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Tuesday, May 12, 2015


When some one says that he can build 30,000 so called "affordable" housing in five years - he is lying thorough his teeth - and has no "clue" what he is talking about.

He is selling "snake oil" - tongue in cheek - and foolish and sordid words - coming from his foul, mouth.

At this juncture Mayor Edwim M. Lee and his minions - are challenged/

They do not know where to turn - with all the lies, the fake "press conferences" - the many ribbon cuttings - with Department heads - wasting their time - while, all the time - we the tax payer - pay their very high salaries.

Lack of housing, congestion on the roads, the increase in the Carbon Footprint, thousands of San Franciscans leaving San Francisco, petty crime on the increase, the cost of living become unbearable - people are simply - fed up.

All the while those in power - having a field day - the rich getting rich and the poor - left to die a slow death. Hundreds sleeping on our streets, even in the areas like Union Square - and no one seems to care.

Most of the Department heads making over $250,000 plus benefits - paid by us - the tax payers.

While over 60% of San Franciscans are suffering - and making less than $60,000 a year.

Those making $40,000 and below - are living in abject poverty - pass the 5th day of the month - they have no food and no spare change for anything - that the rich consider - normal.

We all know about the very high rents - the going price now for a measly one bed room - around $3500 a month.

Yet Olson Lee from the Mayor's Office of Housing - much like he did when he worked for the erstwhile - San Francisco Redevelopment Agency - has master the ways of the "devil". Olson Lee will look at you in the eye and lie.

At this late date - more, when all the past six Mayors of San Francisco have failed to provide good low and no income housing - suddenly - Mayor Edwin M. Lee - and his minions - have a solution.

The brunt of the solutions lies in the Southeast Sector of San Francisco - according to their sordid, plan.

Mostly the contaminated land - prone to liquefaction and severe flooding - land on Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick Point.

The last three Mayoral administration have bought the mostly Black sell outs from the Bayview Hunters Point - the likes of Veronica Hunnicutt, Doris Vincent, Calvin Jones, Aurelious Walker, others more despicable - all Blacks selling our the community.

Both sites - the Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and the Candlestick Point - in close proximity and adversely impacted by high levels of radioactive elements.

These areas - where "Depleted Uranium" was tested. We have the "empirical data" to prove what we say and talk about - to be ' the truth".

In past 60 years hundreds of innocent people have died a slow death - from the atomic waste, asbestos, lead, mercury, and other very contaminated materials - all part of the Second World War - where Safety and other health issues - were compromised.

Our SF Health Department and Barbara Gracia knows this but - has done done about it. So has the Department of Toxic and Substances Control. The federal Environmental Protection Agency - Region IX. The Regional Water Board and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District.

Of course the main media - knows about this - in a general vague way - will not report - because they have forgotten - how to do "state of the art investigation".

More, "investigative reporting" - which has become a lost art.

The informed Economist that our City and County of San Francisco has hired - Ted Egan.

The decent and hardworking Controller - Ben Rosenfield - have informed the Mayor, Edwin M. Lee that he would require 100,000 housing units.

More - to deal with the the many issues arising today - arising from lack of affordable and more housing for the poor and the indigent.

When three and four families share a two bed room house - you know - something, really stinks in Denmark.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee once was an advocate for the poor and took upon himself the fight - for housing for those that most needed it.

No more - today - daily he is wheeling and dealing with developers - folks like AirB&B - large corporations like Twitter, Google - builders like Nibbi, Obiyashi, Webcore, and others.

All these vermin - milking our economy and failing to do justice to decent, hard working, tax paying - San Franciscans.

Today, May 12, 2015 Mayor Edwin M. Lee will go before the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - in Room 250 and lie.

He will say exactly what he has said - that he will build 30,000 units - but he cannot.

His term will end before 10,000 so called inferior units are built - and he will say - "that he tried" and fade away.

It is the same with his concept to spend as much as $1 Billion to route Caltrans - so that it accommodates - the building of brand new - "Warrior Stadium".

$1 Billion for a quarter mile of rail - which tells you - that this man has lost his mind - and that he is unaware of the "spiraling" of the economy not only in China and other places - but soon moving to the United States.

The Warrior's stadium was slated to be built by the Ferry Building - the former Director of Economic Development and Work Force - Jessie Blout - led that team.

Only for the project by the Ferry Building to he shot down.

Congestion on the roads, too much money to shore up and upgrade the falling into disrepair piers - all made the " Warrior Stadium" go away - by the Ferry Building.

So, the project was moved to Mission Bay - the California Environment Quality Act - review showed that again chronic congestion, too many fans crowding the streets - before and after the game - would adversely impact the area - causing serious - SAFETY - issues.

It is a large stadium - thousands of fans - congregating as I said before and after the game - and those in charge of Safety - have repeated - the situation is - precarious and will adversely impact - Safety concerns - which are paramount - when it comes to Health and Safety and in general Quality of Life issues.

In comes Mayor Edwin M. Lee - why cannot we move the crowds - underground - build a $1 Billion plus - underground Caltrains rail.

Open up vast areas - where Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his developers can build - market price housing. He gets his cut - and we know it.

It is the same by City College - where an Art Building - much needed has been shot down.

Now, on that very site - that comes under the jurisdiction of San Francisco Public Utilities Commission - market price housing will go up.

The large site adjacent - where City College students parked - will go away.

Where will the City College students park - those that live far away - and work - and must mark time - coming and going - while they pay for their units - and work two, three jobs. No one cares - why?

Because they have they heart in the wrong place!

The great Master said: " blessed are the poor for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven".

Those that harm the poor, those that need help - those that cannot defend themselves - will be judged - and their short lived - making money on the back of others - will come to an end - and with that - restitution - the like - they never imagined.