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Sunday, November 1, 2015


The people united - will never be defeated.

The present Land Use Committee with Malia Cohen from District 10 and Scott Wiener from District 8 keep rubber stamping amendments and ordinances.

These sordid issues  -  adversely impact thousands of decent - hardworking, honest, tax paying San Franciscans.

This land - all of it is Ohlone land - and there is NOT - not, one single legal document that states - that the Ohlone were paid for this land that belongs to them. Not a single legal document.

The Muwekma Ohlone - 
they have Patrimonial Jurisdiction
over all of San Francisco.

Not one square inch has been paid for - by the thieves, the liar, - what the Native American - aptly described ' folks that speak with a fork tongue". In short not to be trusted.

Crooked, corrupt, and evil that landed on Turtle Island - less than 360 years ago.

Much before Christopher Columbus land on the East Coast - the Native Americans - were here for thousands of years.

Much before the White knew about so called Democracy - the Six Nations - the Iroquois - practiced "democracy".

The Founding Fathers - associated, with the Six Nations - and incorporated the principles by which the Six Nations ruled - into our so called - " Constitution".  Our Constitution that recognizes this fact - but has failed many a Native American tribe.

Few know about this facts - and fewer still have studied the Constitution - and for that matter the San Francisco Charter by which San Francisco - should be - governed.

Corrupt lawyers aid the already corrupt and sordid SF Board of Supervisors - that have failed to represent the people. 

The ignorance and the arrogance of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - especially those - heading Committees - today - we have pathetic "Chairs" the likes of Malia Cohen - who should be ashamed of herself. Faulted by the Ethics Commission and should soon come before the State of California - Fair Political Action Committee.

18 treaties were signed by the United States government and the Native Tribes in all of California - millions of acres of land were set aside for the Native Americans of California.

None of these treaties were ratified - and the ignorant Land Use Committee with a House Negro Malia Cohen - the vice-chair a Zionist - Scott Wiener - feel and think they are in the cockpit - and do as they wish.

They have no idea about Land issues that matter - and more about Patrimonial Jurisdiction. They have no history and less acknowledgement of the Ohlone - more the Muwekma Ohlone of San Francisco.

This Ohlone land and Malia Cohen and Scott Wiener and not welcome in San Francisco. This is the first salvo - and there will be more to come.

Our population in San Francisco - has grown to about 850,000 in San Francisco. And area to be precise 46.9 square miles. About 18,187 human beings per square mile.

We have over 39,212 City Employees - even thought tongue in cheek - many proclaim we have 29,000 City Employees.

It is left for the City Administrator - Naomi Kelly - to clarify this matter - and stop the rampant corruption - linked to new hired employees - that are detrimental to the good and welfare of our great City and County of San Francisco.

Over 60% of the City Employees make over $150,000 with benefits. Over 50% of these City employees do not live in San Francisco.

At one time the SF Board of Supervisors used to make $38,000 now they make over $175,000 with benefits. 

Their salary should be capped to $80,000 - if not less.

None of those on the Land Use Committee and there are three of them - are Culturally Competent - none of them fully comprehend the terrain of the Ohlone - the First people of San Francisco.

Anyone can visit the Muwekma Ohlone website - 

More - to learn more and fundamental understand - that this land belongs to the Ohlone - and that crooks, thieves, liar, devious entities - think they have jurisdiction over land - that is not theirs.

Read for yourselves -ignorant and arrogant buffoons - all that you want to read - and find out who really lived here and took care to keep the land, the air, and the waters pristine for thousands of years - 13,000 years - all documented by Carbon dating.

The many skyscrapers, the congestion on our roads, the increase in respiratory diseases, the increase in heart problems - are very serious issues linked to the Land Use Committee and failed San Francisco Planning Department.

Our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our seniors - those with compromised health problems - are suffering daily - and what is more hundreds have died - without those supposedly representing the constituents - caring and what is more having any - compassion.

We have three and now four families living in a two and sometime one bed room units.

This is totally uncalled for - and human beings now - must be declared " endangered" - just as the red legged frog, the blue butterfly, some bird, some animals - that the environmentalist - prioritize and rightly so.

The Land Use fails to address Cumulative Pollution - fails to address meaningful Workforce, meaningful " environmental issues", has abjectly failed when it comes to Transportation issues - our " transportation grid" stills flow from the West to the East.

There is meaningful discussion with concrete action to address the growing development in the Southeast Sector - with lack luster progress - when in comes to sound transportation. 

30,000 plus units planned in the Southeast Sector - and no one is paying attention to flooding, liquefaction, cumulative pollution, high levels of radioactive elements.

Over 300,000 ton of Methane gas spews into the air - from 4th and King to Geneva Avenue. One ton Of Methane Gas equals twenty two tons - of Carbon Dioxide.

Little or no " meaningful discussion and improvement"  linked to the issues - stated above - in the Southeast Sector - of San Francisco.

The Land Use keeps noticing the public with 30 day notices at the Land Use committees - then takes the matter - directly to the Full San Francisco Board - for adjudication.

Again and again the " people that matter" are not taken into consideration - with little or no input. Less deliberation - why do you say you represent - but do just the opposite - you sordid Supervisors - more the ones that I have named.

The fake - ugly - Malia Cohen
In all the years we know her -
she is for herself - and selfish to the core.

Both Malia Cohen  a " house negro" and Scott Wiener a " Zionist"   these two sordid individuals - think and feel they can do as they please.

They both run their mouth as they please - but when it comes to " public comment" the people are given a " measly two minutes.

At one time everyone in San Francisco had a right to three minutes - at Public Comment - before the SF Board of Supervisor - at the Full Board or at any Committee or other meeting - notice to the public at large.

The thousands living in the Sunset have just realized Mayor Edwin M. Lee is behind building higher density - taller buildings - thus compromising Quality of Life issues in the Sunset.

Suddenly thousands of Chinese Americans feel they have been hoodwinked by the Land Use Committee and the San Francisco Planning Department - but more the Mayor Edwin M. Lee who is sell out to the developers.

At Mission Bay no one is reading the fine print. On some 8 acres of land - five tall skyscrapers are planned. Who wants to live near the Bay - on land prone to liquefaction and flooding?

We just voted against 8 Washington - some tall buildings that were slated to be built - ignoring the high limits - and now we have to deal with the " cancer" all over again.

It is the same at Pier 70 and in some other areas - this is Ohlone land and there no consideration what so ever for the First People of the land.

This insult is made all the more nauseating when a Zionist and a House Negro - and some others - rubber stamp - filling their campaign coffers - and pretending they are " acting right" - when all the time they are doing " wrong" - pathetic.

The San Francisco Planning Department has failed on the last 3 Housing Elements. All 3 Housing Elements are in Court.

This present Land Use Committee - has chosen to embrace Transportation, Environmental issues, Workforce, and a number of other important issues - and none of them on the Land Issue Committee - have, the " expertise or the education on these very important issues - to adjudicate".

The blind leading the blind.

The San Francisco Planning Department, the inept Land Use Committee - keep rubber stamping amendments linked to Land Use and Planning - issuing Ordinances that is law - adversely impacting - thousands of decent, hard working, tax paying - honest - San Franciscans.