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Saturday, May 23, 2015


Recently, I appeared before the San Francisco Planning Department - the entire process was boring.

More, with the spewing of blatant non-facts, lack of empirical data - sugar coating, half truths - and failing to represent - what is right.

The SF Planning Commission was created to create policies and enforce policies - with proven standards - based on empirical data.

Tested models, always representing the best values and standards - linked to Quality of Life issues - to better the lives of decent San Franciscans - more the natives - who have contributed so much to the uniqueness of San Francisco.

Our neighborhoods and their unique character - now, gone to the dogs - more the filthy, hogs - because of poor planning. Tons of talk but NO walk.

Thousands of families - who lived in San Francisco all these years - gone, gone, gone, gone, gone far away. What a loss of talents - hard work - blood, sweat and more.

Today, the SF Planning Commission thinks nothing that it failed to produce 3 Housing Elements - brought forth every 5 years.

The Housing Elements that sets the tone for the next 5 years.

That gives the SF Planning Department and the SF Planning Commission some standard guidance.

The two above entities - have failed for the last 15 years - each product linked to the Housing Element - going before our Courts - exposing the cracks and the grey areas - proving, that the SF Planning lives in - a "cesspool" of its own - creation.

The SF Planning Commission has yet to enforce the many illegal permits - that the Academy of Art Institute - bought hundreds of units - all rental units - all under "rent control".

Went ahead - used fake permits - many times - no permits - to alter 'rental units" and build dormitories - to accommodate foreign students. Illegal activities - while those in charge of enforcement - were fast asleep.

The SF Department of Building Inspection. The SF City Attorney, the SF City Administrator, the SF Planning Department, the SF Mayor of San Francisco - busy cutting ribbons and spewing diatribe at the many Press Conference - recently,at one shedding - "crocodile tears".

Oh yes - we believe you and your fake ass attitude!

Thousands of "rental units" coming under "rental control" evaporated before our eyes - with no enforcement coming forth - from the SF Planning Department, the SF Planning Commission, the Department of Building Inspection, the SF City Administrator, the SF Controller, the SF City Attorney, the SF District Attorney, others that could have done better - but chose to take the easy route of blatant corruption, deceit, and failing to represent the decent, hard working constituents of San Francisco.

We now have a population of about 820,000 in San Francisco.

Less housing for the middle class, even less for the poor and the indigent. An abundance of housing for the filthy rich - more, those invading our Nation - from China, and other such nations that do not share our values and our Constitution.

This on going adjudication - linked to the Academy of Art Institute - has reached saturation point.

We the people united - want to know - if there is a way to restore these "rental units" in keeping with San Francisco's unique - "rent control".

To date the SF Planning Department cannot produce a list of all the rental units - and more "affordable housing" linked to "low and no income". They talk the talk but have failed to walk the walk.

At this late date some task force - to tally the so called "affordable housing" that we have in San Francisco.

This Task Force has been created - at the eleventh hour - more to pacify the "housing advocates" - time is running out - and the end result - will not be very, pretty.

The SF Planning Commission is a JOKE. Again and again the statements made by one Conservative Commissioner - borders on blatant insults.

He lives in the past - a past - where discrimination and blatant racism - was prevalent - red necks and the KKK - having a "field day" they did as they pleased. This is San Francisco - we will NOT tolerate such - in your face - insults of education, housing, ownership of units and so far.

It is shocking that the other Commissioners tolerate this nonsense.

The racist Commissioner is quick to initiate a motion - and for the other Commissioners to second his tainted - motions.

More, who have failed to represent, the hard working tax payers and decent constituents - of San Francisco.

Right now the people are fed up - the SF Planning Commission - more when Larry Badner was the Zoning Czar - and messed the SF Planning Department.

John Rahaim who took over has a difficult task ahead of him.

John Rahaim too - has failed to comprehend the "mess" with the SF Planning Department.

The history of San Francisco - that is and was - the present SF Planning Department and by osmosis - the SF Planning Commission - swims in this "cesspool" of their own making.

Some drastic changes need to take place.

The off site affordable housing ordinance and a corrupt way of addressing this element - by paying into a " pot of money " - is a matter - that needs - deep, investigation.

The "pot of money" is just that - a pot of money.

This so called "pot of money" can be used for " so called affordable housing " - is a ploy - that cries to heaven for justice. Blatant favoring vested interests - while decent, hard working San Franciscans - are treated with disdain.

Every machination, ploy, and sordid avenue has been afforded the major developers - to throw insult after insult - at the middle class of San Francisco - and more the poor and the indigent.

Why do we need so much Market Rate housing?

Over 300 percent of Market Rate housing - than the present need of Market Rate housing - already, in abundance.

The Economy of this Nation will tank within 3 years - then what?

All sorts of excuses will be made - but these Market Rate housing - will be like - "White Elephants".

We saw this in the 1980's with the Japanese - over doing it - and taking a huge fall.Kaput!

We saw this in 2008 when the Zionist involved with our Banking System - tanked our economy.

We are still trying to recover - from the many loses - " we the people suffered " more from the situation - in 2008. 

Our own hard earned savings - gone, gone.

Many Seniors losing as much as 80% of their earnings - from the follies of 2008.

Today, Seniors and others - stressed out and suffering - losing their saving to crooks that our United States Government decided to bail out.

Why did not our Federal Government allow us - presenting evidence - to write off our losses.

Of course - there is no recourse for the poor and those that do not have the money and the clout - to use undue influence.

Our Nation economy - was adverse impacted - and we know for sure - for did it to this Nation - the United States of America.

We are a Nation of laws - these the United States of America. So, it is stated in our Constitution - and in many of our laws - that must uphold the law. But is that real a fact?

Today, in San Francisco - the SF Planning Department and the SF Planning Commission has NOT represent the "TRUTH" - lies and more blatant lies - have been the order of the day.

The Mayor Edwin M. Lee is playing with fire - his many press conferences and ribbon cutting - shallow - spewing diatribe and he is digging his own - grave.

 Mayor Edwin M. Lee - will not leave a legacy - he will be known - for pandering - making his bed with the crooks. Shedding "crocodile tears" as he did recently - pathetic.

Even on the important issue of education and more City College - the Mayor has failed San Francisco and more City College students.

He is in bed with vested interests - more interested in building housing - more market rate housing - on all that we know today as City College.

Our SF City Planning has never taken a bird's eye view of Quality of Life issues - they cannot. Simply, because they are not educated on issues. They cannot discern - lacking standards, morals, and ethics.

The SF Planning Department have a open record  having exposed "moral turpitude".

Their past Zoning Czar - Larry Badner was fired for this - distributing pornographic material - while at work.

Larry took down others - and the former SF Planning Department was exposed for what it was worth then and now. Larry Badner left a stench - that is embedded in the present SF Planning Department and the SF Planning Commission.