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Friday, May 1, 2015


The people united will never, ever be defeated


San Francisco - has long been known to embrace everyone - who visits our great City of San Francisco - thousands have come here to San Francisco - and made themselves at home. Thousands have stayed and made San Francisco - their home.

Now, suddenly our City and County of San Francisco and our key officials - have turned against the very constituents that pay their taxes.

Constituents who have made this City - made our various neighborhoods - that have contributed so much to the general welfare, goodness, and progress of our great City of San Francisco.

Today is May 1, 2015 - better know as May Day. Those who govern - better pay attention to all the many peaceful protests.More to what they have to express - in light of the very poor representation - from the many so called politicians - among them -  many a "political whore and pimp". Make no bones about this statement.

Today is May 1, 2015 - it will be known in another light - a better light - the adjudication - light shed on the behavior of 6 Police Officer in Baltimore - linked to the torture and death of Freddie Gray.

All of them have been charged - their charges vary - but, we wait the adjudication when they will receive the final adjudication. The process must be as quick - so that many "rogue police officers" and put on notice - and those charged - receive the incarceration - much like many Black receive - with no representation.

Every human being needs to be treated with respect - they all need a fair and justice hearing - and it should not be - different strokes for different folks. Those days are over.

As with the death of Freddie Gray - we have witnessed the death of Alex Nieto - others too many to mention.

Other Black on Black deaths - in the period from 2000 to 2012 - I have attended over 248 funerals.

Each of them has an explanation - each death - cries to heaven for justice - all in this City and County of San Francisco.

What has our City and County done to address Quality of Life issues - nothing.

Today's May 1, 2015 protests - will speak to the TRUTH - those in power should listen - to the salient issues - and if you do not - you have only yourself to blame.

However ignorant and arrogant you are - you will be behold to the actions of your own creation. Drown in the cesspool of your own making - never mind what you think in the short term - the long term counts.

All over San Francisco and the neighboring Bay Area cities - those that really care - will express, themselves.

We do things - the way we do things - for that we are well known - the world over. We only take dictation from our leadership - within our jurisdiction.

Corrupt politicians have no place - expressing the will of the people who they do not  - represent. Corrupt politicians local, state, federal are put on notice.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee at this late date - still continues to spew - diatribe.

Having no clue that you cannot pacify any one person, any one segment of the population - with fluff - vain promises - and continue a bluff - game - that is going no where.

Our immigrants are hurting.

Our working constituents are hurting and cannot make ends meet.

We have in San Francisco more dogs, feral cats - and less children.

Over the last 8 years over 30,000 families have moved out of San Francisco - with that loss the very soul of San Francisco - has been adversely, impacted.

The San Francisco Planning Department has failed us.

The last three Housing Elements that set the tone - are in the Courts - and no one wants to talk about this important - issue.

The Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) - produces its projections and advice on how to better plan and govern - again and again San Francisco has FAILED.

We can make a list of Quality of Life issues - transportation, education, health, safety, housing - look at the issues - with an open mind - and see for ourselves - how we are doing.

The Mayor, the City Administrator, the Controller, the City Attorney, the District Attorney - other key officials - can lie and hoodwink for only so much.

I know most of them personally - and so they cannot bluff me - more when I have the empirical data.

It is just a matter of time - before the people - who are suffering - confront the SF Planning Department and the Department of Building Inspection.

The other Department that have failed our constituents. Please take my warning seriously. All that I have said before as come to fruition.

Our City Administrator and our Controller - are looking thorough an antiquated lens. Fall prey to the politicians who have a hidden - agenda.

The time has come - to embrace the constituents who work hard and contribute so much to our City of San Francisco.

Constituents need to receive some concrete feed back and to be able to give some concrete feed back - and bring succor to those that need - help most.

Our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults our elders are suffering. To ignore them is injustice - and to look the other way - is unacceptable.

The Great Master said: " Blessed are the poor for theirs is the Kingdom of heaven".

The Carbon foot print of our City has increased by over 300% - more with all the concrete poured - the over 80 projects small and big - creating congestion and an increase in pollution of the worst - order.

The dangerous particulates from back to back traffic - and millions of vehicles polluting the environment.

We do not have one single Environmental Entity - that is paying attention to the empirical data.

Our City Department of the Environment is a JOKE. More the Environmental Division linked to the San Francisco Health Department.

Our San Francisco Board of Supervisors - are a bunch of lackeys - making deals - and pretending to serve our City.

Even pontificating that our City should pay attention to things happening - Nationally. really. 

We have had so many killings in San Francisco - and Malia Cohen and London Breed keep talking - they are on the pay roll.

They keep making deals with Developers - and when they open their mouth - the shove their foot in - each and every time. Both these individuals - both Black - are a disgrace to the human race.

Both of these two - will be best remembered as - "political whores" - one from District 5 and the other from District 10.

It is the same with Scott Wiener, Mark Farrell - who continue to abuse the system - work with the MACHINE - exploit the situation at hand.

Pathetic misfits - and corrupt to the core. "political pimps".

Mayor Edwin M. Lee who I have known for a long, long time - has come a long way and has now made his nest - with some powerful corporations - who are using him - as a tool.

He has many options - and if he wants - he can - stand for what helps the constituents of San Francisco - or continue on his path of construction.

His selections on the many Commissions - are folks who are lackeys - who rubber stamp - and do not represent the constituents of San Francisco who pay - taxes.

He has practically no one in his administration who can take a lead and think outside the box - in an extraordinary manner.

Hardly anyone who has served our Nation in the military - in the Services of our Nation on a higher level.

Contributing their talents - there are many found here in San Francisco - who can contribute - but the crooks do not have anyone who - speaks to the TRUTH.

The Mayor and his lackeys continue to anoint those  mainly - "buffoons" who rubber stamp - who are told what to do.

The protests will be coming to San Francisco - and those who continue to harm the constituents of San Francisco - will have to deal with reality.

All I will say - the picture will not be pretty.

I endorse protests that are peaceful and have proved many many times - in the last 20 years - to have open communications - and held protests many times - without one single - adverse incident.

We cannot do that anymore - the elements that want to destroy, deface, harm - have now become bold enough to do that in San Francisco.

Decent San Franciscans believe in protesting - without adversely impacting human beings, property - having respect and hold their respect - so far we have done well.

We did this again and again - only to be let down by this City and County of San Francisco - failing to respect what is decent - politicians behaving badly - and these vermin continue to do so today.

April 14, 2015 was the last time we put the SF Board of Supervisors on notice - without incident. London Breed fled the Chamber - Room 250 at SF City Hall.

The other SF Supervisors put their heads down in shame.

We know who is on our side - and who will continue their sordid ways - lying, cheating, making deals behind close doors, filling their "campaign coffers" - illegally.

Many of them make their nest at City Hall - corrupt to the core.

Have failed to represent their Districts - London Breed, Malia Cohen, Mark Farrell, Scott Wiener, and Katy Tang - the worse of the worst.

Time will tell - those that play with fire - will experience it - first hand. You asked for it - and you will get it.