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Tuesday, November 17, 2015


It is simply uncalled for Forest City to go ahead with the 5M Project at Fifth and Mission - with high density - with new skyscrapers - increased height limits -  140 feet tall buildings casting shadows that totally defy San Francisco Planning standards.

Working the Supervisors - making deals - with Malia Cohen, Scott Wiener, Katy Tang, Julie Christensen, London Breed, Mark Farrell. and Jane Kim.

The three Supervisors who voted against the project -  heard the pleas of the affected constituency - Eric Mar, David Campos, and John Avalos.

This project encourages " spot zoning " - encourages displacement of thousands that now live in the project area - many of them Filipinos - in lesser measure Latino, Chinese, Black. Whites and others.

Forest City has no consideration what so ever - when it comes to recognizing " cultural competency " more in regards with the Filipino community that has a greater number of Filipinos - in the project area.

Filipinos - that have already been displaced twice before - we remember the International Hotel  and the mass removal of thousands of Filipinos from the now Financial District and in later years -  from the Yerba Buena area.

It has become fashionable for our Supervisors - so called Representative to sell out the community - in the name of so called " affordable housing " - which really means housing for those making under $71,000 and those making $110,000.

Those San Franciscans - making under $40,000 are ruled out - and more those on fixed income making under $25,000.

Organizations like SPUR talking from both sides of their mouth - fostering - " gentrification " - we have been monitoring them for a long time - on projects all over San Francisco - where SPUR - has sided with developers - who keep fostering - racism, discrimination, and blatant - " gentrification ".

A sordid organization that will down in the " cesspool " - of its own creation.

We have segments of the population Latinos, Chinese, Blacks, Whites, Native American, others - who have witnessed the plight of the Filipinos before - the International Hotel, removal from the Yerba Buena area - once know as skid row - and now the South of Market Area (SOMA).

We have stood shoulder to shoulder - and we are not about to give up. Forest City as is Lennar Urban - two very corrupt entities. These rogue developers - create divisiveness - and should be debarred from doing business.

In San Francisco our neighborhoods matter. You kill one neighborhood - you kill and intimidate other neighborhoods.

The Mission neighborhood is most united - and other neighborhoods are just waking up - do not trust City Hall - and most of all Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who is a sell out - does not have the " balls " - to stand up for what is right.

This is Ohlone land - every square inch of San Francisco - stolen from the Ohlone - the women raped - the children removed by Whites - sent to boarding schools.

More, to destroy the cultural and decimate the Ohlone - this is the same thing happening today - in the South of Market Area (SOMA) - followed by other areas - if we do not STOP this nonsense - nip this on going - crap in the bud.

The Filipinos have fought for the United States we all remember the Bataan March - the promises made to the Filipino soldiers - who were denied American citizenship.

I fought for these soldiers - when I worked for Sixth United States Army and Presidio of San Francisco - at the Presidio. We did what we could and some of the Filipino soldier who participated were honored - more, when the were nearing death - in their late 90s.

The few Filipino soldiers  still alive - most in their late 90s - those relatives of these " honorable soldiers " who have suffered so much  - now - treated with disdain - by developers like Forest City.

Forest City has screwed this City at the old Emporium - cheating us - when they did not protect and preserve the dome - as they ought - to have had it protected.

Forest City  will screw up at Pier 70 - over million tons  of very toxic and contaminated  - " coal tar "  - seeping into the Bay. Two hot spots with " ammonia spills " - from the " war operations" - World War II - and ship building.

No one is talking about abate, mitigation -they talks about " open space " - with NO recreational facilities - always laying - and all this and more must STOP.

Mostly White developers - thieves - who keep adoring and building this - " concrete jungle ". The Ohlone do not respect such folks - that speak with a " fork tongue".

The sooner you evil developers leave us alone the better - do not dare harm the poor - if you do - you will fall flat on your face.

More when the land you build on is prone to liquefaction and flooding - when you are so full of " avarice " - that everything you see - you want - shame on you developers - the scum of the Earth - the likes of Lennar Urban, Webcor, Nibbi, Forest Hill, Tutor Perini, Obiyashi, AECOM, URS - others - the list is long - and they are all despised - and will be know for their long list of evil, greed, actions.

Our City and County of San Francisco and more our current Mayor - Edwin M. Lee is a sell out - making deals - and amassing a lot of money.

It is just a matter of time - before - where there is now abject darkness - light will be shine - and reveal the truth.

It is time to enforce the RICO Act and send the crooks to jails - for a long, long, long time.

We now have Supervisors who have made deals to receive condominiums - as bribes and gifts - Supervisors such as Malia Cohen, Katy Tang, Julie Christensen, London Breed, Mark Farrell, and Scott Wiener - who have lost their mind.

Greed has taken control of these - Supervisor - scum bags and a disgrace to the human race.

London Breed at the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - held on November 17, 2015 - the meeting that started at 2 pm - going past mid-night - bragging that the Supervisors are paid " big bucks " - for conducting such meetings - hinting at the late hours and long hours put in.

She should also have mentioned the favors she receives -the money she has taken under the table - and opportunity she takes to wag her tongue.

The harm London Breed has done to San Francisco - and the constituents of San Francisco. A sell out and a House Negro at that - and with her Malia Cohen - another - chronic - sell out of a worse caliber.

People will wake up - November 18, 2015 and read in the Press about Forest City and the 5M Project - the most despicable project - to come before the SF Planning Department, the Land Use, and now the SF Board of Supervisors.

Also about 75 Howard - thousands of dollars per square foot for condominiums. Why are we building more for those that are filthy rich.

This is Ohlone land - and all the land was stolen - every square inch. Shame of the thieves - and those who - continue to build and pollute.

Where will be get the drinking water - where will the sewage go to - why contaminate - the particulates - the congestion? Why not address Quality of Life issues - as human being for human beings?

This day November 18, 2015 will go down in infamy - the Filipinos better remember who they are voting for - the next time around.

Learn and remember - how their community was divided - Forest City offering - " bread crumbs " - to some Filipinos - who should be ashamed of themselves - for sell out their own community - enough is enough.