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Sunday, November 8, 2015


In the year 2015 in San Francisco - most Black leaders - and NOT one Black leader - pretending to lead an organization, a church, any sort of group - woman or man - can stand up and speak to the " TRUTH".

At City Hall when there is some " issue " of interest - the Blacks come out at the last moment - and when the time comes to speak - they speak in circles- often making a fool of themselves.

There is no doubt from the inception of the founding of this City of San Francisco - in the early years - more from the mid 1880s - Blacks have played a role - to build this City of San Francisco.

However, in the last 30 years for sure - Blacks have done more " damage " - to themselves - and failed to stand up with real solutions - to save the Black community.

Today, openly Black speak of their dwindling population to a meagre - three percent ( 3 % ) - it used to be twenty percent ( 25% ) - some 20 years ago.

In years past - in the 1960 - the " Unfinished Agenda " was written - boldly laying down a plan - solutions - and pointing out the salient points - that were in place - to bring about the demise of the Black population in San Francisco.

Some of those that understood that document - " The Unfinished Agenda " - still available at the San Francisco Human Right Commission - on request -  a typed document - well written.

The " Unfinished Agenda " - laid out a vetted " Blue Print" - complete with timelines and goals - revealing the urgency and mandating " - urgent action - on a war footing - to save the Black community of San Francisco.

We have sordid and divisive so called worthless leaders the the likes of - Aurelius Walker, Amos Brown, Linda Richardson, Dwayne Jones, Doris Vincent, Lola Whittle, Calvin Jones, Sophie Maxwell, Malia Cohen, London Breed - other too many to mention - Blacks know them all.

Talking about saving the Black community at this late date - the evil, sordid, selfish, worthless, spineless so called " black leaders" - have but themselves to blame - selling out the community - wheeling and dealing - seeking favors for themselves - despicable - to the core.

Fred Blackwell - who now heads the San Francisco Foundation - and others decided to bring out the " Out Migration" document.

This fake document  - lying on many shelves - no one cares about this document - as it is a " ploy " - by the sell outs - all Black - to nail the coffin and dump it at sea - for they so bankrupt  - have no money - not even to lay the casket in a hole - and give it  a decent funeral.

Much like Fillmore - and much like the Bayview - and before that the South of Market area - where many Black churches and businesses  - thrived.

 There are Blacks still alive that will speak of those times - with tears in their eyes. They are dying - fast and soon - no one will be left.

They speak about their lives - and how they were treated, bad. How they came from the South and made something of themselves.

How they fell prey to those that took their land and Churches - and all that they thought was their - but no more.

 How Black churches were moved to Bayview - from the area where now stands the Moscone Convention Centers - draw millions - to cater the whims and fancies - of the " greedy ".

And before that - and history has record it - Pine Street, and Bush Street, and streets near by - where Blacks lived in good homes - Victorian homes.

 Where there were Churches to offer solace - and these Churches were moved to South of Market area - and from there to Bayview - as I said - now better known as   the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

The area that points to the South - has always in previous administrations - been designated as a place to place - facilities that generate - pollution.

The  racist and greedy " bastards" - with intent selected - to place the " garbage dumps " - the " sewage treatment plant " - other activities that breed contamination, pollution, and worst type of air to breathe.

They then with intent - moved those they considered " expandable" and to this that mentality prevails - and time will tell.

Today's Blacks in San Francisco - have no clue about their history - not in their current writings, not in their music of sorts, not in their actions - not worth the salt.

The Black political whores and pimps - have sold their Black community - and joined forces with those segment of the population that has been detrimental to Blacks - from the days of slavery.

Blacks now are on a plantation - and they have no clue that they are controlled - never mind they are given a chance to lead - but always controlled - by forced that are - " evil to the core".

Unlike other cities in the United States of America - San Francisco - has always had the presence of Blacks - in the development and played an important - contributing factor - in the progress of San Francisco.

 The all Black soldiers - better known as the " Buffalo Soldiers " - protecting the many " white pioneers " - who first came to California.

These Whites were afforded the luxury to place stakes - and claim land - thus the words " stake holders ".

They were in fact " land grabbers" or " land robbers " - at that time no Blacks - then called " Negroes " - could own land.

