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Sunday, March 13, 2016


Our Nation now has a  population of about 314 million - we occupy 3, 717, 812. 02 million square miles.

This land once called Turtle Island now called the United States of America - in recent years - our Nation has seen troubling times - the disparity gap has grown - the disparity gap in San Francisco - below that of a country - Rwanda.

The Muwekma Ohlone
the First People of San Francisco -
I represent the Muwekma Ohlone.

In recent years - our Nation has taken a wrong stand to incarnate those that cannot get - good representation - in our sordid courts.

This nonsense all started with  President Bill Clinton - who belonged to the Democratic Party.

So do not tell me - Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi,  Senator Diane Feinstein - the others who say they are for the people - and swear by the Democratic Party - are for the people - they are NOT.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi
has done nothing for San Franciscans -
spends more time in NAPA county
wheeling and dealing - and amassing illegal wealth.

These vermin - have not allowed thousands of innocent people - receive sound representation.

 Their ugly actions and policies - have sent thousands to jail for years - some for as many as 25 years and  30 years,

 Where days and weeks, months and years - and more years are spent in incarceration - and slow death - worse than being on a - " slave plantation ".  All this in the year 2016.

Those incarcerated - working long hours for 10 cents an hour. We need to know this and other things - to stop the on going discrimination that our politicians - and more the Black politicians have - endorsed. Failing to represent - and look the other way - one of them Willie L. Brown - pandering to the crooks, the developers and anyone who will fill his - pockets.

Former Willie L. Brown Jr

Malia Cohen

Supervisor London Breed
President of the Board of SF Supervisors

Yet these scum bags - when they talk to us - tell us they have our back - when all they have done - is spewed diatribe - and done nothing for us all. They should be ashamed of themselves - and they may want to run for higher office - but they should not represent San Franciscans - not in our name - never, ever.

In San Francisco - because of our failed policies - our failed judicial system - our " bail system " - that stinks to high heaven - thousands suffer - not only the incarcerated by their families and friends. This suffering has reached - saturation point.

Few can make bail - just because you are poor - an indigent - through no fault of your own -  no one should linger for months and some linger for years - just because they have no money - to make the bail.

Supervisor Scott Wiener

Supervisor Mark Farrell

Our politicians - most of them are " political whores and pimps ". In San Francisco Malia Cohen, London Breed,  Katy Tang,  Scott Wiener and Mark Farrell.

We have a lot of Independents in San Francisco - and it is not impossible to get rid of these - " very corrupt bums ". Most of them - can be charged using the " RICO ACT ".

We need to be educated on issues - and we can learn fast.

We need quick orientation and crash courses - if we only ask those who are educated on issues - to explain what I have stated above. Once educated on issues - the sky is the limit.

It is pathetic to witness - at our large meetings - how shallow we are - how unfocused - how self centered.

All these from years - being divided - told what to do - listening to half- baked truths - lack of real experience - shallow in our faith to rise up and do right.

Etched on our minds - our own fake superiority - which in fact leads to " inferiority complex ".

So far - we have the right to gather - but more and more - moles, snitches - others that " sell out to the enemy " - come to our meetings.

Report to those - that are sell outs - who ultimately are provided for - with " stale bread crumbs " - the likes of Amos Brown and those lackeys that listen to Amos Brown - a chronic sell out.

Amos Brown is not for the Brown and Black people who suffer - he is for himself.

He is NOT to be trusted - and all over San Francisco - he is NOT respected

Recently. we all said all that was needed  - to be said - loud and clear - about the injustices meted out to Alex Nieto.

Alex Nieto an indigenous young man  - who was shot - 59 times. 14 bullets hit Alex Nieto - while all the time - Alex Nieto had his hands in his pocket.

San Francisco City Hall -
where now - wheeling and dealing take place -
day in and day out.

Our City and County took upon themselves to fight Alec Nieto and dishonor his parents. City attorneys badgering the parents - this is totally uncalled for - and this City and County in the short and long run - will suffer the wrath of those that remember for a long time.

This case was taken to the Federal Courts  - because it has sound merits - so we thought - but all of us are totally - disappointed.

The parents of Alex Nieto are poor - the City and County of San Francisco has a $9 Billion budget - with very deep pockets.

Dennis Herrera - who is seeking higher office - will be remembered well - why he chose to do the family of Alex Nieto in.

In good faith - with sufficient evidence - waiting for years for adjudication - the parents of Alex Nieto - with help from supporters -  took this case to the Federal Courts for sound adjudication - but the opposite happened - the people are riled.

Power to the people -
it is just a matter of time -
justice will come to those that do harm
not from the fake courts - but from the just outside the courts.

