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Thursday, March 3, 2016


Tents provided by private citizens -
confiscated - and thrashed by those
that have NO compassion for the poor.

Just because some "idiots" brag that the so called - fake and unrealisti " Navigation Center " works - and pat their behind - brag more - before the many bodies and committees - the talk means nothing at all. We need a wider perspective and that is missing - in all the discussions - held.

We must NOT believe - that this one model - is the solution to most of the problems - facing those that are poor and indigent - more who - have fallen on hard times.

The Mayor has been talking for some time now about the unrealistic " Navigation Center"  - touting that the Nation is interested in such a concept - that has numerous loopholes.

For starters the basic cost for a shelter space is about $15 and may range at high as $45 - in the case of the unrealistic and much talked about - " Navigation Center " - it is as high as $85 per individual. 

Mayor Edwin M. Lee 
a clown  must find some circus to employ him -
so far his term has been pathetic - to say the least -
more and more targeting those that need help most.

This is San Francisco - we have thousands of who have skills - in capacity building, experts as Social Worker - logistics and other important skills - who can manage wrap around programs - in a stellar manner.

Advocates who have taken on themselves - using their own money - to help those that need help most.

The "Navigation Center " - first started by brain storming one year ago. Those that first thought about this program were left in the dark - and the Mayor touted that this was his program.

The only program that the Mayor pushed for - are his Press Releases - one in September promised money from private sources - to help the homeless - and has yet to be realized. 

 David Campos the Supervisor from District 9 and others - were instrumental in having the initial discussion - but for months - after the " Navigation Center " - opened its doors to the homeless - the stupid Mayor bragged at the many Press Conferences - that he was instrumental - in creating the - Navigation Center.

The Episcopal Church - other Faith based institutions - played a key role - some $3 million was expanded by Faith Based organizations. Little mention was made about this -until I and others - pointed out the folly of the Mayor's Office and his false bragging - taking credit for most things working - and failing to address - the programs initiated by his office - that have fallen by the way side.

This money - providing funding for Case Managers,  janitors, nurses, other personnel to cater to the needy, the poor, the indigent, those with compromised health, the mentally challenged, the physically challenged - and more - linked to the now operational " Navigation Center " - just one center.

More navigational centers were promised - but none are forthcoming. The present shelters - operational are not worth the salt. Folks from Tenderloin Neighborhood Housing - keeps raking in millions - preying on those that need help - most.

Skyscrapers now have changed the
skyline of San Francisco -
and the people united do not want these
filthy rich developers in San Francisco.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee has been wheeling and dealing with Lennar Urban ( a rogue developer) - Forest City - Twitter and other such entities - that owe our City millions in taxes - even after they have been given huge - breaks.

In all over $40 million - plus - and we must have a hearing on these nefarious entities - from Miami, Florida another places - messing in our business.

The poor, the indigent, those suffering from AIDS, the juveniles that need help, students, thousands of them playing truancy - all need help. No one seems to care about these entities - and more these people - who lives have been adversely - impacted.

Here were have Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who I challenge to a debate - messing with us - we advocates - who have the empirical data - and know more - about all his nefarious activities.

Wheeling and dealing in Room 200 at San Francisco - City Hall.
We have people who report to us the activities of those who are selling out our City and County of San Francisco. Making hay while the sun is shinning - filling their campaign coffers.

The crooked Supervisors selling out the community London Breed, Malia Cohen, Katy Tang, Scott Wiener and Mark Farrell.
Mark Farrell pretending he cares for the poor - when he is for the rich developers and market housing.

Supervisor Mark Farrell 

Lennar Urban a rogue developer -
building inferior homes on land
contaminated - prone to liquefaction and flooding.

Large tracts of land - over 2500 acres - that now have on them standing - Public Housing  - at Potrero Hill - Hunters Point - Oakdale - Sunnyvale - are being slated for mixed use housing.

Deferred maintenance was used by the City and County of San Francisco - through the SF Housing Authority - to run down - once good housing.

Plans are afoot - to tear the Public Housing down - and build mix housing - more catering to the rich - with more " market rate housing" - in the name of so called " mixed used housing " - which means nothing at all - and less " affordable housing " - for those making under $80, 000.

The City officials - acting like "thugs" - have made deals with Bridge Developers, Mercy Housing, the John Stewart Company - to build mix housing. 

We know who they are - and we will expose them - all.

Now these same " City Officials" - trying to hoodwink the public at large - are making added deals with Forest City, Lennar Urban, Nibbi, Cahill, Webcor, Obayashi, other dubious entities - to build mix housing - favoring - market rate housing.

Why not use this land - that we do not have to pay anything for - use the equity and build - sound affordable housing?

The issue we have here - is that the leadership in San Francisco - under Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has failed us all - and those that play ball with him - must be charged - using the RICO ACT.

Daily on our streets - petty crime - car break-ins have increased- home break-ins - exacerbating and adversely impacting Quality of Life issues.

