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Saturday, November 14, 2015


San Francisco is a " racist city"  - that has with intent - divide the segments of the population - and where possible used - " sell outs " - to create - greater divisiveness.

In the Mission - advocates and others have maintained unity - fostering some viable and sustainable - opposition to keep the crooks at bay.

Not so in the Western Addition and Bayview and creating more divisiveness the Blacks - who are in the minority - but when it comes to barking up the wrong tree - the loudest.

Today, in the Bayview Hunters Point - the reality is that Black are a - " low minority".

Daily not weekly - Blacks are disappearing - no one knows where.

All of the so called " affordable housing " - is given to those that have " credit" - a score of least 720. One must hold a decent job - and one must NOT have a felony - registered to one's name.

Nearly all Blacks in the Bayview Hunters have poor credit - do not hold a decent job - and have committed all sorts of crime - most - have no chance what ever - to get into - brand new housing.

Those Blacks who had some credibility - left the Bayview a long time ago - in search of some stability - only to be caught in the spiraling economy of 2008.

The few decent Blacks left in the Bayview - have a difficult time - watching what is paraded before them - by Blacks - who I term - the living dead.

Some for years - as many as 20 years have not held a job. Fallen prey to crime and drugs - and continue living - committing all sorts of petty crimes - in the hundreds -daily they target the innocent. This City know about such incidents - they know about the ' mentally challenged" - and nothing is being done.

In the Black population - in the Bayview - all sorts of chronic respiratory diseases, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Prostitution, you name it it there - because for years - many were not given opportunities - and exercising survival - and committing petty crimes - come naturally.

There are over 5,000 small light industrial business - unemployment can be controlled - if thee business are given excess to stipends - to help those who have not worked - given an opportunity to learn habits that will help them - hold a job.

If those who cannot get up on time - have slept in bed until 2 pm - then most wake up at 5 am - you cannot cure those that instilled in themselves such habits - and try to get them learn some - and a General Education Diploma - when these candidates - cannot hold their attention - but for a few minutes. 

On another the developers are hoodwinking the public - building poorly built, small units - on land that human beings should not be living on. The land, the water, the air contaminated. Land cited as so toxic - that Hunters Point Naval Shipyard was put on the Superfund List.

All that is happening on Parcel A - at Hunters Point - is a joke.

The Chinese with AB-5 visas - which are now being investigated - are enticed to buy homes - water front home - on Parcel A - homes built by a " rogue developer" - Lennar Urban.

The real fact of the matter - is that not even animals should visit Parcel A - contaminated with high levels of Asbestos Structures - more when it rains.

This City and County of San Francisco - the SF Planning Department with John Rhaim, the Mayor Edwin M. Lee, the SF Department of Building Inspection.

Our SF City Attorney, our SF District Attorney, our SF Controller, our SF City Administrator - our SF Director of Health, Barbara Gracia - know about the contamination - - and with intent - permit - innocent and deceived - human beings to live on Parcel A.

More over, this land once declared a Superfund Site - has not been abated or mitigated or cleaned up. 

The Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) - community members who had a say in this matter - refused to agreed to the Record of Decision - a final document - before any handing over - or conveyance - of land - only for the authorities to dismiss the RAB.

It is the same at Candlestick Point - land contaminated with lead, mercury, poor landfill - all prone to liquefaction and flooding.

Right now if you go to Candlestick Point - near the State Park - you will see signs - of " FLOODING" - warning vehicles to stay away from the roads - near by.

Some little rain - and puddles are formed - creating a hazard to all those who ply the near by - roads. Imagine the situation at hand - have el nino - bring very heavy rains - and a " large lake" is created.

The pile of soil now piling - washed away - who is fooling whom. The piles of soils brought in are contaminated - with high PH - and other contaminants.

Lennar Urban want to create a shopping mall where once stood the Candlestick Stadium.

Buried under the rubble at the remain of the Ohlone - these remains were removed from the Bayview Hill - and dumped to create the foundation of the once - Candlestick Stadium.

This desecration is a known fact - by all Native Americans - and if anyone defies and does not make whole - what crime has been on going - " you all will fall on your face".

This has happened at Emeryville - it has happened else where - and I am stating again - " no good will happen at Hunters Point and Candlestick Point - as long as the desecration - is not righted".

Make no bones - those that play with fire - with be consumed by the " fire" - they play with.

Today, the remains still remain - desecrated - buried and malls and other facilities are intend to be built - on top of the land - causing the " remains " to be desecrated. This is a crime - crying to heaven for justice. God sees it all.

The City and County of San Francisco - all those I have named above - know about this - and they all have BLOOD on their hands.

Make no bones about it - you all have BLOOD on your hands.

