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Thursday, May 21, 2015


It is amazing to watch the San Francisco Board of Supervisor - and more Mark Farrell - listen to the youth - during this Budget season - fail to hear the pleas of the youth and young adults. Fail to listen to their pangs and sufferings.

San Francisco is one of the richest cities in the world - yet, our youth in the thousands are compromised - daily thousands face the inclement weather - on the streets, under the bushes, in filthy, stinking places - worse than any Third World country.

It NOT acceptable that youth - that need help - have to sleep on the streets, under the bushes, under the bridges, in some areas that are filthy and stinking - face the inclement weather - and pretend to sleep - while all the time - being awake - fearing those that prey on them.

More, young women who are raped on our streets, others that are preyed upon by the pimps - while our SF Board of Supervisor - think this is a JOKE.

Malia Cohen and London Breed talking about the topic - with the hearts in the wrong place - talking, from both sides of their mouth. Talk is cheap.

Twice in recent weeks - the people united took over City Hall - and shut it down. The Mayor, Edwim M.Lee was no where to be found.

No where to be found - the corrupt Supervisors the likes of London Breed, Malia, Cohen, Katy Tang, Mark Farrell and Scott Wiener.One worse than the other.

The above do not represent - the fill their campaign coffers - and the time has come to boot them out - out of any deliberation - worthy the salt. These corrupt politicians are a disgrace to the human race.

We already know about the housing crises.

On another level both London Breed and Malia Cohen are in bed with developers.

Both, took their chance meeting with an Federal Bureau of Investigation informer - linked to the Keith Jackson fiasco - the hearing coming up, soon.

The very fact they met this FBI informer - says a lot. Let us not make light of this, glaring - fact.

The people in the Mission are organized and that is a very good sign.

The people in the Western Addition and the Bayview Hunters Point are not - they lag behind - thanks to the panders - the sell outs - London Breed and Malia Cohen. That is District 5 where London Breed brags she is doing something. Distict 10 where Malia Cohen is NOT - respected.

But, not for along - we have an action plan that will - "shut down" the entire City and County of San Francisco.

And when we do it - we will inform - those authorities - that know what we are capable of - we will not do anything in the dark - and we will be transparent and accountable.

This time around - as before - we will be in the trenches - we will be - " in your face - look you in the eye - and tell you the TRUTH".

The thousands of young truants in our City and County of San Francisco - all youth and young adults - need help - but all this City does - is pay - lip service.

Where is the housing for the QUEER youth?

Where is Scott Wiener on this issue?

Where is Malia Cohen on this issue? Really?

We are watching you two - like a hawk - and when that day comes - you will be shamed - for all your sordid deeds. You are put on notice.

The many Budget Committee meetings held - daily at City Hall in Room 250 once afforded the tax payers - their say at Public Comments - where the tax payers were afforded - three minutes.

The same tax payers of San Francisco - who pay the salaries of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

In former times the SF Board of Supervisors - when their salary was around $38,000 - did their best to represent - not any more. At that time - in a different era - those SF Board of Supervisors gave their best.

Today, the SF Board of Supervisors get over $120,000 plus benefits - and fail to represent - folks like Scott Wiener, Mark Farrell, Malia Cohen, London Breed and Katy Tang.

The others that I have not mentioned are turning around - we need the vigor and the determination of Eric Mar. He is on the side of the people.

John Avalos, David Campos, and Jane Kim are making some small strides - we need commitment of the highest order - we are in an Emergency. Do be lack luster - enter the fray and do what best helps those that need help most.

I really do not know the Supervisor from District 3 and so I will not comment on some non entity that I do not think - too much about. Anyone anointed be it Katy Tang from District 4 or the SF Board of Supervisor from District 3 - as I said - means little to me.

The SF Board of Supervisor from District 3 - who replace the weasel David Chu - again, gets NO respect from me.

I cannot afford to sit down on the hard benches for hours to speak for a measly two minutes - at Public comment. At one time - three minutes were afforded us advocates. Now we advocates attend the meeting - the drab, boring meetings - only to be given two measly minutes - during public comment.

Now and then I have to go to City Hall - look the crooks in the eye.

I have a blog and my articles - need some influence - what I see with my eyes and feel with my senses.

This to help my investigative reporting - focus in the right direction - laser beam focus.

It is always interesting and fun to look the CROOKS - in the eye and speak to the TRUTH.

We must address the concerns facing our youth in this City and County of San Francisco. The adversities the youth and young adults face are many - and we the advocates are few. 

This David and Goliath fight is a good fight - we need more women and men of good faith - to join our ranks.

Take over City Hall - using our Constitutional rights, doing right to rid the wrong.

Rid all those minions who work hard to put obstacles in the path of the constituents - more the tax payers of San Francisco.

Time will tell. The people united will never, ever be defeated. It may take some time - but, the VICTORY is here - I smell it!