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Friday, March 11, 2016


Alex Nieto's family and supporters
gathered at the Mission Cultural Center -
all San Franciscans stood in solidarity -
we will remember March 10, 2016 - as a day of infamy -
the Court had their day - their deeds had much to say -
evil to the core - 59 bullets and justice crying to heaven.

The 10th of March will be remembered by thousands of decent San Francisco - those who prayed - those that fought so hard - so that decent, tax paying San Franciscans -  could get - justice.

Those supposedly who are must protect us - have among them- rogue SF Police Officers - who must be ashamed of themselves - they shoot to kill - and ask questions - after their sordid - deed.

The Judicial systems - has once again - declared that the " Police Bill of Rights " is worshipped by the Judicial system.

The Jury system - is rigged - evil and crooked City attorneys - who specialize in lying, threatening witness.

Using, every crooked way - to tarnish - when the witnesses testified - in favor of Alex Nieto - more,  against the four rogue SF Police Officers.

Hard as it is - thousands of indigenous San Franciscans  -  are disappointed - disgusted  by the decision.

 Decent - hard working,  tax paying San Franciscans - who thought they would get some justice for the Alex Nieto family - but we delivered the usual - a judgement that cries to heaven for justice.

With the video evidence, with what has been happening in recent times - many of us - tried to give the system a chance - ultimately - we all had to fall back - and realize - how deep is the discrimination, the divisiveness, the sordid deeds of those that have NO conscience - including the City Attorneys who are doing the - devil's work - lying, discriminating - and NOT taking the higher - road.

" If you are a White Police Officer - and kill first and ask questions later. You may be brought to Court - only to be given a slap - on your wrist - then let go - free - to do as you please - as do the many culprits  - who happen to be - Rogue Police Officers."

The decision to set the four rogue SF Police Officers -
was a given - knowing that case after case - 
in tha past - favored police officers and their Bill of Rights -
this time we had the evidence, the video - but the 
Judge and Jury - all rigged - made a deal with the devil.

The judgement was in your face - that constitutionally no excessive force was used and that the four rogue SF Police Officers - were innocent - and thus were set free.

The four rogue police officers - have BLOOD on their hands - we know who they are - and for the rest of their lives - they will not have peace of mind.

Shame on our judicial system - and more how the Jury was chosen - to aid and abet and carry on the " the very discriminatory practices - so rampant and so uneven - in our Judicial system."

If the Judicial System - more Region IX Courts thinks - and more acts - without any pondering - without any through adjudication that is fair and just - even if it is for a second - the constituents of San Francisco and the entire Region - will NOT tolerate - this type of in your face - blatant - discrimination - of this judicial entity. 

Brown and Black has never been so united -
this one salient factor 
will ride with the Nieto Family -
and with Mario Woods and Amilcar Perez Lopez. -
with the others families too many to mention.

Kill the soul of San Franciscans - numb our conscience - and  you - folks evil to the core - think - we all will go with the flow.

We will NOT - tolerate the actions as we are witnessing today in the judicial courts that must do right. Those that continue to do WRONG.

Those that choose with intent - to follow evil values and actions - creating - division - divisiveness -  hatred - they all have what is coming to them - evil to the core.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee as usual will not say much - he will go with what the Court has declared.

Clouded - as was the decision - speak to the 59 bullets - speak to the fact that excessive force was used - speak to fact - that as Mayor of San Francisco - you must go -  you have NO spine - less leadership qualities - you are a disgrace - to the human race.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee -
pathetic - lacking morals and ethics -
a man who is NOT a leader - inept in every way.
A disgrace to the indigenous community - 
you have been a disgrace - to the Brown and Black community.

It was raining yesterday - and thousands were praying -  hoping agains hope - as most indigenous people - that the Great Spirit would bring about - justice - that did not happen.

Unlike,  the "greedy" pale faces who will not reach to God - the indigenous have the Great Spirit - with them all the time.

More - through the thousands of years - on Turtle Island - now named the United States of America.

 The Great Spirit sees all and what is more  has guided the indigenous people - through many trials and tribulations.

I made it to the Mission Cultural Center on 25th and Mission Street - past 6:30 pm - and entered the crowded hall - and was embraced by many .

Some embracing me for two, three, and four minutes - many weeping and crying - and I knew what they were saying - I heard it loud and clear. Thousands like me - are with you - Brown and Black - all the way.

The Father of Alex Nieto spoke and a friend of the family - translated what Alex Nieto's father said - about this family's trials and tribulations. His hopes and aspirations - and always having - HOPE - praying for peace and unity.

Unlike the "evil" who never, have peace of mind - and are always dividing the people and committing - atrocities of the worst kind - among them leading the pack - San Francisco's Rogue Police Officers. The four rogue SF Police Officers - who should have been indicted. Shame on them and they should be let go - if the SF Police Department - has any decency -left in them.

Speeches were made - strong speeches -  and to the point.

Songs were sung - to soothe the soul and encourage all to seek peace and harmony.

Even - as most of us are hurting - by this - very bad Federal Court decision.

People were encouraged to fill the air - with peace, unity, and solidarity. 

You could feel the vibes -  the vibes were - good and powerful.

City Hall and the San Francisco 
Board of Supervisors - have let us down -
the poverty, the homelessness, the increase
in petty crimes, the rent increases - targeting
the poor - and more - have lead to more 
and contributed to this on going - turmoil.

Our hope is with our youth and young adults - Black and Brown.

Our hope is with the Elders who must bear - with all the current and past turmoils and tribulations.

Yet, our Elders still continue to share the wisdom - that comes with time  and with sound - leadership.

These days San Franciscans are wondering what has happened to San Francisco and San Franciscans - noted for their compassion to bring  - about the right change.

As I said  - our youth and young adults - are our hope - and judging from their participation - they all are moving in the right - direction.