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Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Some of us - a little bit older - who have been around the block - many times just happen to understand - the good, the bad,and the ugly.

There is so much we have seen - nonsense - going on at San Francisco City Hall - adverse actions initiated with intent -  to shun the constituents of San Francisco. Bite the hands that feed these sordid players - for the worse.

More, the tax payers who pay so much and receive so little.

By large measure - many San Franciscans are far better educated - and understand the politics of sorts - right now - they have reached saturation point. More, on issues that really matter - Quality of Life issues - compromised - every single hour - of every single day.

So, the advisers Christine Falvey, Steve Kawa, Tony Winniker, others in the inner circle - who have witnessed the grand slides - the sweeps of a kind - and the downfall of some of those who thought no one could touch them - fall - must now step up and do right. 

Of course we are not going to touch the other so called "political pundits" - be it this guy Enrique Pearce or whatever, Ron Conway, Willie L. Brown Jr., Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein, the SF County Democratic Committee - others who purport to know - but do not.

We see and witness the blind leading the blind - their downfall is eminent.

San Franciscans are NOT easy to please - we love a robust dialogue but one with solutions. So, unlike just hot air - we love action - and proven models that have worked.

This is just a way to weed off the chaff - we see a lot of it today at City Hall.

Some of us advocates are witnessing a "movement' for drastic change - the problem with this - is one can destroy - a lot of what is good - when those taking charge - may be blind sighted. We must NOT go too far left field - if we do so - we could jeopardize our future. Too much is at stake. 

On transportation, education, health, safety, congestion, the increase in our Carbon Footprint.

Our Parks lack more and better facilities, our Seniors left to themselves with little or no help.

Our clinics and hospitals lacking quality care - we who have been around are witnessing an erosion - of a standard once maintained without deferred maintenance - now going to the hogs.

Again and again we see Mayor Edwin M. Lee appearing at Press Conferences - ribbon cuttings with his minions - and spewing diatribe. City officials must be working - we pay their salaries - making in access of $250,000 with benefits.

We want them wanting, serving,delivering - not pandering and wasting their precious time - witnessing hot air - the Mayor Edwin M. Lee talking from sides of his mouth.

How long can we who know better and more matter - tolerate the on going ploys, machinations, and shenanigans?

The November elections will be "nasty". We all know that - but we must ask ourselves do we really need these types of sordid ploys and machinations - to adversely impact those that vote - the better, more decent voters - who vote - but we know are getting fewer and fewer - because they are disgusted with corrupt politicians.

The likes of Scott Wiener, London Breed, Malia Cohen, Katy Tang, and Mark Farrell.

I hope we do not deal with consultants like this Enrique Pearce guy - ever again a pedophile - who played hell with David Campos favoring the weasel David Chu.

David Chu - who is making his nest in Sacramento and causing more damage - on many levels.

Having planted evil seeds - with the AirB&B legislation - favoring the targeting of over 30% rental units - that could have been used to house those that most need - quality housing.

We now hear that the Enrique guy - had a lot to do with Jane Kim, Norman Yee and of course our favorite Mayor of all time - Edwin M. Lee. I have know Edwin M. Lee for over 35 years - plus.

God help San Francisco and more the constituents that need help - but get little - their aspirations thrown to the wind - leaving a bitter taste in their mouth.

The housing crises can be fixed but NOT with the models that favor Mercy Housing and the John Stewart Company - raking in millions - pitting one segment of the population against the other.

Our infrastructure needs fixing, our communication infrastructure must meet the challenges of the day.

Both are lagging with a model from the 1920s that has failed to address situations with - "real time" software tracking failure, leaks, and eminent damage and break-down - tracking devices now available but not used.

We are Smithsonian and not moving with the contemporary times - we talk the talk but we fail to walk the walk.

 Again, we talk the talk but fail to walk to walk.

The "lower bid" model with umpteen change orders - in most of our contracts - those who get the scoop - rake in the millions.

The lowest bid concept - has failed us - and we as a progressive City must come out with a more robust, design built model, with time tested, contemporary, proven accountability and transparency.

None of our software linked to our tracking system - with contracting - offers a sound viable and sustainable solution and result.

Our much touted  "Elation" system is a JOKE.

Contractors have to wait of over 120 days and some for over 180 days to be paid. Companies like Obiyashi, Webcor, others on purpose starve Local Business Enterprise (LBEs) - and we have to witness them die on the vine.

The Contracting Monitoring Division has no Commission - no policy making body - so it is - "free for all".

The City Administrator, the Mayor and some developer can sit down and cut a deal. Reduce entitlements for some and keep other sweating on the "back burner" for years.

It is not uncommon to waiting for entitlements for 24 months - 18 months a norm - and in some extreme cases 36 months - or 3 years.

The congestion on our roads has reached a all time high - is frustrating and very stressful - now taking 30 minutes to cross three blocks in our City.

The City's skyline is changing - and we see in parts that model Manhattan - that is embraced in New York. 

We will never be New York that has given the world a bad name - we are San Francisco by the Bay - we treasure of neighborhood - the unique character - and these vast projects are compromising.

More the invasion of "Techies" like locust - preying on anything they can lay their eyes on - suing money as a ploy and having no decency, less morals, and even less ethics.

San Francisco the City of Hills and the Fog - a City so diverse people - tourists envy us - and a climate second to none in the world.

We are a City of compassion and named after Saint Francis of Assisi.

Those responsible for the chronic congestion - on our major streets in San Francisco - should have thought better - this economy will tank in three years - if not two - for sure in 2018.

John Rahaim from the SF City Planning has failed us - and the sooner we deal with this Department the better.

The last three Housing Elements have failed us. The Association of Bay Area Governments has - laid out some direction - but SF Planning thinks they know better - abusing the system and bring about - utter confusion.

The City College crises is real, the housing crisis linked to low income and no income is real - the health issues facing those that are stressed are real. Domestic violence is on the increase - with SWAT teams called to defuse the situation.Petty crimes has increased and all we are doing is throwing arrows in the air.

No one is paying attention to Quality of Life issues. The list is long - and the attention paid to real issues - practically non existent - with a nonchalant - attitude.

All we hear resounding at City Hall are lies, lies, and more lies. Leading the pack Scott Wiener, Malia Cohen, London Breed, Katy Tang and Mark Farrell.

God save our great City of San Francisco - and those who could do better - but, have chosen with intent - to take us down this very - "sordid road".