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Friday, November 27, 2015


Tiffany Bohee is one of those lackeys - some years ago working as a peon for the SF Public Utilities Commission - after a brief stint at the SFPUC - she managed to wiggle her way to the Mayor Office Economic Development (MOED) and Workforce.

Michael Cohen the then Director of MOED - taught her well how to lie, cheat, and pander - she rose up in status - among the most corrupt Department heads.

Tiffany is a panderer, no spine, and continues - until today to spread unethical principles and policies.

Tiffany the Queen of  corruption, evil, and unethical - heads the Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure aka the Successor Office of the former SF Redevelopment Agency.

Tiffany knows less about Community Investment and even less about Infrastructure- yet Mayor Edwin M. Lee has permit Tiffany - to waste millions of dollars, report fake statistic to the State of California - the Department of Finance.

Announces meetings, give notices, and cancel meetings at the last moment. She does not believe in principles - and think the entire world rotates around her - she is pathetic to say the least.

Tiffany surrounds herself by those who will do anything to make a fast buck - mostly White women - who make presentations to the Board of the Successor Agency of the City and County of San Francisco - that lack accountability and transparency. 

Presentation that contain - tons of generalities - that mean nothing at all. While all the time many projects in the Fillmore have come to a halt. The lives of hundreds adversely - impacted.

It is the same at Hunterview and on Parcel A - at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard by Cleo Rand.

The same at the Transbay Project - that lacks a Risk Management Plan - Tiffany Bohee - shallow and inept - purports to know some - when she knows - nothing at all.

The current Governor, Jerry Brown dissolved the California Redevelopment Agencies in 2012 - for reasons that are well known.

 The Redevelopment Agencies - used tax increment and other nefarious models - to adversely impact - thousands. We saw this in the Fillmore in San Francisco in the 1960s - where entire communities were evicted and forced to live in Single Residency Occupancy (SROs) Hotels in the Tenderloin and other places like the Bayview. Thousands of middle class families - many of them Black - never recovered - fell prey to heroin, prostitution, alcohol, and other petty crimes - that brought about their slow - demise.

In the  the Bayview Hunters Point - the last frontier - the Successor Agency to the SF Redevelopment - continues to adversely impact the community.

Encourages other corrupt folks like Linda Richardson, Veronica Hunnicutt to represent the community at large - on an Citizen Advisory Committee - that rubber stamps - and has created untold misery in the Bayview - others - mostly Black the like of Doris Vincent, Aurelous Walker, the Tabernacle Group, Calvin Jones, Dwayne Jones - all very corrupt - continuing to prey on the innocent - and raking in thousands - corrupt to the core.

The Governor had first hand knowledge of this corrupt entity - the Redevelopment Agency - more as Mayor of Oakland.

The Governor  agreed with some of us - advocates - on matters of transparency and accountability - lacking with the former Redevelopment Agency - and at the forefront - the SF Redevelopment Agency.

Tiffany Bohee knows no other way - but the corrupt way - and time has come for her to go away. She has with intent harmed many - and wasted millions of tax payers money.

She is not a lawyer and has no business to make statement that belie her abject ignorance. How can one state in writing that her department is defunct and yet continue to be in charge of it? This woman is insane!

San Francisco had an opportunity to simply handover its assets that came under the Redevelopment Agency  in San Francisco -to the California Department of Finance.

It also could -if it chose to grandfather the projects in the pipeline - and SF Redevelopment - agreed to create the Office of the Successor Agency to the former SF Redevelopment Agency - to carry out and complete the project in the pipe line.

Fred Blackwell the former Director of SF Redevelopment Agency left the agency - making way for a vacancy  - that was filled by Tiffany Bohee.

Since then all hell has broken loose - and Tiffany Bohee's action are a disgrace to the human race.

Tiffany Bohee has no qualified experience - she thinks she can fool  - by using - " verbosity " - using White women to do her bidding - and pay them well. Sell our the community and wasting the tax payer money.

Since 2013 the Recognized Obligations Payment Schedule - the reports sent to the State of California - Department of Finance - have had " glaring mistakes".

Tiffany Bohee is responsible for these mistakes - and she has no one to - evaluate her performance - she has never been audited - even though others murmur that she not fit for the job - no one has bothered to take the matter seriously.

Over ten - very qualified employees working for Successor Agency to the former SF Redevelopment Agency - many of them my good friends - have left the Department.

More - because of Tiffany Bohee - ignorant and arrogant - and defiant - more when she is exposed - on issues that she cannot discern and less - adjudicate.

Tiffany Bohee is the head of the Department called Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure - aka  the Successor Agency to the Redevelopment Agency of the City and County of San Francisco.

In a letter to to Bishop Ernest Jackson - who once served the City and County of San Francisco - as a Commissioner - who worked for some high profile private companies - Tiffany Bohee  - declared the Successor Agency to the Redevelopment Agency of the City and County of San Francisco - was defunct.

While all the time she heads it - up to this day! It is such 
blatant mistakes - that expose her foolishness - and she should be fired.

Recently at the Over Board Meeting - to the Successor Agency to the Redevelopment Agency of the City and County of San Francisco - Bishop Ernest Jackson - read the lines pertaining to the above statements I have made.

Here is Tiffany Bohee's statement :

" Thank you for bringing to our attention the drainage issues around Grace Tabernacle Church. We have conferred with the Director of Public Works and the Deputy Director of Operations concerning the issues. As OCCI has been dissolved, our ability to fund the repairs is not possible since the work is not an " enforceable obligation " under Redevelopment Dissolution, as we have previously discussed. San Francisco Public Works requires funding in order to make repairs and have stated that Public Works does not have discretionary funds. Without a source of funds, out two respective departments cannot make the repairs."

