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Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Malia Cohen 
the Chair - 
San Francisco Land Use and Transportation

Uncouth politicians - have created - " untold divisiveness" in San Francisco - with faulty legislation - and failing to abide to the laws of the land - that help those constituents that the laws were enacted for - Quality of Life issues.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee and over fifty percent of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors have been taken to task by the San Francisco Ethics Commission - Scott Wiener, Malia Cohen, London Breed, Katy Tang, Julie Christen, and Mark Farrell. 

Katy Tang

Mark Farrell

All of them have failed miserably to represent the people. Used 30 day notices - to prevent meaningful dialog - at the various Committees they notice - and Chair - failing to truly represent the people of San Francisco.

The worst Committee - creating untold misery - at City Hall - the Land Use and Transportation - that once was called Land Use and Economic Development - and the Committee keeps changing the titles - failing all the time to represent the constituents of - San Francisco.

Scott Wiener

Malia Cohen from District 10 and Scott Wiener from District 8 - have failed to represent the people of San Francisco. Both take bribes - and both are beholden to large developers.

Malia Cohen is so dumb that she fails to comprehend - many simple ordinances - that govern our City - part of SF Planning and Land Use  - be it many of the ordinances are out dated.

Malia Cohen - is a House Negro - that lacks basic  " cultural competency" - she has failed to represent her own Black community - that is if the Black community - ever, accepts her.

At the last Land Use and Transportation Committee she arbitrarily spoke about raising the " Affordable Housing " from 15% to 40%.
Who is fooling whom?

How can has a statement be made without any vetting - this is the type of behavior and statements - that are completely - misleading. 

The Land Use and Transportation Committee - does not have an Ordinance - less any law that matters - that can back - such a statement - that as it stands - sound good - but that is as far as it goes.

We the people - want an Ordinance - which is law - passed by the SF Board and signed by the Mayor - Edwin M. Lee - now.

Malia Cohen - is so dumb that she thinks she is Caligula.

 While, many think that the statement Malia Cohen made is meaningful - far from it - it is " dubious in nature". Malia Cohen purports to say and think she is something - but she is not worth the salt. Despicable and pathetic!

The City and County of San Francisco has not defined - " affordable housing" with the community in mind.

Failed to recognize the character of our neighborhoods - and failed to represent the constituents - who are decent, pay their taxes - but again and again are shafted - by folks like Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

The City and County of San Francisco - should address - Quality of Life issues - that matter.

Quality of Life issues that help the infants, the children, the youth, the young adults, the seniors - the mentally challenged, the physically challenged - this with compromised, health.

How are we going to deal with low income and no income? Do they fall into the so called - recently created " affordable category " and have laws that protect them?.

Will those making under $40,000 annually be accommodated and be given sound housing?

Will those making under $80,000 annually be accommodated - and be given sound housing?

How many San Francisco making $100,000 - a family of four - how many of them have good credit? Inquiry minds want to know?

If some one resides in San Francisco and can prove it for 20 years - can they be eligible for sound affordable housing?

Why did it take so long to fully understand that we can implement - neighborhood considerations - like living in the neighborhood for 10 years, 20 years, 30 years - and give credit - like so many large cities in the United States.

Who were the crooks that enforced the " lottery for affordable housing" - should they go to jail - for ruining the lives of so many?

Can folks like Tiffany Bohee and Olson Lee be trusted? What is the Mayor's Office of Housing really implementing?

When was the Mayor's Office of Housing last audited? And if not - why not?

Can the RICO act be enforced - to truly find out - who is fooling whom - and why for so long?

These scum bags politicians  - the likes of Malia Cohen and Scott Wiener - have adversely impacted many constituents of  San Francisco.

Not once have they acknowledged the First People of San Francisco - to be precise the Muwekma Ohlone.

Pier 70 is contaminated - all the laws that govern land use - have been violated - using diabolical amendments  - " spot zoning".

Fast tracking the Environmental Impact Report - sans a sound " Transportation Management Document" - other vital data missing - with Malia Cohen - taking the lead - to amass wealth - and fill her - campaign coffers.

 Malia Cohen is a crook - not to be trusted at all.

Malia Cohen a - " House Negro" who wears heavy make up - is ugly - has failed Blacks - and more she has targeted the " homeless" - mostly - Blacks who have fallen on bad times.

Malia has forgotten her roots - and is a disgrace to the human race.

Scott Wiener a homosexual - has targeted  many " young homosexuals" - for no reason at all.

Young homosexuals  - for gathering in a " private park " - when he was called out about this incident - he pulled back - with his vain protests.

 Scott Wiener is always pontificating - a transplant from the East Coast - he better go back - where he belongs.

This is Ohlone Land - every square inch - and we the Ohlone do not want it developed - with high density housing - and tall buildings - prone to liquefaction and flooding.

It is not for Scott Wiener to project and encourage folks to come to San Francisco for ulterior motives. Scott Wiener is a Zionist.

Every Zionist is a Jew - but not every Jew is a Zionist. For those who want to understand - what is means to be politically correct. If you are a staunch Zionist - go back where you come from - where such " maniacs and egoists " are tolerated.

Zionists believe that they are always right - have right to land that does not belong to them - and look upon other human beings - as less than human.

Zionist are the scourge of  humankind.

In short the Land Use and Transportation Committee has failed miserably.

The Land Use and Transportation Committee has failed to initiated - and bring forth well vetted - with sound empirical data - valid Environmental Impact Reports on transportation - linked to large projects.

These required Environmental Impact Reports - have not be done - in a caring manner - considering for example - " cumulative impacts" - and as I said with sound empirical data - that helps the community at large - cares about our unique neighborhoods in San Francisco.

We see this with the Pier 70 project and Forest City failing to abide by sound planning principles - less Transportation Management.

We see this with the Transbay Project and lack of Risk Management principles in place. The budget running amuck - I will speak to this at the November 12, 2015 meeting - at City Hall.

Less on factors like " congestion" - fair open space with recreational facilities - at the brand new very expensive Transit Center - lacking sound " blue prints" that work - linked to the - " high speed rail".

The 5M Project - linked to the developer Forest City - which is a disgrace - " spot zoning" used to fast track a project - that has forced hundreds to be displaced in the South of Market area.

The present Land Use and Transportation Committee - continues to - " rubber stamp" and recently - opening making statements with any validity that counts.

Pretending to - increase the  so called " affordable housing" from 15% to 40% - misleading the public and trying to hoodwink innocent people in broad daylight.

Malia Cohen is a panderer - in recent weeks - this political whore - keeps - spewing diatribe - and shoving her dirty foot in her mouth. Despicable! 

We are watching these scum bags - from time to time we go to City Hall - to look them in eye and speak to the - TRUTH. Aho.