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Thursday, May 7, 2015


Every family who has lived in San Francisco for some years - 10 years - 15 years - has someone who in the family or outside the family that has benefited from City College.

City College has help thousands to gather skills and further upward mobility.

The physically challenged - other challenged have taken course and better their skills - sought opportunities - and done well.

Today, we had a hearing at City Hall - and even though - many fully comprehend that City College - did not have to go through the hell - that has adversely mostly - poor students.

Few in the know wanted to speak to the TRUTH.

Today we know for a fact - immigrant students - have to shell out thousands - because they do not meet some immigration status - putting more hurdles in the way of those students - who need help most.

The City and County of San Francisco promised some help so that the immigrant students could be helped - but this money has got stuck some where in the pipe line.

May be Mayor Edwin M. Lee who makes so many promises and originally backed this idea - could fulfill the wishes of those immigrant students.

The immigrant students seek the help - of the Mayor of San Francisco.

Many immigrant student cannot proceed - they do not have the money to pay $1200 a unit  - many have chosen another path - not education - but work just to survive.

The City College Board though elected - is now busy getting all sorts of training which is good. They were elected to represent - and other despots represent - not for good but for evil.

The City College Trustees cannot participate and deliberate.

The cannot find solutions to the many issues - because they cannot gather the empirical data.

The City College Trustees were elected to perform and represent - more to serve the students and the constituents of San Francisco. Their hands are tied - and they are waiting for that day - to begin working and representing in earnest.

The rumor is may be in July, 2015 - but as each day goes by - the erosion of City College affects thousands of students.

Student enrollment is vital - and the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) - keeps interfering - creating a hostile environment.

Failing to abide by the Court's decision - that in the first place - the ACCJC should have never, ever accused City College of fiscal malpractice.

Brought forth other ploys and lies - that the judge was kind enough to see through and through and threw the book at the ACCJC.

Kudos to the City and County of San Francisco and City Attorney Dennis Herrera who saw through the ploys and machinations - filed the suit in the first place - and won it.

The students from City College, the teachers and supporters were in Court - to prove to those who could see - including the judge - that there were thousands who cared about City College.

ACCJC behind the scenes has been planting its operatives - who in turn have been targeting the elected Board members and those who want to keep City College open.

Targeting the student trustee who has worked so hard and must be commended.

Who continues to work and whose representation - is stellar and above reproach.

Whose testimony again and again - has shed light on the ACCJC and others who want to take control of all our Community College in California - as she did today - May 7, 2015 at City Hall in San Francisco - in Room 250.

We in San Francisco do not want our Community Colleges to be controlled by corrupt, crooks.

We will not agree to allow these outside crooks to rake in millions - as profit.

Profit on the back of those who are poor - and want to learn to better themselves. These crooks put all sorts of hurdles in their way - and this is totally uncalled for.

In the entire Nation there is no other learning institution - that operates as a City College as does City College of San Francisco - and offers so many courses - many know the world, over.

So why did the ACCJC go out of its way to facilitate some czar who lives in Lake Tahoe - is given a salary of above $240,000 and who is afforded a housing unit costing City College $3500 a month.

Gives him a car - pays for his gas - and this man chooses to work four days a week - and reports to someone in Sacramento - while all the time - City College is suffering and the students are desperate.

Well the President of City College tried to paint a rosy picture - and had a golden opportunity - to expose the corruption - and those very evil forces - that have to be charged under the RICO ACT.

These forces who want to control our Community Colleges must be taken to court - and we can do it in San Francisco.

The City Attorney came to the aid of City College.

The evil forces behind - the forced take over of City College - have billions - Walmart, the Koch Brothers, the Bush family, others too many to name - but they all have their finger in the pie and connected to some crooked people in San Francisco.

In the meantime the City College teachers are not paid well - the Trustees are NOT paid - so what is happening?

An Art Building was suppose to have been built but all plans have been thrown asunder.

Students who made their plans - now have to dream - as the site chosen now will turn into a complex for housing units - some developer will rake in the millions.

That includes the parking lot that belongs to SF Public Utilities Commission but now has been offered money - to offer it to some developer to make more millions.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee pretending to be on the side of City College - while rubbing shoulders and in bed with those who I have mentioned above - trying to deprive us of our precious, Community Colleges as we know them today.

This business model - contemplated to run our City Colleges - is dangerous.

If this plan goes through - it will be used as a ploy to keep working families down and deprive thousands from going to our Community Colleges - forcing thousands to stall their dreams and afford them less robust opportunities.

If one goes to the Community College you better yourself - upward mobility is easier - if not - you are stuck - education betters one. That is why so many International students have come to City College of San Francisco. Many have become world leaders - so why are some of these crooks out to ruin the legacy of City College of San Francisco.

Who are these demons that have planted themselves at City College - more linked as attorneys - offering fake counsel?

Making deals and decisions - and not including the Trustees and keeping the students out of any meaningful - discussion.

Case in point the Community College at 740 Eddy Street - known as the Civic Center Community College.

The excuse it does not meet seismic standards - but why at the eleventh hour? Time will tell. Putting the students in harms way and stressing the students - to make alternative arrangement and travel long distances.