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Monday, May 18, 2015


The Mayor Edwin M. Lee takes to air waves to gather his cronies and minions - after adversely impacting - Quality of Life issues all over of once - great City of San Francisco.

Be it the growing congestion on our roads, the lack of affordable housing, the vague promises - linked to transportation, safety, you name it - the constant spewing of toxic diatribe.

The paradox is the our tax payers money - money collected from permits - property taxes from those that are buying real estate - in other words money flowing in - that should be spent on our infrastructure - on Quality of Life issues - in diverted - most filling the pockets of very corrupt - entities.

Time for the Rico Act to be implemented. Make no bones about it - these ploys, machinations, and shenanigans - are reaching - saturation, point.

The Mayor should ask himself who pays his salary over $300,000 plus benefits?

Who pays the salaries of those that rake in thousands in pay - many of them making $250,000 plus benefits?

He should clarify these questions - before he has his drab - "press conferences" - that further infuriates the public at large.

We want action not talk.

The Mayor gathers his minions and talks from both sides of his mouth.

His latest gimmicks the cameras placed all over the City of San Francisco - that he purports - will help - congestion.

Only a dumb fool will make such a dumb, idiotic statement. The Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) has wasted millions and continues to waste millions.

The MTA is not in a position to deliver anything be it the promises it made to the Taxi Drivers, the MUNI drivers, the public at large when it come to the MUNI buses being punctual and clean. Today the MUNI buses are filthy - and one has to see things to believe things.

Right now our Light Rail system has an antiquated software. You do not have to be a rocket scientists to figure that to fix this - we need to change the leadership - and bring in "leadership" with a vision - that complies with sound transparency and accountability.

The Maintenance Facility build by Third and Islais Creek - had so many change orders - that it cost us - over 200% over and above the actual price.

The Central Subway started with a figure of $600,000 and today is a over $1.4 Billion! Who is fooling whom?

The kinds of London Breed and Scott Wiener and pouring good money down the drain - when MUNI has failed to make any progress.

The MUNI drivers are treated with disdain - and now the UNION Representatives are on the take.

The UNION has let down the entire working force that takes the "true brunt" of the day to day - operations - the MUNI drivers who confide in me - and I have tracking the ins and outs since 1985.

MUNI basely has a two tier system - the old system where the benefits are better and the new system - agreed when Willie L. Brown Jr was Mayor - that treats the MUNI drivers - like second class citizens.

It is not the buses that make MUNI - it is who operates them.

If we can address chronic congestion - to make our buses flow smoothly - we can look at this issue - only by providing true statistics - empirical data - not hot air - that the Mayor can afford - that no cost.

Today - it takes cars during prime traffic periods - 30 to 40 minutes to pass by three or four block in the City.

It is the same with the MUNI buses crossing through the City - to make it to the out skirts of our City.

The Mayor wants to control the traffic remote control - and thinks - he can fool all the people all the time.

We need cameras in Room 200 - to see what the freaking hell - the Mayor is doing in Room 200 and how much time he spends doing - the work of the people.