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Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Our San Francisco Board of Supervisors have now decided to take sides - not to help the people - when it comes to sound housing for low and no income for sure.

More, to stakeout a position to help those who contribute - to their "campaign coffers" - Mark Farrell, Scott Wiener, London Breed, Malia Cohen, Katy Tang - and in bed with developers - who seek to rake in millions - and destroy the character of our neighborhoods.

On May 12, 2015 at the SF Board of Supervisors - as is becoming evident - both Scott Wiener and Mark Farrell - decided to initiate an action - requesting for further investigation - on the proposed legislation - to STOP all "market price units" - in the Mission.

We should not burden Ted Egan our Economist - with tasks that are not needed - and more waste tax payers - money. Both Mark and Wiener are for the developers, big money - and as such pretend to represent the constituents. But now we see their true - colors.

Mark Farrell (who cheated in the Election that got him his seat - depriving Janet Reilly) - from representing the District Mark Farrell now represents.

Mark gets his salary as a SF Board of Supervisor - plus earns more from a Financial Institution - and it is all legal - so some say. A clear indication that he is not sincere - when it comes to full transparency and accountability.

What about the - character attacks - on Janet Reilly?

A person - who has dedicated - so much to the community - and her husband too - who has helped so many - San Franciscans.

Now, Mark Farrell has decided to join hands with Scott Wiener - to reveal their true colors - fight against having "affordable housing".

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee of course - loves the idea - gives him some wiggle room - to figure out how to spread - some more lies.

Right now it is 30,000 units in five years - so called affordable housing - that the Mayor cannot pull out - this sordid trick - from his "magic hat" of sorts.

Any way - you break it out - we need at least $1 Billion to address affordable housing. More for low income and no income.

The pathetic $250,000 Bond measure will not work - and even John Avalos's $500,000 - is far short of the - baseline $1 Billion needed - to address the issue of affordable housing - for the working class, the low and no income constituents who are dying a slow death.

These lies - and vague promises linked to so called building affordable housing - are becoming so stressful, so traumatic, so disgusting - that poor people are getting paranoid.

A one bed room now is running for $3500 and soon it may be $4000. The Mayor Edwim M. Lee talks about this issue - but cannot do anything, about it.

Joined by Malia Cohen and London Breed - two Black women - the SF Board of Supervisors - who should know better - have failed.

Today the SF Board of Supervisors are far away - from helping and aiding the COMMONS - and focused on making deals with developers.

It is just a matter of time - before these sordid so called Representatives from District 5 and District 10 - will be exposed for all their ploys, machinations, and shenanigans.

These Representatives mentioned above - corrupt and full of malice.

Have their own hidden agenda - one for sure - they do not represent the constituents - that they lie to - and today think nothing of their fake slate - fake promises - fake everything - made during election - time.

Malia Cohen can deny she did not stay with her parents in District 9 - after winning the elections in District 10.

All her life Malia Cohen - has lived a life of lies and deciet - and her mission is to make money - while is office - not to represent - or help those that most need help.

Katy Tang shredded the documents and then denied - that she had to retain her office files and documentation.

Now, she is trying to pass legislation on massage parlors and other massage services and other trivial things.

Here District 4 has thousands of prostitutes - advertising in the Chinese newspapers - for all kinds of sordid - services.

What is Katy Tang - doing about - the "full service" offered by mostly Chinese women - all over her District? Let us keep it real.

Scott Wiener still thinks he is in the Bronx. No one in her or his right mind - will vote for him for a higher office - be it the Mayor of San Francisco or some Legislator in Sacramento - that he aspires.

Every SF Board of Supervisors meeting - is a JOKE these days.

The idiots - running their mouth for 20 and 30 minutes - on issues - that are NOT - relevant. 

There is more to come ..................