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Sunday, May 31, 2015


Politicians - at least those we know today in our digital age - keep promising - to do this and that - print out sleek "slates" that spell out their "sordid platforms" - but all they do is look at you in the eye and lie.

Here is San Francisco - the likes of Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, and Nancy Pelosi - other politicians - too many to mention -  have tried their best - all these years to lie as best they can.

All the while steadily increasing their wealth - creating a nest for themselves - while, failing the constituents they represent - and the Nation as a whole - is failing to leave a legacy  - when it comes to stellar, astute, and decent politicians the few that have come our way. President Carter comes to mind.

It is the same here in San Francisco - with Mayor Edwin M. Lee who keeps spewing diatribe at the many press conferences, gathering his minions - who lack principles, lack morals, lack ethics, lack standards.

 Wasting their time at the many - press conferences - sordid ribbon cuttings - and bringing disgrace to themselves. They each have a job to perform - and they all have failed - miserably. We  pay the salaries of these minions - who as soon as Mayor Edwin M. Lee is removed from office - we agree with what I am writing. Right now, they are all pandering - stupid and lack the spine to speak to the the truth - and act with actions that count.

In the past the politicians have not had the means to meet the constituents who are much savvy - in this digital world - that was instrumental to put Barack Hussein Obama in place - for example.

 Bring about the swearing of the first Black President of the United States of America.

Barack Hussein Obama failed to ceases the opportunity - and has let down minorities - talking a lot about fair play - while looking the other way.

All over the Nation the sordid actions - pointing to rampant and blatant corruption in New York, San Francisco, Baltimore, and so on - have put our Nation on the world map - and for his Administration's vain and empty,  talk - all President Barack Hussein Obama has done - is open a can of worms. 

Today's youth and young adults - are not hypocrites - and again and again - the youth and young adults have strayed away from what the previous generations have held dear be it - on religion, fake sense of prosperity - honesty - what really matters most linked to Quality of Life issues.

The only thing going for the United States is our vast land - that can hold more - and a population of 320 million right now - that is controllable. We still have the drinking water, the clean air, the food sources - other key elements to bring about process.

Our Nation is losing its middle class - it is eroding before our eyes - the rich are growing richer for all the wrong reasons. 

The poor living - pay check to pay check - cannot make ends meet - and when one is on the verge of starvation, cannot afford a roof over one's head, cannot even afford the bare necessities  even though - we say we are a Super Power - this fake impression, the swagger that has no sway - and is nothing but hot air.

San Francisco - one of the richest cities in the world - is now a show case City - where the rich thrive and the poor are found on the streets of San Francisco.

Many - facing inclement weather, poor, living in filth, hungry, with no roof over their heads - while Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his Administration - is daily - hoodwinking the constituents of San Francisco - more the dwindling poor class - that pays - very high taxes.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee - who is short sighted has no plan - bragging about the many projects - building an excess of Market Price homes and condominiums in the price range - from $1.5 million to $10 million - if you care to own such units - which lies in the domain of the filthy - rich.

While the poor cannot afford the one bed room unit - going for $3500 a month. We have two and three families living in a one bed room house - compromising - our cities Quality of Life issues - our San Francisco Planning talks the talk but has failed, miserably to walk the walk.

When it comes to Market Price housing - we have an access of it - over 300% now - and growing. Mayor Edwin M. Lee has not asked himself - where is the clean drinking water going to come from? Who will have to deal with the waste water or raw sewage - in our dual system of collection in our sewer system - run off and sewage generated by a night time population of 820,000 and a day time population of over 1.5 million - more when we have conventions and a major game or two - and where will - all the raw sewage go - know as secondary effluents a fancy, name.

The Southeast Waste Water Plant takes - 80% of the City and County of San Francisco waste water - but also the waste water from Daly City, Brisbane, and South San Francisco - and no one talks about this fact - why - because this is what the City Department Heads thrive on - incompetence and lack of being educated on issues.

This includes our City Administrator - who can smile all she wants - but is a lackey of the Mayor. 

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has this canny ability  - to tell stories that do not add up - look you in the "eye" and lie.

In the Mission there is a revolution going on - and the Mayor has no clue that the people are very angry. 

This happened recently at the San Francisco County Democratic Committee meeting recently - where the Democrats paid lip service and failed to comprehend that something - drastic - has to be done - to curtail the great exodus of families who have lived in the Mission - for decades.

Today's Democratic Party in San Francisco has failed the people - the people that matter - the working class people - these "vermin" - mostly transplants - have failed San Francisco and San Franciscans - the likes of Scott Wiener - they must be booted out.

San Francisco use to lead the Nation - not anymore - we are the laughing stock - the homeless on our streets says it all.

The congestion on our streets is getting from bad to worse.

Daily our infrastructure that matters - is breaking down - there is talk about revamping our infrastructure - just talk but no walk.

In the interim Mayor Edwin M. Lee keeps spinning yarns and spewing hot air.