The Successor Agency to the SF Redevelopment Agency has nearly $9 million to expand - with cause - and more if it has legal commitments - Tiffany does not want to the law - she prefer to wheel and deal - with developers -lack experience in engineering, planning, land use, risk management, communication, social skills, cannot articulate - and when cornered, in a mind - will lie.

In the early 1970s the Grace Tabernacle Community Church existed in all its glory. Adjacent was a hill - where SF Redevelopment Agency - chose to build over 1700 housing units.

Tiffany Bohee has no sense of history - and less comprehends - Cultural Competency.

These units - built on a hill by Grace Tabernacle Community Church - are managed by Apartment Management Investment Company (AIMCO).

AMICO has a contract with the Successor Agency to the SF Redevelopment - and so receives money - that may go the Mayor's Office of Housing - or another entity - but there is money there - to correct the adverse impacts - created by the former SF Redevelopment Agency and acknowledged by them - now taken over by the department - Tiffany Bohee heads and made a mess of.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee, Steve Kawa, others that know about this situation - should sit down with Tiffany Bohee - before the Main Media and other vested entities - let involved in this pressing matter.

En Nino is here - and Tiffany Bohee - is taking the adverse impacts - created by the erstwhile - SF Redevelopment agency - in a nonchalant manner.

We are watching Tiffany Bohee like a HAWK.

The Successor Agency to the former SF Redevelopment Agency - that also goes by another name - to confuse the public - Office of Community Investment Infrastructure - both headed by the inept, corrupt, and delusional - Tiffany Bohee - that made a written statement - that the Department she heads today - is not long is existence. 

Fred Blackwell the former Director of SF Redevelopment Agency already reviewed the pertinent document in my presence. He agreed that Grace Tabernacle Community Church - should be made whole.

It is for that reason - and let it be made known to Mayor Edwin M. Lee  - and all that that ought to know - that Fred Blackwell - went before the San Francisco Redevelopment Commission - and got approval to fix Phase One - the walk way -  stop the  leakage adjacent to the retaining wall - we had an electric pole - removed which was next to the Church - and placed - at the side of the walk way.

The over $187,000 repair work was given to the Department of Public Works under Director of Public Works - Mr.  Mohammed Nuru - who executed the job with high standards.

Grace Tabernacle Community Church gave out commendations - to each of the employees - because they were grateful and touched - by the excellence of all those that worked on that project.

Resolution Number 101-2008 of the former San Francisco  Redevelopment Agency - states the details - linked to Area A - of the erstwhile  - now defunct but grandfathered - through the Successor Agency of the SF Redevelopment Agency.

Tiffany Bohee is defiant - because she cannot handle the truth.

Tiffany and her lackeys harmed our children and we advocated stood up for our rights.

Tiffany is a panderer - and the State of California - Department of Finance must evaluate her work - and audit all the fake ROPS reports she sends the State of California - DOF.

Tiffany Bohee should be investigated under the RICO ACT - such a person - lacking experience - hiring other inept folks - mostly White - lacking cultural competency.

Large areas of land - contaminated - at Treasure Island, Hunter Point, Candlestick Point - more prone to liquefaction and flood - are slated to be built - housing units - that will adversely impact innocent people.

Every Disposition and Development Agreement in recent years - that Tiffany Bohee has been part of - is full of loopholes and blatant - flaws.

This woman has got a free pass - but the time - to remove her from office in now.

She does not know what she is doing - she may have the legal and other so called experts -  back her up - because they need the money - they have and treasurer their high paid jobs. We tax payers pay them - and we must stand up and speak up. The time in now.

The Grace Tabernacle Community Church must be made hole - not because they are NOT begging for something - the Grace Tabernacle Community was harmed by the former SF Redevelopment Agency - and was promised to be made whole.

The impending El Nino rains - will adversely impact the Grace Tabernacle Community Church - and Mayor Edwin M. Lee - those that care - must step up - and put their best foot forward.

The Grace Tabernacle Community Church recently lost one of the most revered women in the Black Apostolic Church - over ninety four years old - the Mother of Bishop Ernest Jackson.

She was called a " saint " - and she never thought this City and County would harm her church - built by her husband. Decent, hardworking men, who after work - built the Church - the women cooking and feeding those who labored for the Lord.

The Church has served  many - and given much - and to those that give much - the Lord will reward - but we cannot sit - while the " enemy " - does the " devil's work " - Tiffany Bohee is that - " devil " - evil, conniving, daring to face the  - " just " - look them in the eye and lie.

Millions of dollars have been wasted by Tiffany Bohee and her failed policies - at the Fillmore with Yoshi's failing to sustain - wasted millions - and now left the entertainment scene - deserted and barren.

It is the same with the Transbay Project - lacking a " risk management " plan - too much talk and less walk. The High Speed conceptual plan - is just that - you may awake up to your worst - nightmare.

Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - as Superfund Site - contaminated with high levels of radioactive elements - over 700 acres.

The same with Candlestick Point - prone to liquefaction and flooding - the same as Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - landfill - the area was once the Bay.

Tiffany Bohee is not an engineer, knows nothing about sound infrastructure - she with intent - bombard a huge area at Candlestick with Asbestos structures - and wanted to order the Bay Area Air Quality Management - to stop issuing Notice of Violations - which Mr. Jack Broadbent - issued - know that he well had to. 

Tiffany Bohee reached out to Mayor Edwin M. Lee to stop the issuance of Notice of Violations at Candlestick Point - linked the demolition of Candlestick Stadium.

Why do we hire such inept, corrupt, immoral people like Tiffany Bohee - a lackey that rubber stamps - and pretends she knows some - where she is - ignorant and very arrogant.