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Sunday, May 3, 2015


A vimeo that ought to get us to discern
think better - move us all to a better situation, our people, all people.

There has never, ever been a great divide - the filthy rich and the very poor - more, in the South of Market Area.

Once famous for Black churches that moved to Third Street - where now - the worst type of gentrification is taking place.

Before that these churches were on Pine, Bush, and the neighboring areas - moved to the South of Market Area - where none are to be found.

The churches on Third Street are there - this time around - the congregation consists - of mostly - the Elderly Blacks, more - young children.

The congregation is devoid of youth, young adults - and that speaks to many things - as part of the fake evolution of sorts - within the Black community and by inference - the Filipino community.

The lack of opportunities and creating the Black - even today - as second class, citizens.

Saint Patrick Church on 4th and Mission - a bastion of the Filipino community - the alter boys - the readers so eloquent - pushing for a better tomorrow - Catholic, Apostolic, other denominations - doing what must be done - to represent - the spiritual values - that others can embrace - to save them from the many evils of this - mundane world.

Let the Sociologists make their case - my lens is subjective - my experience world wide  - to facilitate and garner support - bring people together. At least those that want to work as a team - and share their bounty.

I count many Blacks and Filipino as my trusted - friends.

Stay away from the sell outs more those that pander to politicians, take bread crumbs, speak from both sides of their mouth - look for some opportunity for themselves and a select few. They will learn - even as babes learn and when they grow up - they know whom to trust.

The worst thing that can happen and should not happen - is one Filipino group pitted against the other - I know them all - and can discern and see who is on the right side.

As with the Black who moved away - it is the same with the Filipino community in the South of Market Area - once they occupied most of what was then known as "skid row".

Now the Moscone Center and all the many complex buildings and institutions - given to those that have much.

A site has been selected and given to the Filipino community on 4th and Mission - the building declares who will build a center - it has been years - but those that have HOPE - win.

All the buildings, all those stores, all those shopping centers and more - connected with our largest convention, center. The former San Francisco Redevelopment Agency - fostered gentrification.

As with the Blacks the Filipino community was thrown to the wilderness - and allowed to suffer and survive on little.

Today, the Mayor's office of Housing - others are doling out some stale bread crumbs - to the Filipino community.

The Filipino community deserves more - and some of us are watching - like a hawk.

We understand gentrification, planning, land use, the failing infrastructure, lack of good schools and education.

Poor health facilities - most important housing - two and three families - crowded in areas - where drug selling, prostitution, and other harsh things - adversely impact the youth.

Career jobs are scarce - there is a lot of talk - hot air - verbosity - many love to talk the talk - and few walk the walk - and God sees it all. Really!

Moved here, there, and every where to this day the Filipino community suffers - many living in conditions - worse than most Third World countries - in many cases.

They come to me, the talk to me - I have known them for years - and so I have to represent - without being harsh - but I guess the time as come - to speak to the Truth - and let those that make decisions know - that they are being - watched - even as the disparities - grow.

The Saint Francis Complex - by Third Street closer to Howard Street - offered some succor to the now Elderly Filipinos to live their golden years in new housing -over 50 years ago.

This was some small token - but by far - the majority over eighty percent - suffered - living in Single Residential Occupancy (SROs)  - one kitchen on a floor - shared toilets - nasty but what can those say - that cannot defend themselves.

Are at the mercy of politicians the likes of Jane Kim - who is playing one segment of the population - against the other. Time will tell.

Here lies the crux of the problems - the poor who do not have a voice and have been suffering for over 70 years - that is a long, long time - and this City and County of San Francisco has yet to find solutions.

In the 1980s - the Filipino Veterans that marched alongside the American soldiers - the famous Bathan March - were promised - American citizenship.

Some of us at the Presidio first embraced the Filipino soldiers - permitting them to join Sixth U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco - in the many historic events.

We then together with other entities petitioned the United States government - our United States government was too slow - some got some benefits - but most died and their memories are all that is left.

Much like leaves that fall from the tree - and in due course compost and become part of the dirt.

On which they once lay - and looked good - but now serve another - purpose.

The Filipino Veterans were not treated as they ought to have been treated. It is not too late for restitution - and more time to help the families of the Bataan March - not only here in the United States - but in the Philippines.

Today, we pay lip service - but our children ought to known their history - the real facts and not the fluff and the so called Filipino Community - today - seems to be interest in.

Just like the Filipino soldiers made sacrifices - we must all of us - they brought us freedom - they sacrificed a lot - and many lay down their lives.

Here is some information about the "Bataan Death March" - I knew many of the Filipino soldiers - today, their number has dwindled - but not their spirit that will live forever:

In Daly City which is the strong hold of the Filipino community - the stronger segments connected to the erstwhile Marcos family - have power - and what they say and decide - matters - at least until some years - ago.

The poorer more indigent Filipino populations - in Visitation Valley, in the Avenues some, in the South of Market - live day to day - they need help - more career jobs - and not the handouts - that some prefer to take.

Here, there - in smaller numbers - the Filipino segment of the population - work hard and carry on the struggle for survival.

In the East Bay the many Filipino communities thrive - teachers, bankers, nurses, in real estate, in many of our City Halls, City Councils. Many in San Francisco and other cities too.

They all make their living - their contribution to society known to many - devoted - many still very religious - their heart in the right place.

On another note the well know U.S. Buffalo Soldiers - all Black soldiers with White officers - were sent to the Philippines - to put down some rebellion.

Only for many of the soldiers to see for themselves the ill treatment and discrimination - much as Blacks experienced at home.

Some of the soldiers married the local women. Few know about these facts - but they are all there for us to discern - study and apply. 

Here are some photographs - I will visit this topic again - hitting salient points - and trying to move the Filipino community - to a better place - with dignity - the Filipino in the cockpit - in control of their destiny.

Not taking orders - but being at the table - making the decisions.

Enjoy some of the photographs.