When two sell outs Veronica Hunnicutt who lives in the Western Addition - and Linda Richardson who has two residences - and most of the time lives outside Bayview - take upon themselves - to represent the Bayview - they are not fooling anyone - but themselves.

No one in their right mind - " respects" these two sell outs.

Veronica Hunnicutt was removed from her position linked to City College at 1800 Oakdale - sent to another location - and recent she retired.

 Veronica Hunnicutt - has never - ever, represented the Bayview with good intentions. Always seeking favor for herself - she is a sell out.

The same with Linda Richardson - she cannot seek any work with the SF Housing Authority - she and Dwayne Jones - black listed.

Today - Linda Richardson - a sell out -  pretends she represents the Bayview but she does not.

She once ran for Supervisor, the Bayview -  District 10 -expanding thousands - only to lose - miserably - in that election.

That nail in the coffin should have given her come clue - but she continues - to lie - pretending to know some - when she knows - nothing at all.

Lennar Urban is a rogue developer - that not too long ago - promised the City of Vallejo to build 10,000 homes - and did not.

The City of Vallejo had to declared bankruptcy - that was in 2004 - and today is just recovering from that betrayal and deep loss.

Lennar Urban cannot be trusted - all over this Nation - Lennar has a bad name. In Miami, Florida, in Southern California, in Texas, here in the Bay Area.

Lennar specializes in " land banking" - taking over mostly Department of Defense (DoD) - properties - former (DoD) bases - doing minimal cleanup - dividing the land - and selling it - to the highest bidder.

No one, in the right mind should be living at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - declared a Superfund Site - only the worse of the worst land sites - and listed on the Superfund list.

At Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - high levels of radioactive elements have been  registered.

Millions have been spent - most of the money - pocketed by - so called entities that are experts at clean up - all of them - raking in millions and filling their own pockets - International Technology (IT) - Tetra Tech - others.

Lennar Urban now wants to increase the height limits at Candlestick Point. From 65 feet 8o feet.

Pretending to build a " match box" building - purporting to facilitate artists - Lennar Urban - has " no intention what so ever ' to help artists - not now - not in the future.

In fact Lennar Urban is preparing itself by lying - to have access to $100 million Bond Money - that was set aside to build a new stadium - and will use that money - proposing ploys and machination - shenanigans of all types.

The world economy is unstable - China is faltering - the Chinese economy spiraling down - other factors will adversely impact - tourists worldwide - we just have to open our eyes to see what is happening.

In down town San Francisco - established businesses - selling high end good - are find it difficult to survive. Lennar Urban wants to build a shopping mall - and attract buyers - this will not happen. It is but a dream - that will not come true.

Much like the conceptual plan that are like a dream - you wake up - and witness one's - worst night mare.

Willie L. Brown Jr. brought Lennar to town - and Willie the former " thug" Mayor cannot be trusted.

He is involved with AB-5 Visas - which is being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation - time for a RICO investigation - where the crooks should be sent to jail - for a long, long time.

These few Blacks who act as consultants - who time and time again without permission speak for others - crooked to the core and Black - the likes that I have mentioned above - should be ashamed of themselves.

Aurelius Walker, Calvin Jones, Sophie Maxwell, Dwayne Jones, Doris Vincent, Linda Richardson, Veronica Hunnicutt, Malia Cohen, London Breed, Willie B. Kennedy ( now deceased), Leroy King (deceased), others to many to mention - have disgraced Blacks and in doing so - others.

Today, these Black come to San Francisco City Hall - and bark up the wrong tree - knowing well that they are lying - hoping against hope - to get some stale - bread crumbs.

Shame on such folks - who should stay out of the way - and not bring about more harm - to innocent - people who deserve help.

Black are nearing 2% of the entire population - which in itself should say a lot.

Yet this 2% want to speak for others - these few Blacks want a African American Market - for whom - there will be no African Americans left - to shop.

Simply - because they will be few African Americans left - and most of them will be - indigent.

The concept of an African Market in San Francisco - is primitive to say the least - I was born in Nairobi, Kenya - and now what I speak off. San Francisco is not Nigeria - the state of affairs in Nigeria - are pathetic - with rampant corruption - know world wide.

Decent African American - more Blacks from San Francisco and else where - have suffered - and those that want to do right - are few - and will not stand up and speak up.

We do not want folks like Amos Brown, Aurelius Walker, Calvin Jones - others who purport to serve others - but fill their own pockets. We will call you out - now - for all you are - your sordid deeds - inept, spineless, and not worth the salt. 

This is Ohlone land - and I represent the Muwekma Ohlone - the thugs know this - and I challenge them - to say that what they are involved with - the " thuggery " - is right when it is totally - wrong. Aho.