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Sunday, November 15, 2015


The San Francisco Planning Commission - aided by nonchalant SF Planning Staff - those in authority who can help - but are looking the other way - in disdain.

It is simply amazing to watch the SF Planning Commission rubber plans - without - having any meaningful dialog - with the public - more in the neighborhoods - that truly make San Francisco - shine and admired.

Large project at Hunters Point, Candlestick Point, Pier 70, Mission Rock, the Transbay Project and surrounding area - do not have a sound Transportation Management Plan.

The congestion on our roads in other areas is so bad - that it takes over an hour sometimes to cross just three blocks.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee knows about this and cannot do much. The Director of SF Planning - knows about this and thinks - he can work with this issue.

Daring to put the burden on Ed Reiskin - who heads the Municipal Transportation Authority.

The City and County of San Francisco has  a General Management Plan - that has not been adhered to.

The last three Housing Elements - produced by the SF Planning Department - all three are in our Courts - plagued by fake statistics and plans that have not been vetted.

In the last 15 years our neighborhoods that truly make San Francisco work and appreciated - by thousands of tourists are now being " adversely impacted ".

All sorts of gimmicks - AirB&B - bringing in tourists that are cheap, noisy, boisterous, who keep eroding and  destroying the once peace of mind that the local neighborhood constituents enjoyed.

All sorts of traffic cars - the Google buses - other traffic bringing in congestion - and more contamination - filthy dirty particulates - on the increase. The Carbon Foot Print increased and those in power - think nothing of this nonsense.

This land all of it belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone.
Every square inch was stolen - by the thieves - and we know who the - thieves are today.

Added to this in many neighborhoods that enjoyed and have great restaurants and places of entertainment - dance, music, art displays, the spoken word - we have the rents go up - forcing such sound activities to go else where - many a time forced to leave our City and County of San Francisco.

Uncouth folks that have big money - vying for spots in neighborhoods - thinking that the existing cultural assets will be in place - when in fact - the rise of high rent - have pushed stellar artists - away from San Francisco - never to return again.

It is the same with bands producing music, dance artists, culinary experts - executive chefs, sous chefs, pantry chefs - others - many of them cannot afford the high rents.

With that waiters, domestic workers who work in hotels - others who do the much needed mundane and needed work - our City with this Mayor has no compassion - and he and those that he aids and abets - will fall on their face.

There is cheap talk to accommodate the teachers, law enforcement, other so called " emergency workers" -who now live outside our city.

This city loves to talk the talk - but fails each and every time to walk the walk.

At Hunters Point much is made of some housing on contaminated ground - to date - ten years after bragging about developing Parcel A - we do not have sound public transportation.

The roads right now near the area of development - have " detour" signs - and the roads just built - have pot holes and fooding issues.

The area all around Parcel A - has high levels of Abettors Structures - right now when it rains - the levels are very high. Anyone who know how - can do to Parcel A - and record the very high levels of Asbestos Structures.

Asbestos leads to Mesothelioma - a disease - that has plagued innocent people - living in and around Parcel A - a project controlled - by Lennar Urban - a rogue developer.

It is the same at Candlestick Point - go there right now - and you will see signs of " FLOODING".

The roads when dry have large pot holes - and the entire area is prone to severe liquefaction and flooding.

The Environmental Impact Reports and Studies are brought before the public - mostly during the holidays - where the SF Planning Commission - rubber stamps the Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs).

With little or not input from the community at large.
For example Linda Richardson and Veronica Hunnicutt do not have the " respect " - of those that matter in the Bayview Area.

No one asked these two two corrupt individuals to represent - the Bayview Hunters Point area.

This nonsense has been going on for ages - linked to large projects - linked to Hunters Point and Parcel A - Candlestick Point, the Transbay that lacks a " Risk Management" factor - that has revealed huge loop holes - in the Transbay Project - that is going no where.

The high speed rail project is spoken off - but it seems to be getting very expensive.

There are areas closer to San Francisco and more along the way to Los Angeles - who do not want to have anything to do - with the High Speed Rail Project. Lot of vain talk - and less walk that speaks to the facts - with time lines and goals.

Our City and more of inept Mayor, Edwin M. Lee and the City Administrator have no clue about the impacts of Cumulative pollution - all over our City and County of San Francisco.

All the building and pouring of concrete - at the many project Citywide - generate - thousands of tons of Carbon Dioxide.

The landfills generate over 300,000 tons of Methane gas - one ton of Methane gas - equals 22 tons of Carbon Dioxide.

The spewing of the Methane gas - more, in the Southeast Sector - where over 30,000 units are planned.

No one that has some sense  - be it the City Administrator, Naomi Kelly - the Mayor Edwin M. Lee who appointed her - more to rubber stamp issues -  want to discuss - about health issues - and the increase of the Carbon Foot Print. Pathetic.

The cases of asthma - other respiratory diseases - heart problems are because of contamination - at Hunters Point and Candlestick Point. So why should we be permitting others to move in a contaminated area?

Barbara Gracia from the SF Health Department has the empirical data - but those in authority - are not educated on issues - and that includes Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his City Administrator - Noami Kelly.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee - declared that he wants to address Housing, Homelessness, and Safety issues.

To date he has no plans - pouring millions in projects - out sourcing work - where millions more are wasted - his homeless czar Bevan Dufty is jumping ship.

Those selected to address " Safety" - do not have a Blue Print - that has been vetted and embraces the leading City Departments.

Diana Aroche a lackey of the Mayor of San Francisco - is  on maternity leave - she talks a good talk - and when there is need to address - safety - she has embraced a needed " safety net ".

Taken advantage - putting the " safety " of our neighborhood and City and County of San Francisco - in peril.

When it comes to " affordable housing " - there is no movement leading to true - progress.

For years the lottery system - has prevented those - who really should have been helped - but were left in the cold - they suffered - and finally gave up - and left San Francisco.

The Mayor's Office of Housing gives you general information - you may have good credit, you may have a good job, you may be of good character.

In the end - your name is put in some " dirty hat " - for those who know - what they are doing, wrong - to use one and decent folks that need - affordable housing - like a dirty rag - and be prey to the - " failed lottery system ".

House negroes working for the City and County of San Francisco - have fostered " gentrification ".

 I can name them - have named them before - and will name them at the appropriate time.

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is a JOKE - wasting millions - and now trying to destroy the renowned - " nurseries " - green houses - at 1800 Oakdale by the Southeast Community Facility Commission Building - to build a campus or some facility without the permission of the tax payers and the constituents that matter.

The community has been kept in the dark - while those in power - use their " evil powers" - to destroy the assists in our - neighborhoods.

All over our City and County of San Francisco - developers - are using " spot zoning " - ignorant City officials - taking their orders without speaking up - taking their orders from an inept, spineless, sordid - Mayor, Edwin M. Lee.

The SF Planning Commission is a joke - be it the projects at 1601 Mariposa Street - the 5M Project - Pier 70 proposed project.

There is talk of Open Space - but no talk of recreational facilities - my friend who is a Contractor that I helped - just improved Jackson Park - on Potrero Hill - and the Recreation Center.

Now, there is talk - to do more de-construction - at Jackson play ground - why cannot we do it - once and for all.

We have developers - greedy to the core - who are pompous - who want to take on the constituents and decent San Franciscans.

Greedy developers  - come into our " living rooms " and without of permission - re-arrange the furniture in our living rooms. Arrogant and evil - like the developers who wants to develop - 1601 Mariposa Street.

This Mayor - Edwin M. Lee is a joke - and has no ability what so ever - on Housing, dealing with the Homelessness - Safety - that he has absolutely no clue about. Aho.