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Friday, November 20, 2015


San Franciscans are astute - and we think that those that represent us - the Supervisors would - but you can keep on dreaming with spineless, inept, and immoral folks so called representatives - like Malia Cohen, London Breed, Katy Tang, Julie Christensen, and Scott Wiener.

The above have all failed us - pathetic.

Politicians love to announce plans linked to Housing, Education, Safety, Health, Transportation - make vague statements - making promises - talking the talk - failing to walk the walk - and most of the time barking up the wrong tree.

The Mayor, Edwin M. Lee and the above do that all the time.

Let us take Safety - and let us be real - keep it real and walk the walk.

We once had the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice.

That office was killed - and a can of worms was opened.

Today, vast amounts that are doled out to entities to do Violence Prevention and Intervention - but no one has a Blue Print.

More a Blue Print that is in sync.

Malia Cohen asked for an audit - then just sat on the results - because - Malia Cohen is just that - inept, spineless, immoral - and most importantly a political whore.

The SF Health Department get millions and does nothing at all.

We have the empirical data - and Barbara Gracia should feel ashamed of herself. We need to give the neighborhoods power - not look at the District as a whole - big difference in District 10 - comparing Potrero and Bayview for example.

Statistics are taken from the Bayview - millions of grants got for doing work in the Bayview - and spent elsewhere - crooks controlling millions - and failing to proved critical services - to the mentally challenged, to our infants who are slowly dying.

To our children, youth, young adults - all documented - but no one wants to pay attention. We are trying to learn from manuals - that were written years ago - and today things at ground zero - are evolving - and those who are following the manuals - are Smithsonian in nature - it they get my drift. 

In our neighborhoods we need to give our youth opportunities - teach them to wake up on time - and hold  jobs that pay good - around $20 an hour.

Once they are trained to wake up, behave properly, follow instructions, do their work with standards - they can go to class - the GED diploma is a Joke - used as a ploy - to further divide and rule.

In the Bayview we have over 5000 businesses - an industrial area - that would shock those that live in their attics - and make policies for all of San Francisco.

The many business have not been inventoried  - there is " no directory " .

No directory- that mentions the many business that are known for all sorts of " metal work " - creating forms, frames - using steel, aluminum and so on.

Furniture workshops that can make and create most anything - customized and more.

Glass and other materials that can be used to in large businesses, small business, homes and for other mundane things - that are many and more.

Catering firms - that cooks and distribute - and most of our youth men and women can be trained at this and other such - types of work and businesses.

The garment industry, making one of kind belts, and so on and so forth - and our Mayor and the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Workforce - is fast asleep in the cockpit.

We have businesses that repair cars, trucks, other vehicles that ply our roads - they all are going good business - more with all the projects going on in San Francisco - at every level.

The paradox folks with trade school experience and skills - come from far off - and take the jobs. The Mayor and his lackeys - are busy talking. Many of them do not have any clue - what is happening in their back yard.

I can go on - but why should I tell the buffoons more - idiots run huge Departments and they are far removed from reality.

The Mayor Office of Economic Development and Workforce is pathetic to say the least.

We need to first instill in our youth good habits - work habits - give them an opportunity to hold good jobs - before trying to give them a GED diploma - that one can flush down the commode.

Those that really know - what I am talking about - know what I am talking about.

All over the world - that have made progress - trade schools are important - and governments invest in these trade schools for one good reason - they provide sound opportunities and  - " career jobs".

If Blacks built Washington DC and their ancestors built the pyramids - that today's engineers find difficult to comprehend how they built the huge monument - huge walls of stone - lined up so perfectly - that one wonders to this date - how?

If Blacks contributed to this City of San Francisco from its inception - why are so many Blacks without a job. If Blacks are but 2% of our population - why are so many Black incarcerated  - 52% in our jails?

Our Mayor Edwin M. Lee is a racist - he talks the talk but fails to walk the walk.

The Mayor, Edwin M. Lee will tell you - looking you in the eye when his father died and his mothers and his siblings - did not have money - to operate the Chinese restaurant his parents ran - and the burden fell of Edwin M. Lee and his family to run - a Black man loaned a substantial amount of money - to help the family.

This one fact that the Mayor known about - speaks about on occasion - is proof enough - for the Mayor Edwin M. Lee to address the housing and jobs issues - we must think outside the box - and do it quickly.

Again and again we have idiots - I repeat idiots - who do not want to take the extra step - work hard, sacrifice and do their jobs as best they can.

There can be no LOVE without SACRIFICE.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee love to talk from both sides of his mouth - I have know him for a long time - and his has not been honest - not on housing, less on helping the homeless, and when it comes to Safety - more Violence and Violence Prevention - the Mayor Edwin M. Lee has no clue.

So many of our youth are truants - we have 9000 truants in San Francisco - youth that simply crash - where they can.

The San Francisco Unified School - knows about this problem - but cannot address it on a war footing.

Summer Jobs are a joke - money set aside for the Community - money from the Sewer System Improvement Project - are used to give youth - jobs during summer - as many as 2000 - by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

This same SP Public Utilities Commission with Harlan Kelly as the Director - wants to get rid of the Green Houses by 1800 Oakdale - where may disadvantaged youth - men and women have been given opportunities to work.

No one cares what will happen to such needy human beings - whose lives will be destroyed.

If have Juliet Ellis from SFPUC - behind the scenes still created havoc - working with evil entities like the San Francisco Foundation - who steps in - to manage " blood money " and other " monies " - with a hidden agenda.

Fred Blackwell is the Director of the SF Foundation - and he works with Dwayne Jones - a consultant who has been black listed - by the SF Housing Authority - and a know crook - by that can sniff one - from a distance.

Violence Prevention and Intervention cannot be studied from manuals that have long seen their time.

With dysfunctional families, lack of housing, petty crimes committed to survive, lack of childcare for those that are indigent and poor.

Folks that need urgent care and help - suffer and lack  nutrients and healthy food, lack of health service, respiratory diseases.

Chronic heart diseases, AIDS rampant - those coming from our jails, rampant prostitution - more in District 10 represented by Malia Cohen - other issues that no one cares about like.

District 10 is worse than a third world country.

We have a Budget of $9 Billion - and a representative that does nothing at all. The Chair of the Land Use and Transportation - selling San Francisco to evil developers - as she did with the 5M Project and Pier 70 - both controlled by Forest City.

Lack of transportation in places more near Public Housing, lacking of sound housing, lack of schools for those that have to travel - clear across the City to go to schools.

The Mayor is busy cutting ribbons - talking from both sides of his mouth - he should be ashamed that he is conducting nefarious activities - using his Departments and some Department heads to foster - " spot zoning" - congestion on our roads, increasing the Carbon Footprint, and in general compromising Quality of Life issues all over San Francisco.

The land all of it - belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone in San Francisco - the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee has created a concrete jungle.

Not everyone should be invited to come and live in San Francisco - the Mayor and his lackeys do not have that say. The SF Planning Department does not have that say.

The land was stolen and there is NOT one legal document that says - the City as we know it today -paid a single penny to purchase the land. Aho.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone of matters of Infrastructure, Base Closure, Quality of Life issue and more.

The land belongs to the Muwekma Ohlone.