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Thursday, November 5, 2015


We have nefarious entities who join in a convoluted  pursuit every time we have elections in San Francisco - in recent years.

 Expanding millions as did AirB&B this time around - at the November 3, 2015 -recently concluded in San Francisco. Millions expanded as part o

Mayor Edwin M. Lee is clicking his chops - on many fronts - the " people united sent him a message " - it is not the end result that counts - in this election of sorts - but the number of people who opposed many measures - measures that say one thing - but do another.

The measure linked to " Affordable Housing " - is dubious in nature - it is something - but it is not a " holistic solution" - a lot said but no sound action - forthcoming.

Some $310 million plus to cater to the needs of those needing good , sound housing - is something - that is difficult to attain - some solution that can only do something - the tip of the iceberg.

$300 million is not sufficient to built 10,000 sound housing - any astute developer will tell you that.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee purports to build - 30,000 over some years.

Over 20,000 of these units proposed to be built - on contaminated ground, prone to liquefaction and flooding - in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

The media advertisements were deceiving - the terrain showed and more the kind of housing.

Let me put it this way. When dubious folks lie and deceive and talk about " conceptual plans" - with dense housing, and tall buildings - on land that is prone to liquefaction and flooding - these conceptual plans - can be described - in this manner:

" A conceptual plan of the above nature - is like a dream - you wake up - and it is your worst nightmare".

The Mayor needs to be truthful - reveal in a plan - what he plans to offer - to those making $40,000 and below. Those making $80,000 and below of sound housing - on locations not prone to flooding and liquefaction.

If Mayor Edwin M. Lee is compassionate - as he states - what plans does he have for those - in the low income and no income category.

What plans does he have for seniors, the mentally challenged, the physically challenged living in San Francisco? Those that have lived here for 10 years plus, 20 years plus, 30 years plus - and need " affordable housing" without jumping through - many hurdles.

I want to know what Steve Kawa, Tony Winikker, and Bill Barnes - think of the above.

We need to review the proposed locations - and  so called " affordable locations proposed and tie Quality of Life issues to them all - for the good of San Franciscans.

Locations that have sound transportation, childcare, good schools, clinics, recreation facilities, not drab and sordid, and  meager - " open space " - without recreational facilities.

For the final time let me state - that all Public Housing should be torn down. The sites abated and the pollution rampant with Asbestos structures, lead, mercury, cesspool of sewer seeping into the watershed -  other dangerous contaminants  - that should be cleaned up - to residential standards.

Not any standards - especially when we are dealing with high levels of radioactive elements. Who is fooling whom on Treasure Island, Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, Candlestick Point - besides all these locations - prone to liquefaction and flooding.

We know this because we have the " soil tests" - we know this because of past studies of these - very contaminated  locations - going back to 1979 to date.

We know this because the City and County has NOT adhered to the Environmental Impact Reports and in the case of the Federal properties - Environmental Studies.

The California Environmental Quality Act - many other studies on Transportation, Housing, Safety, Education, Health studies - all collecting dust on shelves - millions spent - to hoodwink the people at large.

On Parcel A at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee  is fully cognizant of very high levels of Asbestos readings - that have and will adversely impact those residents - who live there - are LIED to - who are hoodwinked - that all is well - when it is not.

For sure people desire " affordable housing " - here is a word the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee must pay attention to - do your best to " respect ".

If you do not learn to "respect" the people - then in proportion to the disrespect you Mayor Edwin M. Lee met out - you will get what you deserve.

The millions spent on Proposition such as Proposition A - deceiving the constituents - is not fair to those who think - that they will get to live in San Francisco - when there is no Blue Print - with timeline and goals - in place.

There is talk about increasing raising the " affordable housing percentage " from 15% to 40 % - no vetted legislation, no ordinance - all talk, vain talk, and no action at all.

Not once has Mayor Edwin M. Lee discussed about the last three - Housing Elements - that San Francisco Planning Department has published - each of this - in Court - and the people who think the SF Planning is doing a job - have no idea - that the SF Planning has failed on many levels.

With intent the Academy of Art University - has taken over hundreds of rental units - " more rental control units " - replaced these units - as dormitories for mostly " foreign students" - depriving hard working, decent, tax paying constituents - from availing them of these " rental control units ".

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee has not said a word - in fact he has used his " influence" to aid and abet the Academy of Art University.

Flown in a Lear Jet with the owners of Academy of Art University - to places on the East Coast - to attend " fashion shows " - such actions and intentions - are flaws that Mayor Edwin M. Lee thinks - some of us advocates are NOT aware of.

And there is more - I will save it for another time - when it deems fit - to make the valid and pertinent - points. 

Millions spent on advertisements - daily bombarding the senses - is not the San Francisco way - we know better.

No one in their right mind - should practice and implement - what  really goes on - among thieves, cheaters, liars - folks lacking standards - ethics and of course sound, morals.

It is becoming common - it fact there is a virus spreading - a plague of sorts - that some do not care about and less exercise - standards, morals, ethics - as part of sound judgement and adjudication -  governing our great City.

The wheeling and dealing must STOP. The pay to play must STOP. Those caught should be sent to jail - for a long, long time.

The RICO Act must be enforced - on a  " war footing" and the door and windows opened - the cobwebs cleared - San Franciscans - deserve the best - not the worst from the " political scumbags" .

This City and County of San Francisco - which is Ohlone land - to be precise Muwekma Ohlone land - stolen - each and very inch. Aho.