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Sunday, May 10, 2015


We have things going for us but 
Not when it comes to those that need
help most.

In recent times we have our local, state, and national politicians looked upon with disdain.

The majority of the constituents Nation wide - here in San Francisco - the tax payers - do not approve the performance of our - so called, shady, inept, shallow - politicians.

It makes it even more difficult - when some one like Hillary Clinton - who should fade away with her sordid husband - Bill Clinton - now are hooding wink the constituents - into - making large amounts of contributions - to her evil campaign, coffers - and run for President of the United States of America - it will NOT - happen.

Better a candidate like Rand Paul then Hillary Clinton.

The independents must come out in droves - and vote for any candidate - that embraces the youth, the young adults - and fights for those that need help - most.

So far we do not have a viable,decent, moral, ethical candidate belonging to the failing Democratic Party - they talk the talk but fail to walk the walk.

Right here the antiquated San Francisco County Democratic Committee (SFCDC) - is a JOKE.

Creating platforms and producing information that does not speak to the - Truth. Trying to prod good people - for whom to vote. Gone are the days - where the people united and educated will follow the drab lists of crooks, immoral people, and folks that are despicable.

The San Francisco County Democratic Committee - favoring the Democratic Machine.

The MACINE has failed to represent - and has taken - many of our treasured values - down the drain - and into the cesspool of the MACHINE'S - own creation.

Diane Feinstein, Willie L. Brown Jr., John Burton, Nancy Pelosi, the many SF Board of Supervisors and other like Kamala Harris - and those now in Sacramento - all belong to the MACHINE.

Does anyone think that Nancy Pelosi, Diane Feinstein - these two hags in particular - get any respect. They do not.

A long time they should have bowed out - and faded into oblivion.

Today, they may be forced out - but NOT without leaving untold damage.

No one will remember them - they will NOT - leave a legacy - but such are the woes of politics and contemporary - political, happenings.

It is the same Mayor Edwin M. Lee, and corrupt novice Democrats like Malia Cohen, London Breed, Scott Wiener - who have been bought - lock, stock and barrel.

Their voting pattern is pathetic - they open their mouth and spew - diatribe.

On April 14, 2015 we shut down City Hall - in every sense of the word.

We did it - without any incident - and we sent a message - to the crooks and corrupt - who make their abode - at San Francisco's City Hall - that their days are numbered.

London Breed the coward fled the chambers to call the Mayor Edwin M. Lee who should have been in San Francisco - but, was pussyfooting in Sacramento. Mayor Edwin M. Lee - had to pick his chops - and fears what is in store for him. He has asked for it.

The Sheriff who goes by the name of Ross Mirkarimi - who has jurisdiction - and his Sheriffs did a good job.

The Sheriff Department watched the protest and the protesters - and the protesters did not cross the line.

The few monitors had the respect of the protesters - and were introduced to a bare minimum protocol - listen well and did what they are to do - without - any incident.

This is how it should be - it is not that  we the educated  constituents should pander to Law Enforcement.

We must assure our sisters and brothers - that we are NOT in the business - of doing business at 850 Bryant Street - bailing the protesters out - but voicing our opinion - and projecting our democratic rights - as best we can - in this case City Hall.

Today, our youth and young adults are fed up of the current politicians - who lie, steal, pander, and do what it takes to keep themselves in power.

The newer ones like Scott Wiener, London Breed, Mark Farrell, Malia Cohen, Katy Tang - want to move up to represent.

When today - at this time and date - their actions speak a lot - and they are a disgrace to the human race - to put it mildly.

Our youth and young adults are penalized - more when they seek educational opportunities in San Francisco - more at San Francisco City College.

Our politicians take bribes - which is mostly reported by "BLOGS" that keep it real.

The once who make their abode at City Hall - their names are spelled above - are the scum of the Earth.

The recent take over of City Hall - was followed from the first recent take over - on April 14, 2015 - where the foundation was laid - for all to see.

A perfect storm was created - and the actions of the protesters - sent a clarion call to those in charge - change your sordid ways - or face the wrath of the people united - who will never, ever be defeated.

