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Sunday, May 24, 2015


Nation wide - the junior colleges, colleges, universities - both private and State - are revisiting failed policies - brought about by GREED - fleecing students and failing to provide opportunities for upward - mobility.
Privatization of our Public Education Institutions.

You would think if you invested in thousands of dollars to get degree - that the entity that took your money - would provide you some minimal - guarantee - NO.

We already have the institution that incarcerate - some 10% of our population - has been affect by incarceration. There is nothing that rehabilitates one - for sure it leaves a scar for life.

Large corporations - some using farming use the prisoners and pay them 10c an hour. What is our United States Government doing about this contemporary - slavery - on going in the year 2015.

Other corporation make money - providing Security Services - complete with attach dogs - armed with para-military equipment.

Many Corporation use prisoners in the digital field - input all sorts of data - even sensitive health information. The public is kept in the dark - and we have to shed light - where there is abject - darkness.

All over this Nation - more after the spiraling of our economy in 2008 - the true colors of all our Universities, Colleges, Junior colleges, and even High Schools - was revealed - the lack of standards, grey areas - and the way the students are used as fodder.

This for all the world to see. We dare call ourselves the world best democracy - when we know that middle class is eroding before our eyes - and the very rich are ready for a - "take over" - where they have the money and control all resources - even human resources.

We can insert a Johnson Wrench into their sordid plans - but, time is running out. We must educate ourselves and we can and must in this digital world.

We know that many countries some in the Middle East - others in Denmark and Germany - some other countries - not as rich as the United States provide educational subsidies.

Always wanting their students to learn - to better their own countries and some just to allow students worldwide - contribute their talents to the Universe - as does Germany.

Well, in the United States all sorts of gimmicks are used to get the students to enroll - more to make money and less to educate the students. This shit has been going on for year - and recently the shit has hit the ceiling.

Never mind if it is a pricey University - or some private college that use to work hard to educate their students - all these so called - institutions of learning - have fallen prey to GREED.

Money is what gets you in - and grants without paying interests are few - and loans are enticing - but they take you to your grave - with high stress and even higher - interest rates.

In many States giving opportunities to foreign students - is what keeps so called - "institution of learning" afloat.

The learning institutions - charge an arm and a leg - while the local population - is left out - fending for themselves - working two and three jobs.

Now at last in the year 2015 - some have fully realized the damage caused to our students who are talented.

The students who have NO money to go to college or to some university - as part of their upward mobility - to face the world and contribute the best they have.

Their parents mostly immigrants made this country - some went to college - others sent their children for a generation or two. No one would expect this day - where the United States would use our tax payers money to fight unwanted wars - wasting Billions and shaft the student and force them to get huge loans that would stress the student and their loved ones.

The Koch Brother, Walmart, other dubious greedy corporations are now looking at taking control of all educational institutions. 

Recently, we learned a lot about City College  - right here in San Francisco - where the very Accrediting Committee that should have done right.

Went so far - with intent - lied to the Court - only, for the judge in the Court - to adjudicate in favor of City College - and throw the book at the Accrediting Committee - that continues to defy the Courts and continues to interfere with City College, the teachers, the Trustees, the operations of City College.

These thugs including the lawyers and legal staff - all placed in position - to serve the devil and evil.

The take over was planned with Mayor Edwin M. Lee, other politicians paying lip service - hiring a czar to oversee City College - living at Lake Tahoe.

An apartment paid for this czar of sorts - some $3500 a month.

A car provided - while all the time - this so called expert and czar was pandering to the Accrediting Committee -  working 4 days a week - doing, nothing much.

Pandering to the Accrediting Committee -that was charged in Court - for adversely impacting the students, City College in toto, and causing great harm to our City and County of San Francisco.

Had it not been for our elected City Attorney - Dennis Herrra, student Trustee Shannel Williams, some Trustees of City College - the public at large - City College would have closed down - and gone to the hogs.

Never mind City College has touched the lives of thousands in San Franciscans. Helped thousands of blue collared workers - offered courses - second to none in the Nation.

I know personally of hundreds of world leaders who went to City College and today influence the world.

That does not matter - when it comes to Richard Blum, Nancy Pelosi, Edwin M.Lee who is their puppet, the Koch Brother, Walmart, others who want to deprive our students of their right to a sound - education at a reasonable price - the COMMONS.

San Francisco unlike any other City is a Union City - but, it does not help with less than 7% of our City workers belonging to any Union.

It does not help with some Union leaders pandering to Mayor Edwin M. Lee who continues to talk from both sides of his mouth - spewin diatribe and toxic air.

Wake up San Franciscans - and learn about our City and those who are increasing our Carbon Footprint, adversely impacting Quality of Life issues - congestion on our roads, increase of petty and other crimes - and thousands of decent families - fleeing San Francisco. Once gone - never, ever to return - much like we saw with the era.

The students from City College and the other Colleges and Universities - comprehend some.

Some leaders from our Community Based Organization understand some.

No one has the time to comprehend the evil designs - about what is going behind the scene.

We have entities worse than the MAFIA - ready to destroy City College - and some of us know a little - there is a urgent need - for a concerted plan to counter the evil designs of those in higher places - who are against the COMMONS.

This is the time to approach the President of the United States - Barack Hussein Obama.

A very narrow window of opportunity - to put out an Executive Order - and bring about free of charge - no feed at all - to attend Junior Colleges, Colleges, and Universities, other Trade Schools - for those that are citizens of the United States of America.


If we can spend BILLIONS fight an unjust war - in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Libya, and now want to meddle with Iran and even take China on.

We have wasted trillion of tax payers money - without the permission of the tax payers - our time is now - or we must forever hold our - peace.

Let us first fight the war against the many evil corporations and entities that want to destroy our Public Educational Institutions - and take control of all human resources.

This is a type of slavery that was present but now is showing its ugly head - has been ever increasing since - 1978.

No one can fool - all the people - all the time. Now is the time to boot those politicians who think they can take control of our life and lie to us - all the time - failing to represent while raking in the million to fill their evil campaign - coffers.

All over the Nation students are used like a dirty rag.

Thrown into the pit - their money is taken and used for ulterior purposes - and they have to pay loans, all sorts of debts for the rest of their lives.

Often adversely impacting their family life - and bringing about death and stress.

This sordid - one of kind equation - all in the name of - some fake,inferior education that does not serve the purpose and deceives most of the students - in the United States of America.

Good leaders show the way, know the way, and GO the way.

It is not too late - to united, create a working Blue Print - with goals and time-lines and make good things - happen.

The people united - can never, ever be defeated. Aho.