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Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Most of the election results have been declared - none too close to call - as thousands of mail in votes - have yet to be counted.

The pundits have declared victory - we still have to wait for the " certified results" from the San Francisco - Election Department - and this may take a week or two.

Our population of San Francisco is 850,000 and in San Francisco - we have been taking our right to vote seriously. About 55% on an average the last 9 years.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee is in and he says he will address " affordable housing ", " safety issues all over San Francisco" - " homelessness".

Anyone can talk the talk - but we need to witness and duly note - the walk - that is critical to the survival of many a decent, hardworking, tax paying - San Franciscan.

Millions of dollars have been expanded on some Proposition - the most linked to Proposition F - AirB&B expanded - over $ 9 million dollars.

Daily bombarding us on our television screens - so has dirty, filthy, sordid money laundering - played an important role - in the November 3, 2015 elections - and will it in  future elections ?

The sordid action - using the media to try to convince us - on issues that are vague - adversely inflicted  the voters.

The evil power of - money and bombarding us - the constituents - with " vague and unclear messages " must be looked in - and laws interacted to nib this matter in the bud ?

We have a new Sheriff in town. Will those who revile in the victory - review the actions of the current Mayor - who did all in his power - to keep Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi - down? 

Do we have in this City and County of San Francisco - a working democracy - without deep bias towards - none - on all levels?

District 3 has a new Supervisor elected - an old one who represent his District 3 - before.

Julie Christensen expanded more than $1 million - back up AirB&B and other major contributors - all with a hidden agenda. She can now go work for AirB&B and has her work cut out - in office as a Supervisor she has been a sell out.

Aaron Peskin has his work cut out - will he be a sound progressive?

Will he say something we like to hear - and then do as he pleases?

We have seen him do this before - but we always believe in giving - anyone a second chance.

Our City Attorney - Dennis Herrera - has his seat secured - and we hope he stands for the people.  We thank him for his role - keeping City College alive and thank him for his consideration and compassion - on many - issues.

George Gascon is in - and his office has to stand up and address the many issues - linked to Quality of Life issues.

We hope he works closely with the elected Public Defender - Jeff Adachi and that we look at Public Safety - in a new light - that is viable and sustainable.

We have too many innocent folks - pending coming before the judges - on minor charges - in our jails - right now.

This first offenders - other charged on minor charges - they cannot make bail - so they linger  and the authorities talk about it - but do nothing about it. Stop talk and starting acting.

Jailing people is a BIG business - the the BAIL BOND business must be revisited in detail. So far more harm has come from these - folks who are opportunist.

May be they should spend some time in JAIL - feel the reality check - and then decide what best to change for the better.

We cannot treated citizens with disdain - just because they cannot make BAIL - on many charges that are petty, mundane, and not deserving jail time - often time is filthy jails - unkempt.

Jose Cisneros is in  - the City Treasure - has to tweak the system and be fair - with accountability and transparency.

We pay our business taxes - but as I have said - the system needs to be current and fair - and those that pay their taxes - treated with fairness. Too many pay penalties - faulty noticing - and the software - not registering payments in time.

Jose Cisneros works with the Assessor's Office - in charge of the Assessor's Office Carmen Chu - there are serious problems with the Assessor's Office.

Any audit will reveal the glaring pit falls. The Treasurer's Office and the Assessor's Office - bring in the money - and with the flow of money - is in the millions - we demand accountability and transparency.

Alex Randolph - Community College Board of City College - may talk a good talk - he has this opportunity to serve all.

More, work with folks like Shannel Williams and other student leaders - to keep City College alive.

We fought for City College to be kept alive - for all the good reason. Practically everyone in San Francisco has been touched by City College of San Francisco.

Proposition A has passed - " the definition of affordable housing " has been clouded with verbosity and cliches.

We need  affordable housing for those making below $80,000 annually and those making below $40,000 - who live in San Francisco - have residency 10 years, 20 years, 30 years - given a priority.

We need to build good housing - keep in mind " do not  fool the people building high density housing - and for sure not on land prone to liquefaction and flooding ".

We need to attend to Quality of Life issues - Recreation Facilities, Child Care, Safety concerns, Clinics, good schools, sound transportation - in short treat San Franciscans with dignity and compassion.

Public Housing has to be demolished - the infrastructure is old - and the new housing - should be mix housing -  no segregation of San Franciscans - who have fallen prey to - crooks, corruption, the SF Housing Authority, the inept Mayor's Office of Housing, HOPESF - we know this - more about the sordid - lottery system.

How about living in neighborhood - contributing to it for years - and taking into consideration - residency requirement - keeping good folks who live in the neighborhood - in the neighborhood - because they deserve it.

Not playing and destroying their lives - which is happening, now.

Get rid of the sordid " lottery system" that the crooks have taken advantage off - let us turn the page - we are watching you all - like a HAWK.

Proposition B has passed - by a majority constituents have passed a Ballot Measure favoring " Paid Parental Leave for City Employees".

Let us keep in mind we have over 39,212 City Employees under the jurisdiction of the City Administrator Naomi Kelly. One 40% of these City Employees - making over $175,000 with benefits. That includes the SF Board of Supervisors - who fall in the above category.

Proposition C - checkmates Lobbyists. The SF Ethics Commission has been slow - but now want this reform in place - with the passing of this measure.

Proposition D - allows 5 high rise building - all favoring density - on some 8 acres of land - at Mission Rock - time will tell.

Proposition E allow streaming all meetings - and favoring what some of we advocates have been fighting for. Let us keep transparency and accountability  on the front burner. Allow the public to participate - preferably allow the public  their 3 minutes of public comment time.

Proposition G and H are above providing Clean Energy without any gimmicks. Pacific Gas and Electric now controls the business - the SF Public Utilities Commission - thinks it can compete - time will tell.

Proposition I - the Mission rightly  brought to the attention of the Nation - the gentrification of the neighborhood.

The developers may have won a short lived victory - but the residents of the Mission - have won - by large measure.

The Nation is fully aware of - gentrification and the adverse impacts - it has had - on San Francisco.

Over the last 5 years over 40,000 decent San Francisco have left San Francisco - never to return again. Let us ponder over this fact.

San Francisco is about Neighborhoods - we love our neighborhoods. There are forces out there - including some Supervisors like Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener, and others - who say one thing -  do something else - favor wheeling and dealing with - crooked developers.

Proposition J - Legacy Business Historic Preservation Fund - rightly need to keep our legacy businesses in place.

So far we have not had the backing of the Mayor and his office - we hope Mayor Edwin M. Lee address this issues - on a war footing.

Small businesses contribute millions of the City and County of San Francisco coffers. Provide thousands of jobs to our constituents and those from the Region. Yet our small businesses do not get the required attention - too much red tape to get the permits and run a small business. Very little incentive - compared to the millions of dollars given to AirB&B, Twitter, Zynga and others. Small businesses need the City help and they need it - now.

Measure K - address Surplus Public Lands - and this issue has been kept hidden for many years - former City Administrators and others - occupying surplus land - making deals with other insiders. We need the surplus to build sound affordable housing for those making under $80,000 annually.

The constituents have spoken and after a good fight we must review, discern and adjudicate what is best for our great City and County of San Francisco.

These politicians are human - and most of them - will NOT represent - unless we the constituents - hold them accountable - speak up - we have to be "educated on issues" - none of the Ballot Measures - were easy to decide - but as I said the " voters" have spoken - and now we have to work - together.

If need be - on some issues - after all avenues have been exhausted - some matter can be taken to court - but I hope a solution is found - and that the peoples' concern is adhered to.

We the people - united - will never, ever be defeated. Aho.