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Thursday, November 12, 2015


It was not too long ago that Leroy King ( now deceased) - Covington and London Breed - all three Blacks - rubber stamped what the - now, dead SF Redevelopment Agency - put before these three House Negroes.

London Breed, Covington, and Leroy King - one worse than the other - rubber stamped - many actions that - adversely impacted thousands - including poor and indigent Blacks - while serving - on the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency.

Now, joined by another " House Negro" the worst that we have at City Hall - Malia Cohen. Inept, dumb, spineless, immoral and totally lacking leadership.

 Now, at this late stage - Malia Cohen the Chair of the Land Use and Transportation and London Breed - the President of the current SF Board of Supervisors - without, any meaningful vetting - want affordable housing increased from twenty percent to forty percent - with no vetted legislation - that passes the  - " salt test". More to cater to Blacks that do not deserve " affordable housing".

When Blacks come to City Hall - with sordid political motives in mind - and talk from both sides of their mouths - they all betray their ignorance.

Many other hard working segments of San Francisco's population - deserve help and affordable housing. We must honor the hard work, the contribution to our City - and not pander to those who want things for free - as they do in Public Housing - and did in the past.

That ghetto mentality must not be encouraged - cultivating drug dealing, prostitution, creating crackheads, heroin addicts, general crime, and encouraging the - " criminal mentality" that has given our great City and County of San Francisco - a bad name - linked to folks who choose to live in Public Housing.

Never mind,  no one pays attention to Amos Brown who holds close to his fake title - as President of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People - (NCCAP).

 Amos Brown  has done nothing for the Bayview - did not utter a word against Lennar Urban - when Lennar Urban a rogue developer - poisoned our children and contaminated a large area - with high levels of Asbestos structures.

Again and again - Amos Brown and some lackeys who follow him - have with intent - " adversely impacted" the poor and the indigent - and in most cases Blacks.

There is no way the legislation now being reviewed -
as a viable and sustainable - " affordable housing plan"
does " justice" to all San Franciscans - who need affordable housing.

When some of us way back in 2004 - mandated " affordable housing" - for those making $80,000 and under. Those making $40,000 and under - those making under $20,000.

Affordable housing for " no income" and " low income" - more for Black grandmothers - who have saved so many Black children - fending and defending children - with little and no money. 

To this day - no one at City Hall - no one on the SF Board of Supervisors - has spoken - " in detail" - the yeomen service of Black grandmothers - they talk about the facts in generalities - but do nothing - about honoring Black grandmothers.

These Negroes who are barking up the wrong tree at City Hall - opposed us in the year 2004 - when we fought Lennar Urban - a rogue developer.

These House Negroes - favored Lennar Urban - that is failing today - favoring Proposition G and opposing Proposition F - way back in 2004.

We the advocates with hear - fought and pushed for   Proposition F expanded $10,000. Lennar Urban expanded $10,000,000 - that is $10 million and won.

Much like the recent victory by AirB&B - expanding over $9 million - with Proposition F. The opposition expanding less that $250,000.

House Negroes the likes of Veronica Hunnicutt, Aurelius Walker, Amos Brown, Calvin Jones, Dwayne Jones, London Breed, Malia Cohen, Sophie Maxwell, Doris Vincent, Linda Richardson - and many more - have created this present situation - for Blacks.

Just ask Calvin Jones and the so called " affordable housing" he built - promising those that went to his church housing - and shafting them - all.

A glut of market price housing - condominiums built and bought - and going from $2 million and high end for $10 million.

Millionaires are buying these condominiums  - as summer homes - and crash pads. A slap on the face of hardworking, decent, tax paying - San Franciscans - most of them non- Blacks who desire affordable housing.

Once 25% of San Francisco registered a Black population - that number has dwindled to 3% and spiraling. I brought this fact to the attention to all concerned - way back in the year 2002.

When it comes to those earning $80,000 and below - nothing is available - in term of sound affordable housing. 

If one applies for " affordable housing" the applications ask for good credit, a steady job - other factors that most - poor and needy Blacks - lack.

It is the same for others who want to live in San Francisco and want to buy their first home. Even Below Market Rate housing - that much is made off - but is a ploy of sorts.

The first things mandated is a sound " credit report" - and few have this report to their credit. At least $200,000 as a first payment - to make reasonable - mortgage payments.

Even if you have good credit - the present " lottery system" is as convoluted as one can imagine - favoring the Russians and the Chinese - who get into so called affordable housing.

With those - long living - in the neighborhood - wondering what is happening  to our neighborhoods - depriving residents who are from the neighborhood - from living in so called affordable housing built in their own - back yards.

In San Francisco our neighborhoods - matter. Each unique with character the Maltese, the French, the Italians, the Germans, others too - but I am stating an example - that many fail to consider and less - ponder.

Up until the late 1950s Black could not buy homes. The history of Blacks, affording homes and living in their own homes in numbers - started in the 1960s.

Today, in the year 2015 - many Blacks in the Bayview and other places - have sold their family homes - the children have betrayed their parents.

In most cases the money they got for their homes - spent on mundane things - and now most of them - are on the streets of San Francisco.

Our City has NOT paid attention to the " Unfinished Agenda" - preferring to refer to the - " Out Migration " documents - that lacks  - empirical data.

Today Blacks want the City and County to offer " affordable housing" on  a platter - to those that do not want to follow  - some vetted process - it ain't going to happen.

The House Negros were not on the frontline fight for affordable housing. We increased affordable housing to 33% in 2004. Fought for affordable housing for years - before.

Some of us advocates have been fighting for Affordable Housing for over 35 years. 

We want affordable housing to encourage Quality of Life issues - we do not want affordable housing - to permit " ghetto living" - destroying what is good with rubbish and inflicting hardship on others that want progress.

This last minute ' Mau Mauing" is something from the past.

As I said no one - in their right - pays attention - less respects - folks like Linda Richardson, Amos Brown, Veronica Hunnicutt - those that talk from both sides of their mouth.

Malia Cohen and London Breed - joined by Scott Wiener are panderers - time will tell - the present legislation has - deep holes - and more one  " Big Black Hole".

The present legislation - as presented - does grave injustice to building and offering " sound affordable housing" to decent San Franciscans - in  the neighborhoods - all over San Francisco.

The " house negroes" are taking a lead - without comprehending the pertinent and salient factors - that affect - thousands who qualify for " affordable housing' - especially those making below $80,000 a year. Aho.

This is Ohlone land all of it - stolen by the greed and those practicing - avarice. Malia Cohen and London Breed - are barking up the wrong tree - immoral and lacking sound - leadership.