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Thursday, May 14, 2015


Mayor Edwin M. Lee speak to the TRUTH - let your statements be backed with empirical data - there is no way - you can build so many affordable housing units - with $250 million bond measure - full of loop holes.

It has been over 5 years now the Mayor's Office of Housing - headed by Olson Lee has been spewing all sorts of lies - linked to housing more housing for low and no income constituents of San Francisco.

Feeding the same lies and fake statistics to Mayor Edwim M. Lee - who in turn without blinking an eye - spews these blatant lies and fake statistics to the hard working - tax paying - constituents of San Francisco.

Truly speaking the "housing crises" - which in simple terms - boils to a simple "roof over one's head" - where one can have some, privacy - has now reached a situation - where thousands are traumatized.

In order to cure the harm done to San Franciscans - all these many years - by the six Mayors - preceding Mayor Edwin M. Lee - we require as least $1 Billion plus to - address the situation at hand.

One just has to study the reports linked to the last three Housing Elements produced by the SF Planning Department - once every five years.

The reports produced by the Association of Bay Area Governments - (ABAG).

In the interim Mayor Edwim M. Lee is raking in the millions - in favors and other sordid actions - that will come to haunt him in the short and long run.

Recently, there was a poll taken - pertaining to the coming November, local Elections.

Prying those that answered the questions posed - trying to find out the popularity of Mayor Edwin M. Lee.

The result - his popularity has tanked - so much so that he is worried - very worried.

The paradox about the above scenario is that Mayor Edwin M. Lee - was once a staunch "housing advocate" - more an advocate for the poor and those that needed help - most. No more.

Today, Mayor Edwim M. Lee is rubbing shoulders with the owners of AirB&B,SalesForce, Twitter, Google, FaceBook, others - seeking private money - for his own - cozy and favorite pet projects.

His almost daily appearances at events and Press Conferences - are a JOKE. Acting and talking - like a clown. 

The people who are suffering - consider these events and Press Conferences - an insult.

Any one - who is anyone - who is educated on issues - can see through the lies and hoodwinking.

Recently the Budget Analyst Harvey Rose laid bare all that we hard working tax payers need to known.

The AirB&B shenanigans adversely impact over 40% of rental units - more in the Mission and Haight Ashbury areas.

If Mayor Edwin M. Lee has the balls to read that report - he should feel ashamed of himself.

Today in San Francisco thousands of infants and children, youth and young adults are suffering.

Many of them are not nourished. Many of them do not have a roof over their heads. Many of them are over stress - because two and three families - share a one or two bed room house.

Many of them live in conditions - that are not found in Third World countries.

Seeing is believing. Dirty, stinking, filthy and all this - in one of the richest cities in the world.

And here the Mayor is busy touting that - unemployment is down - when it not down in places that matter most - the hot spots such as the Fillmore, Bayview, and Exelsior.

That our economy is the best in many years - when only the rich get richer - and the poor are forced to move out of our great City.

When our neighborhoods that once had character - are now being invaded by uncouth folks - that think - they can buy anything with money. Compromise - our Quality of Life and have no idea - about Cultural Competency and for sure have no morals, ethics, and less standards - that matter.

Who does the Mayor think he is hoodwinking?

City Hall is the "peoples hall".

When City Hall - the "peoples hall" - is closed to the public - when they people - want to meet Mayor Edwin M. Lee to express their - concerns as citizens - the Mayor flees to Sacramento and to other hideouts - where his minions report to him - much as cowards do.

We did not bother to be defeated and insulted by any of the - well planned moves - we made on April 14, 2015.

We focused on the Chambers of City Hall where sordid people like Katy Tang, London Breed, Mark Farrell, Malia Cohen, and Scott Wiener meet among others - and London Breed - fled the chambers - called for Mayor Edwim M. Lee - in Sacramento - cajoling him to come to her rescue - and he could not.

There is more to come - and these time no warning will be given.

We do not have to do it at City Hal the entire area comes under the Sheriff Department. No other entity  has jurisdiction at City Hall - but, the San Francisco Police Department - came into City Hall more against protocol - and exercised some actions - that border on being improper and crossing the line. Time will tell.

Some of us advocates for years - have been exercising our freedom to speak at Public Comment.

In the past - it was normal to speak for three minutes. Now, that has been reduced to a measly - two minutes.

The novice SF Board of Supervisors - do not know what is in store for them - in their Districts.

The few that are left and have some experience - I will not mention them by name - can restore our "three minutes" if they have the balls to do so.

The crooked SF Board of Supervisors think nothing of spewing diatribe for 20 and 30 minutes at a time. But, when it comes to the tax payers - who pay the salaries of the SF Board of Supervisors - we, are deprived of our " three minutes". More, because of the on going corruption - should have been expanded to "ten minutes".