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Friday, April 1, 2016


Edwin M. Lee lacks leadership -
is responsible for dividing San Francisco -
adversely impacting Quality of Life Issues.

San Francisco has brought shame upon itself - and Edwin M. Lee who occupies Room 200 at SF City Hall - bears the  total responsibility - bringing disgrace - to San Francisco and more decent, hard working, tax paying - San Franciscans.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi -
not a word - as Black men get murdered -
on the streets of San Francisco.
Shame on those who keep voting for her.

Senator Diane Feinstein -
she should step down - a disgrace -
to the human race - her reaction to the murders.
of mostly people of color - has been -  "dead silence".

We have had so many killings in San Francisco - and many murders at the hand of " rouge San Francisco Police Officers "  - hiding behind the fake - " Police Bill of Rights ".

Now we learn the " rejects " from other Police Departments - are accepted into the ranks of the San Francisco Police Department - without proper - vetting. 

In recent months - we have " rogue San Francisco Police Officers " - opening criticizing the Chief - Chief Gregory Suhr. The Chief openly stating that some of his officers - are difficult to control. What does this say - to the present state of affairs - pandemonium. 

Supervisor London Breed - 
she talks the talk but cannot walk the walk.

Supervisor Malia Cohen -
a disgrace to the human race -
she does not know where her nose is. Open her mouth
 and shoves her dirty foot in it.

Having no idea - what an " independent investigation " this two House Negroes - accepted the accolades - from those that know less - when they passed a resolution - in Room 250 - purporting to help the mothers who are suffering - murdered by rogue San Francisco Police Officer - the two novice Board of Supervisors - demanding an " independent investigation " - without thoroughly studying the factors - and finding out more - an investigation by the Department of Justice - the Civil Right Department - would have borne better results.

Better still as I stated that day at City Hall in Room 250 - a Congressional Hearing.

The Department of Justice - which should be called the Department of Jokers - sent a team - to find out and gather information.

Three meetings were held the first one in the Bayview which was an utter failure.

The meeting held at Mission High School was well attended and the Jokers got a piece of our mind.

We the people demand an investigation. The Jokers tell us - wait for two years - and we will be able to read a lengthy - document. 
Such nonchalant nonsense - is what makes a mockery of our - so called - " justice system ".

Malia Cohen and London Breed are two novices - who have no clue - what they are doing.

Had they had some experience they would have got Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi - to initiate a Congressional Hearing on the many " murders " - committed by the San Francisco Police Department - affecting people of color
Our San Francisco Police Department  has to be revamped.

The SF Police Officers are well paid - somewhere along the line - some 300 SF Police Officers - have decided to do as they please.

The text messaging - the arrogance of rogue officers that have betrayed the trust - the Chief of Police and the Command Staff have put in them.  More the people who pay their salaries.

These rogue officers - in the minority - have disgraced San Franciscans and San Francisco - and should be fired.

Again and again - these " rogue officers " are suspended. They get their pay - and are given some " desk job ".

These rogue officers -  keep bragging that those they serve - are expandable. 

The derogatory remarks  made - when referring to people of color and mostly Blacks - are despicable.

On the streets - I have seen - the San Francisco Police Officers - in action - and it is not fair when " people of color " - are treated with disdain. 

Those San Francisco Police Officers who serve with distinction - know who they are - many know me and I know them.

The Muwekma Ohlone - 
The First People of San Francisco -
the Muwekma protected and preserved the land -
only for the stringers to contaminate and polluted -
all that was - pristine.

As I have stated many times - we do not need - thousands to come to San Francisco - to foster confusion,  create confusion,  force people out and foster - gentrification.

Increase the Carbon Footprint - the prices of rent have reached so high - that thousands have left San Francisco - in the last 5 years - some 50, 000 families - by certain accounts.

An astonishing number of San Franciscans - that have contributed so much to make our unique neighborhood - that we treasure.

This SalesForce skyscraper in the offing -
resembles some " penis " in the sky -
macho folks trying to impress us - 
take these skyscrapers some where else.

Recently we found out Edwin M. Lee who lacks leadership qualities - taking a trip to " Brazil " - why " Brazil " is anyone's guess - backed by Pacific Gas and Electric and other developers - trying to further adversely impact - the Bayview Hunters Point area.

Right now we have over 5000 industries in the Bayview - all sorts of manufacturing - iron, steel,  manufacturing of doors, welding, windows, automotive repairs, all sorts of smaller industries linked to plastics, laboratories, paint, sausages, salami, soft drinks, you name it.

These industries have been doing what they do best - contributing to San Francisco and in some case the entire Bay Area - unknown to Edwin M. Lee - who thinks - he can come into our neighborhood and destroy these industries.

This guy has lost his mind. So here is a " piece of advice " - stop thinking you control San Francisco - you do not.

Stop thinking you can improve San Francisco - you cannot.

Step down and get out of the way - or forever hold your piece.

We are now 5000 strong - and we do not have to come to City Hall - to act - we can do it remote control - and all within the law - so far our liberties are well defined - to deal with the - " corrupt ".

San Francisco is Muwekma Ohlone land  - and Edwin M. Lee a person had has no " leadership qualities - is out to destroy San Francisco.

His plans to being tech industries has back fired - it is just a matter of time - once the " bubble burst " - you will see it - much like the "" era - the spiraling of the economy in the year 2008.

2018 is the date set - for the bubble to burst - and there will be a hue and cry.

Home prices and rents will topple - the techies will flee - the grandiose plans - to build 30, 000 units in the Candlestick and Hunters Point area - will fizzle.

The Chinese economy is not doing well - what do you think - will happen a few years from now? 

Excuses will be made - in the bargain - those San Franciscans that are here now - already suffering - will leave - never to return again.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone -  all pertinent issues in San Francisco. 

We do not agree that we need the skyscrapers and the major development - from corrupt developers - who do not give a damn about San Franciscans.

The likes of Lennar Urban and Forest City - Zionists - who have ulterior motives.

The land that is vacant - must be preserved - open space in critical to addressing Quality of Life issues.

Edwin M. Lee must step down - enough in enough - there are 5000 people ready to address any issue - and we are not kidding - the coward - is afraid to meet the people - and yet purport to represent the people.

Enough is enough - step down and be gone. Aho.