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Monday, November 16, 2015


Millions of people - all over the world - are in shock - the killings and maiming in the Paris bombings - have left a strong impression - on millions of minds - on decent human beings - such type of atrocities - only lead to more violence.

We are all now now in shock - much as many of us were when we have a death closer to home.

When, we witness killings and shootings - when we suffer as a Nation - when " terror " - in all its many dimensions - make innocent people suffer, maim thousands - and more when people die in vain.

Nations resort to war - the stronger the Nation - and more powerful and stronger the measures taken - to harm the enemy. Right now training centers and ammunition depots are bombed.

Terrorists use the after affects of the bombing - to tell their side of their tainted - story.

 There is never an end - to any type of - violence - tit for tat - much like the Israelis use - and other Nations feel that such measures - and failed tried models  - will bring the demise of the - " enemy ".

Muslims, decent God fearing Muslims worldwide - are as shocked as we are Christians and others belonging to the many faiths Jains, Buddhist, you name them - we humans all have a heart - but more we have a conscience.

When we all saw the Syrian boy lie dead on the shore - in Greece - he parents feeling to come to Europe - try to help his family - the father holding - " his dead, young son" - and the world - felt the pain as any decent human being - does.

We have had great leaders the likes of Mahatma Gandhi - Dr Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, others - who have taken upon themselves - to bring about change - meet the enemy and try to convince them that extreme violence - in fact any violence - does not solve problems at all.

Missing in all these deliberations - the many long winding commentaries on CNN and other " drab" media -  giving a one sided - picture of the situation at hand.

Fueling the situation at hand - trying to sensationalize - the situation at hand - mostly White women reporters - who have no clue - what they talking about.

Bring in some General and others so called experts - who talk from - both sides of their mouth.

Little do they know that the  " terrorists " listen to this garbage - and that fuels the ire - all the more.

 The drab talk have consequences - the gossip can and has severe - consequences.

As any one who is in this business, knows - talk less -very less - and do more - that is why our Special Forces - play the critical role that is needed - in such matters of importance.

They will now - and they will in the future - but we need to keep those barking up the wrong tree - pretending they know some - out of the picture.

There are no expert as far as I can tell - in today world - to curtail and find out - how lone wolves operate. This is a new phenomenon - and the Paris attack was such. 

In the confusion - one of the culprits - was apprehended - but there was no defined information available at the time of the apprehension and he was let go. This one fact must make us ponder - to talk less and prepare more - to address such situations - in the future - better.

Those of us in the know - know, very well that we had no business going to Iraq and no business creating the mess that we have created in Iraq - today.

Iraq - Babylon the land of Abraham - the Father of all Nations. Of course the arrogant and ignorant - would not know that - not now - not in the future.

The Sunnis were in the minority in Iraq - but controlled that land - with force and Saddam Hussein and his uncouth " thugs" - kept the Shias and others under control.

Saddam Hussein treated the many Christians with respect - and he tolerated no rebellion - no protests - no disruption - what so ever.

Today the Sunnis - do not trust the Shias - they never will.

Many of us  - do not know the details - and the Main Media - does not bother to conduct - investigative reporting.

Today very little has been reported about the thousands of Christians who have been murdered - those Christians in the thousands who have fled to Jordon, to Syria, to Turkey - to other places - and live in horrible conditions - in camps.

The United States could bring them here - that is if we had a heart - even at this late date. But, we wanted the oil - and got little of it - and as for compassion those that chose to go War - the younger Bush - he is licking his chops - he will never have - " peace of mind ".

Our United States government - in their poor wisdom has put in charge of Iraq a Shia - who learned what he now practices - from his stay in Iran.

 He took refuge - and learned a lot of his evil tactics - from those that know how to create - divisiveness - and keep other human beings down.

Many Sunnis today have lost their mind - because of years of ill treatment and treated like animals - by those who rule Iraq today.

The Sunnis  have resorted to Jihad - they truly believe that if they die - doing what they are told to do - as a Jihadist - they will go to heaven.

That - they will enjoy the company of " virgins" - what ever that means - and other vague stuff - and most of us - make light off - but these " terrorists " steep with anger, treated by others like the Shias with disdain - have nothing to live for.

The type of " terrorists " attacks - that has visited Paris - have already happened in London, in Bombai, in other places.

Here, in San Francisco and all over the Nation - we are doing our best - to be alert. That is all we can do - we do not want - innocent people to die - and more to be maimed for life.

Here is San Francisco - we are blessed to have people from all " faiths" - which gives us some unique insight - that most Cities - all over the world - envy.

 We can produce ecumenical documents and ways - to show that world - what can be attained - at many levels.

Of course we need leaders - who can show the way, know the way, and go the way.

For sure our Mayor Edwin M. Lee and some of our Supervisors the likes of Scott Wiener, Malia Cohen, London Breed - some others - have no clue  - what I am talking about.

This blog has refrained from taking sides - I have on the occasion - when the Yazidis were killed mercilessly - used my influence - to save the Yazidis.

We succeeded to a degree - and I thank the Department of Defense - and more some Generals - for helping us all.

I served my Nation and took part in Desert Storm and Desert Shield.

I understand the after affects of war - even though the Desert Shield/ Desert Storm - got over within months - thousands of our soldiers suffer to this day - from exposure to - chemicals - and vaccinations that harmed our dear soldiers - women and men.

Desert Shield/ Desert Storm - introduce the Reservists in great numbers - many women soldiers participated - and all those who were adversely impacted - had to wait for years - for sound medical help.

The above concerns are my deep concerns.

Many of our Veterans - come home - only to wait for years for medical help - again - it took years to investigate the Veterans Administration - and afford our Veterans - the help they needed.

Politicians are just that politicians - and no one truly respects them.

It is easy to say to go to war - but no one want to take the responsibility when it comes to the " disdain " shown our Veterans - the other injustices meted-out to them.

Thousands of Veterans died - when they could be saved - thousands more suffer today - the loved ones of our beloved Veterans.

Our Nation needs to stay out - we had no business going to Iraq - stupid wars that are none of our business - more when a Nation did not attack our Nation.

We have no business - giving Israel the latest war weapons and funding them billions - let us spend that money - home.

We have spend so far trillions on war - and keep spending more - we can at home - we have contributed to the war chest of the filthy rich - the one percent who control - ninety five percent of the Nation wealth.

Such actions have decimated the Middle Class - and we still trust and vote for Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein and others - not worth the salt.

Let us discern and stop fueling the ire of those that feel and think - that Americans are bad - when we are not.

Americans - the ordinary American - do all in their power to help so many - all over our Nation and all over the world.

God Bless America. Aho.