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Thursday, March 17, 2016


San Francisco City Hall -
where a lot of wheeling and dealing takes place.

San Francisco is not what it was anymore - the various lobbyists - have created a mess.

It is all about making money - and many a times - when one breaks the laws - you let your guard down - and " Telegram" and other such apps - that were created to keep " Big Brother Out " - now are used by those we pay their salaries - who talk the talk - but fail to walk the walk.

For sure the Mayor Office Room 200 - is a den - where all sorts of nefarious activities are conducted - that have adversely impacted - innocent San Franciscans. All sorts of apps including " Telegram " is used by those - very near the Mayor - the Mayor knows it - but right now - he will be in - denial. Time will tell.

Some of our San Francisco - Board of Supervisors are now going to be exposed for not follow rules and regulation - linked to archiving one's messages. 

" Telegram " now used by City Hall to by pass Sunshine laws - hoodwinking the public at large:

This issue has come up before - with one Supervisor Katy Tang - exposed - her hand in the cookie jar.

It has been some months now - when we try to send out emails - we notice a " red lock ". If you send - these emails - they bounce back.

Other similar signs have led many - to find out - what is behind - sending emails and text messages -  that self destruct.

An app named - " Telegram " and other apps - have been discussed by the " tech savvy " - and by some of us - for over three years - we have some of the best hackers - right here in our back yard.

Justice for all - now

Private entities and Corporation have been  using  " Telegram " - and other apps that self destruct - for some years  now. 

Trying to keep the prying an evil to the core - Chinese from Mainland China -  other crooks from Russia, India, Romania and elsewhere - at arm's length - the hackers are having a field time - billions of dollars lost - every year.

Huge transaction made - millions of dollars transferred - the large losses - are kept under wraps - it is a dog eat dog - world.

Those SF Supervisors who are using " Telegram" must come clear.

There is no way - they can hold higher office - especially Malia Cohen and Katy Tang.

When progressive like Aaron Peskin,  John Avalos,  Jane Kim, and David Campos are mentioned publicly that they use the software " Telegram ".

We the people -  know we have to deal - with a very high probability of - sordid and uncalled for " corruption ".

A never ending " saga " - who is representing whom?

It is too early to say what is really happening - but I know the Mayor's office has hired some so called " technical experts " - they have introduced - all sorts of " gimmicks " to City Hall - who once were famous for using Windows 5 - not long ago.

This leap to use " Telegram " - throwing " ethics" and " standards " to the wind.

 The Brown Act - and plain decency - sends a very wrong message - to those advocates who fight for what is right .

While all the time - those that  - " represent " - are really lying to the Public at Large.

Corruption written all over her face.
Time will tell - " Telegram " her.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission too is using some sort of " technique " some " smarts " - to keep information from the public at large - it is just a matter of time - they will be exposed.

The paradox is we can trace those who use " Telegram " - we may not have the ability to recover the sordid " self destructed messages " - all we need is the smoking gun.

In the past weeks - without saying much - I have tried to find out what is happening at City Hall and with some of our Enterprise Departments - the blame is always put on the IT Department that deals with  - technology.

In this case - individuals have found out they can use  - the latest technology to keep secret ploys, machinations, and shenanigans out of the public's view - and " Telegram " - is just one of the tools in use.

Telegram was invented by a Russian who created the app to send messages - when the Russian authorities - wanted to have access to all his files - and stop him and those using the internet - to discuss and apply concepts that the Russian government - did not want to go forward. Stalling progress and democracy - where dictators have a field day.

This very clever computer programmer found a loop hole - and we all know that " Telegram " was born - he was allowed to leave Russia - with al lot of money - some say $300 million - now resides in France - and continues his research - to find other apps - to make things easier to us all to use. - hopefully - good.

As you may realize the " terrorists " have used this app and others too - mostly corrupt corporations - the Chinese have been trying to break into " Telegram " and the many programs that Apple uses - encryption software - and it is just a matter of time - before the Chinese do.

Few know that the Chinese hacked the servers of the Office of Personnel Management - (OPM). 

OPM holds the information on most Federal workers - many of us that have " high clearances " - all our skills and contacts stolen - just because the Federal Government - for all their talk - failed to have the best " fire walls " and could have used  the widely used " encryption  software" for good - but did not.

OPM since April 2015 is trying to recover - but they  totally and surely " fucked up " - big time.

Not ashamed - putting over 4 million plus Federal workers - with high skills and clearances - in harms way.

Now the credit card information - other information know only to individuals - are out there.

The Chinese  - from Mainland China - have us by our balls - and we - for all our talk - have not had the ability to teach the Chinese from mainland China a lesson.

Imagine contacting all your credit card issuers - the various Banks - who are all corrupt we all remember the 2008 Economic debacle.

Many of us lost - most of our IRAs - our investment - impacted our pensions - our savings in 2008 -  what did the Federal Government do? Nothing.

There is a move " The Big Shot " go watch it - it is happening in San Francisco today.

Billions of dollars are available - billions of dollars from off shore accounts - are pumped into our San Francisco  economy.

Most money from China, Singapore, Nigeria,  and those countries that reign supreme - in corruption - including Russia.

It is a dog eat dog world - it is not uncommon for some Chinese to approach you to buy a building - and pay you as much as $40 million in cash and more.

We saw this during the era too - and now it is here - in our own back yard. - again - millions of dollars all  tainted money.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee and others - salivating - and making hay - while the sun shines - going against our Sun Shine laws - ethics, standards - you know what I saying.

Does Mayor Edwin M. Lee use " Telegram " ?

I bet he does - and right now - if he is reading these sentences - he is about to puke. This wheeling and dealing must come to an end - NOW!

He will be caught - once again - one more time -  with his hand in the cookie jar.

These techies are " evil " - the apps are meant to be used for good - but then there is " better " and " best " - and those with a higher IQ - rule the roost - mostly to conduct " nefarious " activities - dubious to nature and disgracing the human race.

Transparency and Accountability have been under scrutiny before - we had the case of Juliet Ellis - a very corrupt and evil individual who works for the SF Public Utilities Commission - charged by the SF Ethics Commission and the Fair Action Political Committee.

Juliet Ellis transferred over $200, 000 to Green For All - a former organization she worked for - she had to return the money - pay a fine - now she still works making over $200, 000 salary - and still hoodwinking the public at large. Go Figure!

We have our San Francisco Supervisors - who now have to come clean -  and many may resign - or jeopardize their ability to seek higher - office.

I saw developers right at City Hall - working with " Telegram "  - some of them - linked to Lennar Urban.

 Evil developers who communicate  - " in cognito " - the get inside information - pay for it - and sell their mothers for a nickel - most of them Zionists.

San Francisco has long been know for its technology and smarts - but now - more and more the world will know about San Francisco - and the ' evil smarts " that few use - to make illegal deals - and fill their campaign coffers - make money illegally to conduct - nefarious activities. Aho.