Native American could be killed - an one could fetch - $5 for a scalp. No questions asked. This land - all of California was stolen - by the Whites.

The destiny of Blacks and the Native Americans - are tied - but today this " history " - is fading - and with that the population of Blacks - all over the United States.

Today there is more " blatant discrimination " against Blacks - Dr Martin Luther King Jr - would be shocked and so would those Blacks that left a - sound legacy.

In the late 1890s - Blacks owned newspapers - as many as 10 in San Francisco. The had a school, churches, bank, washhouses, ware houses, bordellos and more.

 Believe  you me - there were rich Blacks - and there are streets named after them - in the now - Financial District - at the Presidio of San Francisco - on important streets - all over San Francisco - good Blacks who were decent - and deserved a street to be named after them.

Those Blacks from those times were honorable and decent - had  etiquette - were spiritual - has character - protected their own - people.

Those Blacks and others  around them honored them and loved them - and what is more - they all left a legacy and were remember and honored - long after their - demise from this Earth. 

We have 500 Buffalo Soldiers lying at the San Francisco Presidio Cemetery - and few Blacks in San Francisco and the surrounding area - are aware of this fact.

They all left a legacy - the Buffalo Soldiers - all Black Soldiers - and few Blacks are aware of this fact - right here in San Francisco.

If you go to Upper Fort Mason - proceed to walk to the Bay - that is an area name Black Point - Buffalo Soldiers - embarked from here to fight for the United States - in the Philippines.

There is no mark - no historic marker - clearly stating the role of the Buffalo Soldiers - way back in 1900s - the 9th and 10 Calvary - the 24th and 25th Infantry Divisions.

The Whites want it all for themselves - and they keep destroying want they deem detrimental - that will speak to the truth.

San Francisco Blacks live in  " darkness" - in recent times " the ever passing " BLINK BLINK" world " - Blacks in large measure - are absorbed in their arrogance and more ignorance - drowning in a " cesspool" of their own creation.

Anyone can choose to delve into the details today - go on Bush Street and learn more about Jacob Thompson - 327 Bush Street.

Go to Montgomery  Street and find out the history of the SF Sentinel - 502 Montgomery Street.

Go the California Street and find out who lived on 580 California - Thomas W. Pierre.

Go to Merchant Street - and find out more about Union Hotel - and Richard T. Houston.

Go Clay Street and learn more about Philip A. Bell who lived at 622 Clay Street.

Go to Sansom Street and learn more about the SF Pacific Coast Appeal - situated at 405 Sansome Street - in the now Financial District.

Go to Sacramento Street and learn more about the N. Gray and Company - situated at 631 Sacramento Street.

In San Francisco we pass by Leidesdoff Street and have no clue that is is named after a Black man who served way back in 1800 - (1810-1848) - as San Francisco's City Treasure, councilman and member of the school committee. He was not sell out like London Breed and Malia Cohen - the other Black political whores and pimps - Sophie Maxwell, Doris Ward and others.

There is more - hundreds of names - and hundreds of locations - Mary Ellen Pleasant - (1820-1904) - who wined and dined the rich in San Francisco - and had all the power to do as she pleased - and she was Black.

She owned a mansion - next to the now Grace Cathedral - people can visit the mansion - and check out the place - but more read about her - the boarding house she operated at 920 Washington Street.

It is said today - that most Blacks in San Francisco - have turned their backs on the past, the rich history.

 In recent years  " thugs" like Willie L. Brown - a former Black mayor of San Francisco and " Black preachers" - not worth the salt - have contributed to the lack of progress among Black - it is a pity - but the Black brought it on themselves.

Black on black violence is a shame - and hundreds have died for no reason.

 Blacks leaders who talk the talk to this day - could do nothing - busy, trying to make money - little money - dividing the community - and receiving some - stale bread crumbs. These Blacks should be shamed of themselves - and each time they open their mouth - they shove their dirty foot. Ignorant, more arrogant - not educated on issues.

None of them are fit to be leaders - lack spirituality - and as I said - do not know much about their past - and have little to offer - for future - generations.

There is not one Black leader today - worth the salt - and so no one will leave a - " sound, inspiring, one that has fortitude  - legacy" - Aho.