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Saturday, May 2, 2015


The Ohlone when most things were pristine

Mission Dolores in San Francisco

The Ohlone and forced conversions
Crying for justice to this very day
robbing them of their language
their tribal feelings and destroying
their culture - thousands of years old
what a "freaking" shame 

There is this silence among the corrupt, the developers, the politicians - when you tell them to their face - they stole this land, all that is San Francisco.

Raped the Native American women, harmed the children - when you speak so - they look at you - the speaker - as if you have lost your mind.

When it fact - these rapers, thieves, folks with no conscience - greedy to the core - have BLOOD on their hands - for generations to come.

None of them stand tall and all of them have failed when it comes to morals, ethics, standards - pathetic.

It does not shock most of the strangers - even to this day - to comprehend - that until 1924 - one could kill a Native American person - a human being - no questions asked.

Basically, the Whites - strangers to this land - could do so and fetch as a reward - a measly $5 for a scalp in all of California.

Edicts sent out by the Governors of California - to kill the Native Americans - who could not defend themselves - in their own land.

Kill them all so that the land could be stolen. Who then should right the wrong? Who then should speak to the TRUTH. The rapists, the murders, the thieves - those that have no morals, no ethics, no standards - or those that were here for thousands of years - before?

Here in California over sixty percent of the California Native Americans tribes are not Federally Recognized.

In other words - for all the talk in Sacramento and in the present White House - we, have forgotten our humanity - lost our compassion - have lost our morals, ethics, and any standards - that define who truly is this being - call homo sapiens.

In the understand the situation at hand - forgotten to acknowledge the greatest "genocide" committed on this land - once known as - "Turtle Land".

Now, know as the United State of America.

How can we all with a conscience - look at our Native Americans in California - with such disdain - and deprive them of all the rights laid down in our Constitution and the Human Rights laid down by the United Nations.

All over the world - the more decent Nations cannot fathom - why in America the land of milk and honey - we despise our Native American tribes - and hold them hostage in Reservations.

That today - even as Canada and Australia has apologized to its truly native populations - the First Nations and the Aboriginals of Australia. Here is the United States not a whimper - who are we afraid of - if not ourselves and the demons that we carry - BLOOD on our hands.

Here in the United States - the Native Americans are deprived of decency - transportation, sound housing, clinics and hospitals, good schools, in short Quality of Life issues.

On so called Reservations - land that is far away from the land taken away from the tribes - and even now on the Reservations - greedy corporations - and looking for gas, oil, minerals - greedy to the core.

In San Francisco the Muwekma Ohlone have Patrimonial Jurisdiction over all of San Francisco.

Also on some neighboring lands - and have laid claim to these lands - as part of their Right of First Refusal.

The White men as dumb as he is - first put the Muwekma Ohlone on the Federal Register and then illegally removed the Muwekma Ohlone tribe from the Federal Register.

 All this because an agent working for the then Bureau of Indian Affairs in 1927 - decided that all the Ohlone in this area - the Bay Area - were no more.

Today the matter is in the Courts - the Muwekma Ohlone had to gather up all the documents, DNA tests, other pertinent documents like Birth Certificates - to prove that the tribe existed - and more so - continuously had records to prove so.

Imagine the millions of dollars one has to spend to cater to the evil ways of the Whites - in our Courts - that purport to carry out justice - when it is more - "injustice".

The Department of Interior has been playing with fire - for the matter of Federal Registration - lies with their - jurisdiction.

The very dubious and sordid way the Department of Interior has conducted itself all these years - is some testimony - how we conduct ourselves Internationally - in Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Iran, Syria - at one time we were friends - with all these Nations.

San Francisco could have taken a stand - but it will not - for if it did - it would lose jurisdiction and if this happened - all that we see today - would come under some treaty, understanding, memoranda of understanding - with the Muwekma Ohlone - all hell would break loose.

This is not a problem for the Muwekma Ohlone who have the immigrant population, people of color who the Muwekma Ohlone have embraced - and most importantly - time, time is on the side of the Muwekma Ohlone - and the Native Americans of Turtle Island.

Not so the developers, the politicians, and for sure not the racists Whites - and for sure the Zionists - who talk from both sides of their mouth - bastards who will sell their mothers for a nickel. They all are experiencing their "karma" and will perish - even as they continue to play with fire.

Every Zionists is a Jew - but not every Jew is a Zionist.

I have many good friends who are Jews - and have known them for over 45 years.

I know of Zionists - and in trying to understand them - have NOT found one single Zionists - worth the salt. Liars, cheaters, war mongers.

Just to clear the record - people of color - from the Middle East and many parts of North Africa - are Semitic.

So, it is a paradox - when the Zionists - mixed with Eastern European blood - deem themselves to be pure Jews.

Look down on others - look down upon others - people who have every right to be humans and be respected as human beings.

I am infusing this element in this discussion - to bring to the fore - how we spend Billions on Israel that is not part of the United States.

Fail to spend sufficient money - on our Seniors, our infants, our youth, our young adults - and most important our Indigenous people - the Native American of the United States of America.

Permit the Zionists to control our economy and have lobbyists who influence Congress and the Senate. These vermin try to do as they please - but, their time has come.

Our Constitution was heavily influenced by the Six Nations - the Iroquois and others - who practiced Democracy for thousands of years - our Founding Fathers - incorporated these values - as part of our Constitution.

In the early days - many tribes visited the White House - many early Presidents that good relations with some Native American tribes.

Then came the "greedy" and when greed in infused in any equation - all that is good - turns evil - and when evil reigns - all hell breaks lose.

This history is not taught in our Elementary schools, in our Secondary schools, in our Colleges and Universities - as it ought to.

Revealing in detail the many killings, scalping of the innocent, raping, stealing of the land - and so one and so forth. 

Placing stakes here, there, and everywhere - and then taking illegal control of the land. Hence the word - stakeholders - more "thief holders".

Today, we are at the cross roads when those of a more recent generation - younger and more decent, being fair and favoring justice - would like America as a Nation - to bring all the tribes in - and give them Federal Recognition.

Sufficient time has been given, much water has flowed - so much so that rivers and lakes that once were full of water -  healthy, clean and vibrant - alive and gushing are now dry - with no life.

Our Presidents including President Barack Hussein Obama - has failed when it comes to Federal Recognition.

More with our beloved Native American tribes here in California - the rest of the Nation - these the United States of America.

It was these tribes - the Native American tribes that preserved for thousand of years - all that we see contaminated, polluted, and dying - today.

Clean pristine land with busting life - now converted to concrete jungles. 

Once these lands were pristine - but now no more. How much time must pass - before - we stand up - all of us - and speak the TRUTH.


The least we cannot do is speak the TRUTH
on our journey here 
in this land - all Ohlone land
they invited us - but we have
bit the hand that fed us, all
when will we learn to change our ways?
when will be learn more about Turtle land?

Muwekma playing games Mission Dolores

Three Muwekma Ohlone - early painting.