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Sunday, November 22, 2015


Muwekma Ohlone Warrior

We are a Nation of over 320 million and growing - and lost in our arrogance - and calling ourselves a Superpower - we, as a Nation - have FAILED to pay our respect and more honor the Native American tribes - to whom this land - truly belongs.

The thieves who stole the land - would not like to hear a word about - " Turtle Island ".

Today, they forget about the Founding Fathers - and how so much of our Constitution - relied on " democracy" practiced by the Six Nation - the arrogance and ignorance - of so many so called American - knows no bounds.

That was what this land was called - before Christopher Columbus arrived -  called Turtle Island  -  Turtle Island was set aside - and a fake name America - took it place.

Christopher was heading for India in search of spices - then called -    " Black Gold" - landed on the shores of Turtle Island - and the rest is history.

The Muwekma Ohlone

There are hundreds of Native American Tribes that are treated as second class citizens. In order to receive recognition and receive benefits - a tribe must be of the United States Government - Federal Register.

There are hundreds of tribe - over sixty percent of the Native American Tribes - are not on the Federal Register - and many Californians - do not know a thing about this facts - and more that Native American Tribes in California and else - where are treated worse than second class citizens.

Eighteen treaties were signed between the United States Government and the Native American Tribes from California - mandating the distribution of land and other benefits - none of the treaties were - ratified.

While nations around the world have apologized - for the injustice meted out - to the indigenous people - the 
Australians to their Aboriginal people - that I have met and discussed their pressing issues.

The Canadians to the First People in Canada - other government acknowledging - injustice done to the indigenous tribes in the respective countries - but NOT the United States of America.

At every United Nations conference when the topic is discussed and the United States - referred to this question of " apology" - the delegates will not move - and stay determined in place - refusing to apologize to the injustice meted out the Native American Tribes.

Many Native American Tribes to this day - in the year 2015 - are second class citizens. Lengthy proceeding and thousands of pages of proof - have to be submitted to the Department of Interior - show that the Tribe was continuously existing - as an organization or tribal entity - with a government recognized.

The tribes have to proof this and more - help today to some extent by DNA and other tools - that help delve into the past.

The Department of Interior - loves to put hurdles in the Tribes way - and prolong the process - they have done this to the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe.

The Muwekma Ohlone Tribe - was recognized until 1927 - and illegally removed by a Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) under the Department of Interior - an agent L.A. Dorrington who took it upon himself - to declared the Muwekma and those that belonged to the tribe - as totally wiped out.

L.A. Torrington did not have to provide any empirical data to do so. Now to be put back on the Federal Register - the Muwekma Ohlone - must prove that they continuously did exists - prove through Baptismal Certificates and other tools like DNA - that they are indeed a Tribe and they will always be.

Missing in all our deliberations - is the fact the Founding Fathers incorporated so much that is in our Constitution from the Six Nations.

 The Iroquois Nation - other tribes that the Founding Fathers - paid keen attention to - as the delved into themselves -  soul searching - to create a Constitution unlike no other - to find and establish - a system of government that worked - and suited the interests of the Founding Fathers.

The Six Nation practiced true " democracy " for thousands of years.

The White men as the Native American knew - called them " pale faces " - and it was common knowledge not to trust those that spoke with a - " forked tongue ". Much like a venomous - snake.

Here in San Francisco we have no idea - to whom does this land we call San Francisco and the Bay Area belongs to?

We have no idea that the Ohlone - who are the indigenous people of San Francisco and the Bay Area lived here - for over 13,000 years - all facts Carbon dated.

10,000  Ohlone remains are kept in a caskets - at the University of California Berkeley - 10,000 Ohlone remains - most of us are ignorant of such facts - as we are - when we live a life - a mundane life - and fail to do our own investigative reporting - into things and facts that matter.

It is amazing the ignorance and the arrogance that our Mayor Edwin M. Lee, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, others who deem they know but know little - about the Ohlone and more the Muwekma Ohlone - that I represent - more on matters pertaining to Land Use, Planning, Infrastructure, Transportation - in short Quality of Life issues.

San Francisco today is sold to " developers"  full of avarice - by San Francisco's political whores and pimps - we knew who they are - and I will not tarnish this article by mentioning their - " sordid " - names.

The White men's ways of legalese and convoluted language - is BS - you know what BS stands for.

The White men - is the only segment of the world's population that has travelled to the far end of the world - to colonize - take what does not belong to them - and shamelessly declare - it is theirs.

The only entity that loves digging graves and seeking treasures - defy the norms that the indigenous have reverence for - the Whites have - tarnished all that is good on this Earth by their avarice and evil ways.

They have done this in Africa, in South America, for sure in North America, Australia, Southeast Asia - you get the drift.

These thieves wrote laws that permitted them to conduct the sale of human beings - slavery.

These thieves wrote laws - they become stakeholders - by planting stakes here in America - taking the information to someone that they paid money to - and took control of thousands of acres of land - for free.

I know one land owner who owns millions of acres in New Mexico - and he did not pay a penny. His family killed the indigenous people and took the land - no question asked - and the government was on this side - because he bribed those with power - giving them cattle - and some little gold.

It is the same here in San Francisco - the Mexicans and the soldiers from Spain - came as visitors - took advantage of the indigenous people.

In and around San Francisco - and just took the land - killed the men, raped the women.

Moved the Ohlone children to boarding schools - and committed the worst atrocities - none of us care to read this history and more to acknowledge - who truly does San Francisco belong to.

Up until 1927 using laws that were unjust the Governors of California - sent edits out - one could kill a Native American and fetch $5 for a scalp.

Such are the people who built California - the children of these thieves and murderers - are still here - alive doing what they do best - rob, contaminate, cut down the old growth red wood forest.

What once was pristine those that speak with fork tongues, thieves, murderers  - from the seat of the the highest government - down to the government official - who rubber stamps and follows - orders - all of them have BLOOD on their hands.

We must know more and understand better the ways of those that are "evil " - that purport to be a land of laws - when they use legalese and convoluted language - to do as they - please.

Today, in our digital world we must educate ourselves - learn the truth - and stand behind the Native American - and more in San Francisco - the Muwekma Ohlone.

The Ohlone that matter know who is on their side - and so do those supporters who have fought a good fight - there are cases in the United States Courts - that must be adjudicated - fairly and that time is near. Aho.