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Monday, November 23, 2015


Thanksgiving Day is round the corner - and there will be all sorts of festivities - gluttony and more - Turkey dinners.

Few,Nationwide - will ever ponder, stop, and think - about the Pilgrims who were starving - and the Native Americans - came to their rescue - offered them corn and wild fowl.

Over the years - the turkey from Europe came to be - and with it - other good stuff - now available ready made - the essence of that encounter - the Pilgrims grim - the Native Americans, exercising - compassion,

Few pay attention to the fact - that the Pilgrims - who fled from England - could all have perished -but for the compassion of the Native American tribes.

We must ask ourselves - who had their heart in the right place? Today, after reading this article - ponder, stop, and ask yourself - if we - as a Nation - have our heart in the right place - when it comes to treating the Native American Tribes - with respect.

Today, hundreds of Native American Tribes are still - living from hand to mouth.

On so called " reservations" - alcoholics, poor health care - even poorer educational facilities - that count - and the U.S. Government using the Department of Interior - to foster - racial discrimination - of the worst kind.

The Bureau of Land Management - making deals - mining and adversely impacting thousands of innocent Native Americans. We know this, we see this, and we tolerate this nonsense. When will it STOP?

Many tribes have been removed from their ancestral lands and put on reservations.

The land of their ancestral fathers and mothers - stolen - Whites - got it for free - and think - that they have no BLOOD on their hands.

We call ourselves a " Superpower " - yet today we incarcerate our Native American tribes on " reservations " - treating them with , utter disdain - making them follow all sorts of fake laws - and thinking nothing of it.

Millions of dollars kept in " trust " for use by the Native Americans - went missing - the Department of Interior - not held responsible - for the " theft " - of these millions.

All over the world - at the many conferences - people ask me valid questions - about the Native American tribes.

Why do the American people - not speak up - and make living for the - for the " Native American Tribes" - easier? Why the blatant discrimination - in the year 2015.

I support the Native American tribes here in California - but in other places too.

Of course the better organized Native American Tribes - get our attention.

Those of us who live on the West Coast - and the entities may be from the East Coast - the Saint Labre Indian School in Ashland - Montana for example.

I read the news letters the organization send me - and it gives me some solace when I hear the recording the Saint Labre send me - the music and dance.

Letters written by the children - who think, speak and write - the truth - their hearts in the right place.

From time to time ' mini blankets " are sent to me - by the Saint Labre Indian School - more, when I send a donation - that they appreciate.

I am am pleased of the good work they do - at Saint Labre Indian School.

Often times pointing to me - the Native American Seniors - are living without heat - and at other time - having pressing needs - to repair and some building that needs urgent repairs.

The above scenario is repeated - thousands of times all over our Nation - so many Native American Tribes - living in abject - poverty.

Many dying a slow death - and the Native Americans - those who called this land - Turtle Island - living in abject poverty - in the own land - the land their ancestors - looked after for over 14,000 thousands - plus.

Mixed with the " abject poverty " - the mundane " compacts " the Native American Tribes - those that are sovereign nations.

Hence, can dabble with " casinos " and other like - activities.

Millions are made and millions are spread around - some for good reasons - and often times - for mundane, stuff.

Here is California in the 1950s and 1960s thousands of Native Americans - were send from the East Coast to the West Coast.

Often time a sister sent to Los Angeles - the brother to Oakland - the United States government divided families.

Most Whites saw nothing wrong with treating the indigenous people with disdain.

Here in California - we have the " Friendship House" or " Friendship Home" as I am want to think of them.

The Quakers - took upon themselves to offer solace - some food, some shelter, some compassion - and carry on that tradition to this day. May the Great Spirit bless them for all the good they do - and more their hearts - in the right - place.

I have been associated with some Native American organizations that continue to do their best - here in California and all over the Nation - the United States of America - once called - Turtle Island.

In the year 2015 - while most of the middle class have to deal with making ends meet - the very poor continue to suffer. The one percent - the filthy rich - control 90% of the Nation's wealth.

Trillions of dollars have been spent on the War Machine - we could have given each needy American - $20,000 and still have had - millions to spare.

We could have done this to the Seniors - who even today in the year 2015 - continue to eat " dog food" - and cannot afford to pay for the medication.

Why do we treat our Seniors - int he golden years - with utter disrespect and disdain?

The President - Barack Hussein Obama - the lame duck President has failed those - whom he promised he would work for.

His sordid term will end and with it - President Barack Hussein Obama - will have FAILED to leave a - legacy.

One more House Negro - who created a " cesspool" of his own making - and he will have to wallow in it - for the rest of his life.

This Black President still has an opportunity - to speak up - and more use his Executive Authority - to come to the rescue of the Native Americans - put as many Native American Tribes on the Federal Register.

Why do we still continue to treat our Native American Tribes - with discrimination and disdain - all these many years?

Instead, the President Barack Hussein Obama - offers clemency to some Turkeys - be they from Modesto, California - and talks from both sides of his mouth.

Where is the compassion - and why should Native American suffer so long - and be treated as - second class citizens. Aho.

This Turkey Day - is more for those that act like the Turkeys - unpredictable - a symbol - of foolish. Bring in the " wild fowl " - and the corn - with no affiliation to Monsanto.