swear to protect us - and again some "rogue officers " - go out of their way - to mess things for all of us - by actions that defy the law - and lying with intent to cover up the Truth.

Our corrupt and inept Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee simply does not get it.

Again and again when someone has been killed, murdered, shot - over 20 shots - in many cases - the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - the coward that he is - has kept - silent.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee has not said a word about the Alex Nieto can - why?

For months he said nothing about the four young Black men - shot in the Western Addition. Why?

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee said not a word about the Amilcar Perez Lopez - murder. Not a word - why?

Because we made a lot of noise - and we " rocked the boat " - some one told Mayor Edwin M. Lee to say something - about  the Mario Woodscase - weeks after the murder took place.

Now - we all know the City Attorney has taken a stand - stating clearly the Mario Wood was in the wrong. This means the police officers that murdered Mario Woods - are in the right. Wow!

The City Attorney did not say this -  in the case of Alex Nieto and Amilcar Perez Lopez - nor in the case of the four Black youth that were murdered - in the Western Addition.

You do not need to be a Rocket Scientist to figure out what is going on here?

Mixed messages - that will make things - all the more convoluted - all the more difficult - to get to the TRUTH.

Our youth and young adults are confused - how can you discuss with our youth and young adults - about police officers - again and again and again - shooting the victims - at the back.

We know that "cowards" do that - and if these " rogue officers " -  truly want to go to war - let them enlist to go to Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria - and I bet they will not last - 5 minutes in a real battle field - situation.

Our police in San Francisco must NOT follow para-military tactics - we must treat the constituents with respect - and again and again - the folks who live around Nob Hill, Pacific Heights, the Marina get special treatment - not so in the Mission, Bayview, and Sunnyvale - why?

The death of Alex Nieto,  Mario Wood,  Oscar Grant,  Amilcar Perez Lopes - all speak in clear terms - and point to one glaring fact -  the police officers - knew what they were doing - in other words - with intent - they killed the victims - in cold blood.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee thinks he can buy some time - diverting our minds - little does this " fool " - know and less understand - we are " laser beam focused " on his ass - this man is a JOKE.

The audacity of this man to ask the Department of Justice - the Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) a fitting acronym - an entity that has totally failed the constituents of San Francisco - at their first meeting in the Bayview.

The Department  of Justice must know the the first meeting held at Thurgood Marshal - on Silver Avenue in the Bayview - with the District 10 Supervisor - Malia Cohen - was a total failure.

The failure  to do meaningful  outreach - by Malia Cohen the District 10 Supervisor.

Acting in a manner  - that shows clearly how complicit - this political whore - is embedded those that want to hoodwink the community - with actions that fail to represent the community at large.

More -  on such a critical and important situation at hand - where if it were not for the presence of the Justice for Mario Wood Coalition - that meeting would have taken place - with a few folks - all conniving - against the community - with little or no feed back from the community at large - linked to facts that should have been addressed.

While the panel members spoke at length - the community was given a meagre two minutes - and 5 community members at that.
Stop playing games - these serious issues cannot be addressed in 2 minutes - and the Department of Justice - must know this.

District 10 Supervisor - Malia Cohen

District 5 Supervisor - London Breed

The two Black Supervisors - both sell outs - have NO clue - that their lack of commitment and less comprehension - in the case of Mario Woods,  Alex Nieto, and Amilcar Perez  Lopez - others cases in San Francisco -  has created a vacuum.

The two Black Supervisors - have exhibited  lack of meaningful representation - and less understanding.

Failing to be educated on issues  - the process that best brings about - justice and exercises fair play - comes with sound education and intelligence. 

When it comes to selling out the community - pandering - working with the developers who fill their - " campaign coffers " - the above two - sell out Supervisors - excel.

We have seen and witnessed this again and again - in their voting pattern -  both London Breed and Malia Cohen - hoodwinking the community at large - in Room 250 and in broad daylight.

Our only hope is the Judicial System - which is rigged.

The Alex Nieto case is our HOPE.

We failed with the Oscar Grant case.

The Amilcar Perez Lopez case - needs support - which means money - and this must be - forthcoming.

It is the same with all the cases - where the victims were murdered in cold blooded manner.

The lawyers come in - ask for large retention fees -  use gag orders - other ploys, machinations and shenanigans.

Make sordid deals - play the family members one against the other - but - make sure they get their cut.

Worse the local snakes - preying on the victims - we have seen this again and again.

The people United will never, ever be defeated.