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Thursday, May 7, 2015


San Francisco City Hall where corruption of the highest order - abounds.

San Francisco has always had compassion top most- on its list - looking out and catering to the constituents of San Francisco and those that like to make their abode in San Francisco.

For the longest time ever - all sorts of people - with a vision and others hoping against hope - to find some freedom - have come to find succor and make their abode in San Francisco.

We embrace - all human beings - all shades - and with this diverse mix - our hearts in the right place - we strive to go to a better - place.

Today, in San Francisco it is despicable to find so many homeless and more "indigent" folks - sleep on our streets - facing the - "inclement weather".

Never, before in San Francisco - did we have entire families with children - forced to sleep under the bushes.

Under the bridges, in cars and vacant buildings and spaces - in places that are filthy - worse than some - "third world countries" - more war torn.

Yesterday, at City Hall in Room 250 - May 6, 2015 - I heard Supervisor after Supervisor - from the Budget and Finance Committee - try  to addresses Quality of Life issues - tongue in cheek - and make a fool of themselves.

When you legislate and make policies - these policies and legislation - must come from a better place - from "wisdom" - and the lack of spirituality - the more bankrupt SF Supervisor - swim in a cesspool of their own creation - they are not sensitive to the people.

Their sordid hearts steeped in greed and focused on their campaign coffers - not all of them - but most of them.

Depriving the community from speaking for three minutes - at Public Comment - this is one glaring factor - that points to the mentality of these - " good for nothing, shallow, cardboard like, inept SF Board of Supervisors".

When it comes time for these despicable Supervisors to speak - they wag their tongue with long winded statements.

Often spewing diatribe - shallow words - they speak in circles -  waste the time of the public - more they pollute the air and the environment.

At the fore-front Scott Wiener - who loves to parade his half-baked thoughts - he cannot and will not be embraced by those families - who see through him - his ploys, shenanigans, and machinations.

As long as we have families and children - in great numbers leaving our City - 30,000 plus in the last 7 years.

The SF Planning says: " is booming and bringing in the money - the most since the 1940's".

Why then do we not have a better "grip" on our planning and resolve the problems of housing for low income and no income.

Seniors, those disabled, other physically challenged, those mentally challenge are treat like dogs and feral cats.

Human beings - innocent human beings - deprived of Quality of Life issues.

The Elderly gathered on the steps of City Hall -  spoke about discrimination, evictions from their homes, transportation, lack of finding for Elderly services - the list was long but on point.

Since so much money is coming in why do  we not establish a fund - a Elderly Community Fund - to pay for home care and other necessities.

Let us get FaceBook, SalesForce, Google, AirB&B, Twitter, who get the big breaks - think of their parents - and contribute as best they can - for those poor and indigent - to enjoy their - "golden years".

Mayor Edwin M. Lee was busy patronizing - Hillary Clinton - who might fantasize that she can run for President of the United States.

Hillary Clinton is a lost cause - her run for President will be long, very difficult - and in the end - just like the last time - she will fail and bring disgrace to anything - decent.

The Clinton family likes attention - and their Foundation, the many mistakes made by former President Bill Clinton, his wife Hillary Clinton, and the nonchalant manner in which Chelsea Clinton has been brought to the stage - betrays sound leadership and trust.

The lack of sound service to our Nation, lack of discernment - lack of trust - what is more important - the Clinton's failing to comprehend our times.

The needs of those that are hurting financially. The great divide - the filthy rich and the very, poor.

The many families who are hurting, our seniors, minorities, people who are challenged - those that cannot defend, themselves.

The general view of many in this Nation is not to trust - the politicians - on the local, state and federal level.

In San Francisco much is made by many that our City is booming - who wants the booming with the increase of the Carbon Footprint - by over 800%? 

Who love pollution and contamination.

The congestion on our roads - the worse in the Nation and comparisons made with Los Angeles and other places - known for their - "smog". We in San Francisco had it good - until the developers decided the model of high rises and the sordid congestion of Manhattan - favor our City and County of San Francisco.

When I visit the New York area - I stay of Long Island - and take the train downtown - and we do not need the congestion, pollution, the rat race - of the Bronx and Manhattan. 

In San Francisco we have natural air-conditioning - we know it as the holy "fog".

Without the "fog" we would not enjoy the many micro-climates - and the good weather we enjoy.

What is hurting our City of San Francisco - are the dangerous particulate 2.5 mm that are exacerbating chronic respiratory diseases.

Heart problems, ulcers of all types - in general, mostly affecting our infants, our children, our Seniors - those with immune issues who are adversely impacted - hundred die a slow death.

Our SF Health Department with a budget of over $1.8 Billion - has failed our City of San Francisco - with a population of 820,000 and growing.

The health and welfare of our constituents - who pay taxes and get little if nothing in return is compromised.

Where was the Health Department yesterday?
If they came they would be talking in generalities - they themselves - are suffering from strokes and heart attacks - and are contaminated - Ebola.

Jose Cisneroes and Carmen Chu - the first the Treasurer of San Francisco and Carmen Chu - the Assessor - brag about the money in the millions coming in - but little goes to our neighborhood - depriving us of Quality of Life issues.

The very character of our neighborhoods is changing. God help us.

It is the same with the SF Planning Department that focused on the Developers and sided with building too many Market Price housing - 1,2,3,4, 5 million dollar each - condominiums.

800% plus when it comes to building Market Price condominiums and when it comes to low and no income - minus 700%.

The Association of Bay Area Governments - has all the documentation and empirical data. No one is paying attention.

The last three Housing Elements have gone to Court - the issues still pending - the SF Planning Department is a farce - and those making mundane statement - and hook winking the tax payers of San Francisco - corrupt.

Time to us the Rico Act - and send these criminals to jail - for a long, long time.

Wake up San Francisco - a City now likened to Sodom and Gomorrah.

Think about it - those of you who can - if not - incineration - is what you devils will experience - first hand.

Up the stairs opposite Room 200 and to the right - the many dens of thieves - hood winking the hard working tax payers!