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Saturday, May 9, 2015


All of San Francisco - every square inch is Muwekma Ohlone land.

All those who fail to recognize this fact - foremost the San Francisco Planning Department are playing with fire.

You know this to be the TRUTH and you are put on notice. The Mayor of San Francisco - Edwin M. Lee and all his minions - who pay lip service and have failed to represent. You know who you are - and your time has come.

This failure to look away from the true needs of the people and tax payers of needy San Franciscans and build units and homes for this segment of the population is well known - complete with empirical data.

The SF Planning Department is till compiling its data - trying to hoodwink us. If was true to its mission - it would have the data. But, it has failed at meeting the true needs - and now at this late date - it will find excuses.

Much like this City has done with the last 3 Housing Elments - that are prepared every 5 years - and the past 3 Housing Elements have been found - defective - and are in the Courts for adjudication.

In this City of San Francisco market rate housing - abounds - over 400% over and above the cap - for the filthy rich - is a crime against humanity.

The abundance of Market Rate Housing is there to see - for all those that have eyes - costing over $1 million, many in the $2-$3 million range - and some as high as $5 million just condominiums.

In San Francisco right - that has a risen population of 820,000 - there are 30,000 vacant homes.

Over 50,000 homes are used for rental vacations - linked to AirB&B - other crooks - who do not pay taxes and compete with the Hotel Industry.

The failure to plan - have a sound vision - keep rental units in place - more that come under "Rent Control" has escaped the mind of this City - and those put in charge.

This City with intent allowed thousands of Rent Control units to fall into the hands of - corrupt entities like the Academy of Art University - who over the years bought hundred of buildings - governed by Rental Control.

If this is not a crying shame - I do not know what is. 

Again, the Academy of Art University bought hundreds of buildings - containing thousands of rental units - all coming under - "rent control" - and converted them to - dormitories to accommodate mostly - foreign students.

This has been going for years - and only recently because of my - "constant pleas" - writing and speaking out - some hearing will be held; by the SF Planning Department - to adjudicate the - continuing, blatant crimes - too late but not too late - to adjudicate.

Right now Olson Lee from the Mayor Office of Housing, Mayor Edwin M.Lee, Brian Cheu from the Mayor's Office of Housing, the heads from the Department of Building Inspection - must all be cited under the Rico Act.

Slick talking - hoodwinking the people - must not be tolerated.

The protest you see today at City Hall - will spill into the streets and the take over of buildings.

This occurring episodes - are just the tip of the iceberg.

Soon market rate units - in market rate buildings - all over San Francisco will be taken over.

If something drastic is not done - thousands of market rate units - will be vandalized.

The San Francisco Police Department with it measly 1800 police personnel - most of them not equipped - many old and obese - will not be able to meet the opposing forces.

If people are killed - and some may lose their lives - what we have seen in Baltimore and and other place in the United States - will pale in comparison.

Believe you me. In the past - all that I have written - has come true.

I represent the Muwekma Ohlone and have told the Mayor of San Francisco - who has lost his freaking mind - to serve the people - and not pay - lip service. All those silly "press conference" where he spews lies - and talks from both sides of his mouth.

The warning signs are all over - and this man thinks - that everything is under control.

We do not want our City that we love to go in flames - we do not want the anarchists to come to our City - and vandalize.

This Mayor and those who advice him - are playing with fire.

They have failed to serve and protect our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our seniors, those that need help most.

Everywhere in our City - Quality of Life - has been compromised. The City has missed the boat,the bus, the train, and the plane ....

I am open in my communication to the Chief of Police - Gregory Suhr - to the Sheriff - Ross Mirkarimi - to the Controller - Ben Rosenfield, to the City Attorney - Dennis Herrera, to the Department of Building Inspection - through this blog - you must be able to read - between the lines.

The City Administrator is going with the flow - this will not do.

There are other City Department heads - who I have spoken to - and if you feel that you have not heard me - hear it now - drastic changes for good - have to be made - quickly with sound time-lines and goals - more, with full transparency and accountability.

In the last 8 years - over 40,000 families have left San Francisco. They will never come back - and while away - their experiences will be told to other - not the good ones, but how this City with intent - drove them away.

I will tell you - representing the Muwekma Ohlone - we do not favor the "techies" - and those shallow - who act like "cardboard".

These folks do not contribute to the culture of our neighborhoods.

They have adverse impacted the unique rich culture - established in our various, neighborhood.

The evil plans that Mayor Edwin M. Lee endorses - working hand in glove with the likes of Walmart, the Koch Brothers, George W. Bush and his implants - other that I will not mention - now but will save for another day and proper, time.

City College is one example - while all of us appreciate and thank the City Attorney Dennis Herrera - for filing the suit and winning - against the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior College (ACCJC).

We the people united - do not appreciate the lip service and the wheeling and dealing behind close doors - to privatize our community colleges by Mayor Edwin M. Lee and those minions who are in bed with him.

For God sake the SF City College Board - has not met yet - even though they were elected by the constituents of San Francisco - months ago. They will meet next month - July, 2015.

The Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) - have connections to power and corrupt forces - that want to privatize our community colleges - all over San Francisco and California.

In our Courts led by City Attorney Dennis Herrera and supported by us the COMMONS - we have fought a good fight - and appreciate the City Attorney taking the lead and exposing the ploys and machinations of the ACCJC.

We thank the judge who saw the "evil plans" linked to the lies and others shenanigans - by the ACCJC.

The book was thrown at the ACCJC and it is for this - one singular reason - the State of California - is aiding SF City College with funding - to meet its baseline requirements.

But this ACCJC which must be barred - continues to invade the SF City College campus and create - divisiveness.

The entire "Accrediting" system revamped and light shed - on the criminals ones there now; dismissed - better still sent to jail.

Right now the Mayor Edwin M. Lee opened his mouth and promised - money for those students who were indigent - including immigrants - to join SF City College and aid them with some financial assistance. Nothing has happened.

A study has been done by the City and County of San Francisco - revealing the positive impacts - and the contribution to the good of our City and the surrounding area - by SF City College - and the students and others who contribute to the wealth of San Fancisco.

We all know this - but, some how the immigrants and the indigent students have been penalized - further causing a decrease in the enrollment.

Casting this "dark cloud" that is hovering over City College of San Francisco - it should NOT be there - but, it is there for all to see.

The teachers from SF City College - has not received a pay raise - since 2009. Does anyone think it is fair?

The Board to City College has not be paid. The Student Trustee has not be paid. The Czar over SF City College receive over $200,000 in salary and benefit. A rental unit to stay - for $3500. A car with gas paid by SF City College.

He works a measly four days - and has nothing holistic to contribute. Worse still he stays at Lake Tahoe - and commutes hundreds of miles - with all the fun fare of a buffoon.

In the interim the student must fork out thousands - with no guarantee that they will receive any "certification", any degree, what a freaking, mess.

Right now the " Corrupt " some from as far as Texas - have planted themselves - at SF City College. We are watching them like a - "hawk".

Their aim to privatize our Community Colleges - much like the failed Charter Schools.

Much like the shenanigans we know - created by " Teacher For America" model - having no training, less qualified orientation - invading the SF Unified School District - to privatize our public schools - serving a short term of two years - and leaving.

The "COMMONS" must stand up.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee once understood well what it is to fight for the poor and those that need hell - no more.

Today, Mayor Edwin M. Lee is pussyfooting with Hillary Clinton - ' a loser ".

Participating in some "tea ceremony" - having tea with Hillary Clinton - in a Japanese setting.

What a political scene - two jackasses - who talk the talk and cannot walk the walk.

You judge people by their compassion.

You judge people by the "trust" they get get from those that matter - not the crooks - that do not count - not the sell outs.

These two souls - Ed and Hillary - are pathetic - the have lost their mind.

I am old enough to know more - and have followed these charlatans for the last 35 years and more. 

Few can say that - and if someone wants to debate me - meet me anytime - anywhere - in any open forum - worth the salt.

The Democratic Party has failed in San Francisco.

Recently, I asked for a meeting with Olson Lee and even informed the Mayor Edwin M. Lee to assist in this meeting. 

The issue is linked with " the concerns and aspirations of a first time home buyer " to document the process - and see who is helped and who is not.

I meet all the requirements - I served my Nation with the highest commendations in the Sixth U.S. Army and Presidio of San Francisco.

I am a Senior pass 65 years - I am disabled - City Hall knows my work, the Mayor knows my work - but this jackass - stays away from serving and helping - those that have gone - over and above to serve San Francisco and San Franciscans. Time will tell.

No wonder people leave San Francisco - and only the chaff, the excreta that must be flushed down the commode is left in San Francisco, now.

Some thing stinks in Denmark.

Today, unfortunately -San Francisco has lost its compassion but more its soul.

This November, 2015 the Election is the time to rally and vote for those that truly represent the people.

Truly have compassion - truly want to take San Francisco to a better - place.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

God see it all - but most of these devils are just that - reeking with - "evil" in their very corrupt, bones. You can smell them from miles away - Sulpur spreads and the stench is unique and bearing of those that - are the scum of this Earth.

In the interim the poor are increasing by leaps and bounds.

The homeless on our streets - at Union Square, in the Financial District, by the Ferry Building, by the freeway near Costco, by 16th heading East, in the Western Addition, on Sixth Street, on Geary Street, in the Exelsior, in the Bayview - only the blind cannot see this growing mess.

Filthy and stinking - these indigent people are there for all to see and more to bear witness to the sad affair that prevails in our City and County of San Francisco.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee who sees this - and more - is waiting for major sweeps - before the Mayors from all over this Nation - meet here - in San Francisco.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee is put on notice - he will witness fireworks of a kind - he has not seen. ever before.

The difference this time "stealth" tactics will be used - and will surprise and confound those that underestimate - those, that have superior training - that comes from experience. No law will be broken - but, those that have not seen and pretend they are blind - will see and more, realize. Aho.