We pay Law Enforcement - they work for us - and within our Constitution Rights - we as Americans - have every right to protest - and protest - right.

We pay the salaries of the SF Supervisors - who are doing a poor job - waiting for something bad to happen - to wake up and do something.

Our youth and young adults must have an opportunity - at the right time - to do the right things - for our Nation.

Few know that during the famous Civil War millions died - a very large number - when the population was not as great as it is today. Today, our population is 820 million.

According to many records - half the population at that time - died fighting for their freedom.

These souls did not die in vain - and we should remember well - what is freedom and what is licence.

Abuse of FREEDOM is LICENCE  and this is what is happening at City Hall - in Room 200 and among the SF Board of Supervisors - the likes I have mentioned - above.

Our Founding Fathers. other politicians at that time - in due course fought the good fight.

Of course there was some corruption. That is but human - but not the corruption we see today at City Hall.

In those days you did not have politicians who were nonchalant, like a reed - blowing any which way in the wind.

Useless and looked upon with disdain by the constituents - who expect these novice politicians to represent. Their name are spelled above.

Our City of San Francisco was known as a City that knew how. No more.

The recent protests - that well will increase - other disturbances - that will not be announced - will occur because Mayor Edwin M. Lee has failed - on many important issues.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee failed to address the killing of the 4 Black youth - yet, has the audacity to talk about Black Killings - all over the Nation. Who does he think - he is talking to?

Mayor Edwin M.Lee has failed - when it come to congestion of our streets.

He has played a role in increasing the Carbon Footprint - the many projects pouring tons of concrete - polluting the air, and increasing dangerous particulates.

Increasing, the Carbon Footprint - adversely impacting - Quality of Life - issues.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee is now - in bed with the worse crooks - trying to hoodwink the students of City College - working hard behind the scenes - to privatize our community colleges - influenced by crooks from Texas, Walmart, the Koch Brother and so on and so forth.

Much like he has agreed to tolerate the Teachers For America model - and other Charter schools - compromising the educational prospects of our youth and young adults.

More, adversely impacting those that are poor and go to our Public Education institutions - their only hope - with limited funds - being mostly poor.

On housing Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his side kicks Olson Lee and Brian Cheu and working hard - to favor developers - and market rate housing.

Failed to provide good housing to those that have lived here for over 30 years and more - and now cannot put down a decent down payment - and own a house - less a two or three unit apartments. 

Mayor Edwin M. Lee has perfected his skills of lying through his teeth, looking at you in the eye and lying.

Deceiving and making fake promises.

There is no way he can build - good affordable housing - more low and no income units - the people that need help - and the Mayor is making - false promises - in the Mission, the Bayview, the Western Addition, the Exelsior, South of Market area - here there - every where.

The Mayor - Edwin M. Lee wants to build thousands of units over 10 years - and he will be there for a few years more - leaving some other Mayor to hold the empty bag.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee wants to build poor housing on land prone to liquefaction and flooding. Who does he think - he is fooling?

He wants to do this on contaminated ground - at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick Park. These areas have high level radioactive elements - high readings.

Depleted Uranium was test here - and this man has no clue of what is is talking about. His employees Stephanie Cushing and Amy Brownell, Barbara Gracia, those in the know - tell him what he wants to hear. Some one has BLOOD on their - hands.

All of the area - Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick area - has been declared a Superfund Site.

The worst contaminated sites are put on the Superfund List.

Who does Mayor M. Lee and his minions - think - they are fooling? Time to throw the book - and bring them under the RICO Act.

All the while people are dying a slow death. Those that resided and will reside at Alice Griffith also better know as Double Rock.

Our youth must NOT be left with nothing much - housing that is of poor quality for the poor youth and their families.

Education that is wanting, a contaminated environment that embrace respiratory diseases, heart diseases, other chronic diseases that ruin one's health and brings about - early death.

We must stand for our infants, our children, our youth, our young adults, our seniors, those with compromised health, those that cannot defend - themselves.

These democrats that we have are not worth the salt.

They have ruined our City and  County of San Francisco - and the time has come - to throw these vermin - out.