We have had killings - innocent people shot in the back - and we say - we must do something about this - but nothing ever happens.

God is a witness to the reality- and we try - and we will try to bring about change for good and take our great City of San Francisco - to a better place. 

Our neighborhoods - that once enjoyed peace of mind - have no more - peace of mind - and added to this is "fear" - no place is safe - more for women and young girls - youth and young adults - assaults, break-ins, and a host of other petty crimes on the rise.

Rents have been increase and it is not uncommon to pay over $4000 now for a one bed room unit.

$5500 for a two bed room unit - and here our Mayor Edwin M. Lee - thinks he can fool as all - making empty - promises.

The many  advocates - who have monitored the many issues - linked to Quality of Life - for over 35 years - and know much more - than this " idiot"  Mayor - Edwin M. Lee - will ever know.

Our City Administrator has failed too - so has our Controller - others that I know and will not name - but, some one has to sit down the Mayor and tell him the truth.

We have families on the street - and with El Nino - and the  impending  - inclement weather - hundreds are left to fend for themselves.

This is San Francisco - and we already have hundreds of organizations -  helping the needy. 

Many of these organizations need funding - but here the Mayor and some others including this new novice Sam Dodge - who has replaced Bevan Dufty - the former "czar" of the homeless -  spewing diatribe- more talk and less walk.

Saint Martin de Pores, Saint Anthony's, Glide Memorial, Mother Brown - hundreds of other institutions - decent individuals - ordinary citizens - dig deep into their meagre pockets - to provide the best - help. 

No one seems to care about these organizations - and less given these organizations and ordinary citizens - recognition.

Our City and County is full of it - they do little - take less responsibility - out source most of the programs - worth millions of dollars. The City does not want to handle liability and this policy - has brought about - the situation - we have today.

The City and County of San Francisco - gives little and expects more - and the Mayor Office of Housing and other connected departments - linked to the Mayor - waste millions - all tax payers - money.

Where is the justice? Does this City and County of San Francisco - with a over $9 Billion Budget - truly care for its constituents?

The San Francisco Health Department - does not have beds to cater to those that the " hot teams " -  who work for the SF Health Department - when these " hot teams " want to complete " wrap around services ".

Services that are provided on the street - under bridges - by bushes,  in and around filthy conditions.

With the billions the San Francisco Health Department has - why not buy three or four large trailers - complete with medical equipment - medicines - manned by experts - nurses, psychologist, doctors, case managers - to provide wrap around services - that are approved by Human Services and the other dubious City Departments - that are pussyfooting around.

The people united - will not be defeated.

God is great and with God on our side - those that need help - will be provided - one way or the other - that is in San Francisco.

This is Muwekma Ohlone land - and I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - I am not afraid of our "stupid" Mayor and those lackeys that lick his dirty shoes.

Muwekma Ohlone Warrior -
all of San Francisco is Muwekma Ohlone land.
Our City is mandated to help the poor - more if you receive Federal money - and for that matter State money too - we cannot permit to suffer and die slowly on our streets 
of San Francisco.

This Mayor and his lackey who receive salaries in excess of $250, 000 all tax payers money -  must be held accountable.

More when they do not help families - infants, children, youth, young adults, seniors, and those with compromised - health.

This is San Francisco - the strangers stole the land - this City got all the land for free.

The land on the Shipyard and in other places - has been given for free to Lennar Urban - over one thousands acres.

Our City has the money and the fiscal backing to build and operate our own housing. That is if their "heart" is in the right place.

 We have the experts - our City prefers to pander and hand over - our precious resources - held by the City and County of San Francisco - to Lennar Urban, Forest City, Nibbi, Cahill, Webcor, Obayashi - and a host of other nefarious - contractors.

We have a Contract Monitoring Division - that has NO clout - it has no Commission - NO policy making Commission.

 The Mayor - the City Administrator and the developer can all sit down - and cut a deal. They do that with most of the big developers - who act as if they control of of San Francisco.

It is the same with San Francisco Public Utilities Commission -  it has over $300 million of funds - that must be used for Community Benefits.

Juliet Ellis has access to these funds - the same Juliet Ellis that was charged for sending $200, 000 to Green For all - charged by SF Ethics Commission and the Fair Political Action Committee - she returned the money, paid the fine - but is still doing the evil stuff she specializes in.

Fire Julie Ellis she must not be working - when she has no ethics, less morals, and for sure no standards.  A scum bag and pathetic to say the less.

The same applies to Dwayne Jones - who handles millions - has been on the black listed - when he was caught - and ordered by the Court - to stop bidding - using undue influence.

He is now working with Platinum Consultants - handling over $150 million - linked to the SF Public Utilities Commission  -  and the Sewer System Improvement Project - pretending it is all for Work Force. Aiding and abetting nefarious - activities.

Another crook - who has been exposed - before. And there is  - more. Aho.