As thins stand today - to be sincere and frank - the " juries chosen are from all over California " - come from " pools " that lack the understand - and less have compassion for those that come from the indigenous population - even less the Brown and Black these " tainted juries encounters in their daily lives ".

This one singular factor -  neutralize - anything and everything that is linked to Cultural Competency.

More,  an understanding what it really takes to appreciate the cultures of Black and Brown people.

The First People of our Nation - Turtle Island are relegated to the Reservations - treated as " third class citizens " - in their own land.

White folks who discriminate daily - do not think that Black and Brown people deserve respect.  Most consider that those who are not like them - are second class citizens.

 White people who think they own this land - thinks they can do anything - such folks will not suddenly - get religion - and adjudicate - they will follow the misguided guidelines - that are given them to - follow.

A thief who steals is not to be trusted - and if you know you stole - you must pay - restitution. The White folks - even today are so greedy and so full of it - that they have destroyed our Nation - Turtle Island in less than 300 years.

The Native Americans have been year for 15, 000 years - all documented and Carbon dated.

You have to be chosen - to be on the Jury - to really know what is happening.

Added to that we have NOT reached a stage - where we have stellar attorneys - who are for the people - who will stand up tall and do the right thing.

White Attorneys other Attorneys - that do not judge anyone - by the color of their skin - this is not happening in our Nation.

We can bark up the wrong tree and feel that there is justice in our Courts.

When you go through the many layers of hurdles and tribulations - what once was there to shine as a light - now is clouded with corruption of the worst order.

At every level we see the injustice - the One percent controlling Ninety Nine percent .

Where is the middle class -  it is eroding before us - we must stop to understand this one singular fact.

Our politicians are not for the people - they are for themselves - our SF Board of Supervisors - more the ones that I have named above - the scum of the Earth - more London Breed and Malia Cohen and Scott Wiener.

This man will set San Francisco on Fire -

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee is a Joke - the man has NO balls and is not a leader.

He speaks from both sides of his mouth - he wags his tongue - thinking he can fool  - all the people all the time.

Right now the man has several Court Cases pending before the courts - he knows about it - but,  yet he pretends - he is for the people - and doing right - when he is all about - wrong and failing to represent.

He tell us and he purports - that he follows the rules and regulations - while all the time - Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has failed to represent the people that most need to be represented.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee 
The Joker

Today, in San Francisco this man Edwin M. Lee is a JOKE - thousands of people are homeless - as many as 10, 000 - including those who crash in cars.

Recreational Vehicles - ten - fifteen of them parked in our neighborhoods - folks sleeping in them - fifteen, twenty - urinating and defecating - piling and spilling all sorts of garbage- stinking to high - heaven.

In our neighborhood  - right now - it not uncommon to have the homeless - and more the " mentally challenged " - sleeping at our door steps.

Taking refuge in our -  laundry mats - and taking over the benches - disturbing the people who treasure their hygiene - we have not seen such - tardiness and disease prone habits - in a long, long time.

It is the same with our buses - the MUNI system - downtown when we go to shop or conduct our business. Filth every where - and the Mayor tell us - most things are under control.

Edwin M. Lee - has destroyed our neighborhoods - lowered Quality of Life - and the man talks like " Caligula " - he is good for nothing.

The petty crimes in San Francisco has increased by 500% and this " idiot - Edwin M. Lee " - thinks nothing of what is happening in our neighborhoods - the pandemonium and confusion of the highest order.

The idiot has not said one word on the Alex Nieto case - not one word on the Amilcar Perez Lopez case - the killing and murders of the above two - decent human beings.

He was pressured to say something about the Mario Wood case - but he has no plan to address - the right type of deescalation.

 Has no clue about the sordid " Police Officers Bill of Rights " - that has adversely impacted - decent, hard working, tax paying - constituents in San Francisco.

He has chosen to make is bed with Amos Brown a sell out - who treasures his title as President of the NAACP  - and less being a pastor.

This man has divided our community - and each and every time he pretends to represent - he shoves his very dirty foot in  his already infested and contaminated mouth .

Single handedly Amos Brown has destroyed all unity among Brown and Black people.

A protest shortly - will reveal the Truth - this man must step down and leave San Francisco - he is a disgrace to the human race.

I know for sure Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would have nothing to do with such a " sell out " - Amos Brown.

Amos Brown will do anything for money - and even though - he has been an abject failure in life - even though he is drowning - in the cesspool of his own creation - the man tries to make headlines - at the cost of those that need help - most.

Even though -  he has dug his grave - has seen the writing on the wall -  he is blinded by greed, avarice, and pure egoism that knows no bounds.

Amos Brown is a disgrace to anything - decent - convoluted and demeaning -  adversely impacting those that do right - working with the enemy against his own people. Time will tell. Aho