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Wednesday, November 11, 2015


San Francisco is a very rich City - with a Budget of over $9 Billion - money for everything - expect to address Quality of Life issues.

We have a population of over 820,000 and today 3 percent of this population is African American or Blacks - and this population is dwindling.

50 percent of those incarcerate in our jails are Blacks - and this City and County of San Francisco - fails to see what is wrong with this picture.

Blacks are leaving San Francisco in droves - and every month - hundreds leave - never to see these Blacks again.

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee is aware of this fact - but he continues to ramble about serious issues - in a nonchalant manner. Time will tell.

One glaring issue haunting Mayor Edwin M. Lee - are his rants against doing something to address - the increasing "violence". He has no clue - about the millions of dollars spent - doing nothing much - too much talk and less action that matters.

The Mayor is  doing nothing, what so ever about what he deems to address - there is no Blue Print and less empirical data - that show progress - in stemming - violence and progress addressing Quality of Life issues.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee -  has " no balls" to do anything at all. The Mayor Edwin M. Lee thinks he can fool all the people - all the time.

January 9, 2015 four young Black men were killed by guns in San Francisco - all of them - victims - to some cowards and thugs.

It took the Mayor Edwin M. Lee over 10 months - to say something about this " blatant incident and rampant killings" - and he has yet to contact the families of the victims.

Today the Mayor Edwin M. Lee has not met the mothers of the victims - all Black men - and he refuses to meet the mothers - Mayor Edwin M. Lee should feel ashamed of himself.

Recently, after over 9 months some money was offered the mothers and their families - but this offer is a small step - the bigger step is linked to " respect" - is to meet the mothers of the victims and express some sentiments - worth the salt.

To date the Mayor Edwin M. Lee - has been totally disrespectful to the mothers - of the 4 Black men - all young - under 24 years - who have lived in San Francisco.

November 10, 2015 at 6 pm - an event to address the violence and bring the community together to support the mothers and families.

The event was held at Potrero Hill Neighborhood House - where once an advocate Enola Maxwell - did a lot of good work.

There was cultural music and dance, the spoken word, short skits, speeches addressing the issue at hand - and stories told - one of a kind and recorded.

The sponsors of the event had an opportunity to speak - and so did those who support the mothers - whose sons are no more - and who happen to belong to the Black Hebrew Community - who took a stellar role - to put this event together. 

The Hebrew Cultural Community spoke about the role of the many activities the Black Hebrew community - are involved in.

 The role the Black Hebrew Community mothers - to bring about some - " resolution" - with San Francisco City Hall after - over 9 months - linked to the killings away back on January 9, 2015.

The Catholic Archdiocese of San Francisco, the Restorative Justice Ministry, leading advocates against Violence, the leaders from the community at large were present - to offer support and more to support the mothers of the victims - all young Black men - and others who were victims of violence - hundreds of them.

Violence and more Black on Black violence must STOP.

Our City and County of San Francisco has failed to stem the  on going " gentrification  " of poor people  in San Francisco.

In the last 20 years over 40,000 families have left San Francisco - never to come back to the City.

In the last 15 years the Black community has dwindled from a high of 25 percent of the population to a meagre 3 percent - and soon the Black population - will vanish.

The paradox is that unlike other cities in the Nation - Blacks in San Francisco and California - participated in the building of San Francisco from its very inception.

The Whites have with intent created hurdles to help the Black and have failed to honor and respect the hard work and contribution of the Blacks all these many years - from the mid 1880s.

In recent years many of us have attend so many funerals - most of them young Black men - I have over 258 funerals from the 1999 to now.

Of course Mayor Edwin M. Lee talks about housing, the increasing homeless population, and of course Safety - that includes Violence Prevention - it is mostly - all talk and no walk. Aho.