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Saturday, May 30, 2015


San Franciscans are astute - and the people have spoken - twice in recent weeks - the people UNITED - shut down City Hall - and while that was done - Mayor Edwin M. Lee - was no where - to be found.

On all the essential fronts be it the homeless - increasing in numbers. Found more and more populating our streets. Creating a safety issue for our tourists and decent constituents of San Francisco. Giving a bad name to our once great City - named after Saint Francis Assisi.

There is NO housing for those that most need - decent and sound housing - there is nothing to be found.

All sort of accommodation made for Airbnb, other sordid corporations like Salesforce, Twitter, Google, Webcore, Obiyashi, Nibbi, the John Stewart Company, Mercy Housing - and so on and so forth.

In the last five years over 30,000 families - all San Franciscans - who have contributed so much - have left San Francisco - gone, gone, gone forever.

The congestion on our roads is unbelievable.

All it takes a game or some convention - to bring a little more traffic on the roads in the City - to create havoc.

Thousands of cars - back to back traffic - bring frustration to those that once loved our City of San Francisco. While all the time - dangerous particulates - fill the air with toxicity of the worst - kind.

When it come to Quality of Life issues - safety, education, health - on all these three fronts - Mayor Edwin M. Lee has failed.

He could have done better - but he chose - to take a short cuts - and stab the constituents of San Francisco in the back.

He should hold a forum to address the issues I have spelled out above - for the world to understand - what really he is busy doing - fluff and spewing diatribe. Looking you in the eye and lying - through his teeth.

We all remember well in the last elections - Ross Mirkarimi received more votes than Mayor Edwin M. Lee - we must remember this fact.

We also must understand that Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi has used innovative models and proven curricula - to improve the state of affairs in our jails - as the elected Sheriff who the Mayor wanted out - and we - the few stood by Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi.

Our City Attorney has come to the rescue of City College - and has done well by the public at large. Our City Attorney was elected by the people of San Francisco.

Our Public Defender has proven again and again - that as one of the few elected Public Defender's in the Nation - we can do better - it depends on leadership.

Good leaders show the way, know the way, and go the way.

Our Mayor follows others - much like a lap dog - and spews diatribe - full of "hot air" that makes no sense. Mayor Edwin M. Lee with intent has compromised - Quality of Life issues - and continues to make a FOOL of himself.

The many unnecessary projects - over 200% in excess of market price housing - many in the range of $2 million to 5 million.

These market range units in excess - that have increased the Carbon foot print - exacerbating - chronic respiratory and heart diseases.

This singular fact has not been addressed - and our SF Health Department - chooses to circumvent - this critical issue - and other issues linked to "hot spots" and contamination.

Our City and County of San Francisco does not have a Toxicologist on the City's payroll - and has compromised - Quality of Life issues - and brought shame on this failing - administration.

At Hunters Point we have had readings as high as 82,000 Asbestos Structures per cubic meter - and on other occasions higher readings - in the 30,000 range - and there has been NO - Notice of Violations - issued.

Amy Brownell who is on the pay roll of Lennar Urban - goes before some committees such as the Succor Agency to the former SF Redevelopment Agency - and lies. The Mayor knows about this - but looks the other way.

The Chinese from Mainland China have been hoodwinked to purchase EB-5 Visas - with the former Mayor, Willie L. Brown Jr - a "thug mayor" sell these visas for $500,000 a pop.

These Chinese mostly from Mainland China - buy the visas to get enter our Nation - then turn around and buy expensive homes in Santa Barbara, Marin County, Hillsbrough, Napa County - and the world knows about these ploys, machinations and shenanigans.

The deconstruction of Candlestick Stadium has been a nightmare. Lennar Urban the "rogue developer" has failed on many levels. Continues to be backed by Mayor Edwin M. Lee who continues to fill his campaign coffers - basking in the sun - and trying to run again as Mayor - more to adversely impacts - thousands in the future.

Wake up San Franciscans - time is running out.

Lennar defies - our laws and ordinances -using clean drinking water in a drought without permission.

Trying to circumvent the permitting process - and pushing for " implosion" of the stadium.
City Department heads ordered to look the other way. Even the Bay Area Air Quality Management is wondering - what has happened to our Mayor and those that help and abet the "rogue developer" - Lennar Urban.

In past years Lennar Urban was fined - $515,000 the largest fine - ever imposed - on any entity - for polluting Asbestos structures - and adversely impacting - thousands.

The Mayor has been briefed about this "rogue company" - Lennar Urban - Mayor Edwin M. Lee - much like Mr. Dipstick - Mayor Gavin Newsom - has been in bed with - Lennar Urban - receiving thousands to fill his campaign - coffers.

Thousands of our children go to bed hungry - two in four - in this very rich City and County of San Francisco.Shame on those that permit - this crime to happen - while wheeling and dealing with crooks - and the worst of the worst - criminals.

Time to coral the crooks and charge them with the RICO Act.

The drop out percentage of our children has increased to over 45%.

Truancy has increased - thousands of our youth and young adults - sleep on the streets, under bushes and bridges - facing, inclement weather. No one seems to care.

Mayor Edwin M. Lee and his minions who earn over $250,000 with benefits - chide those who speak the Truth. Grin, grimace, - look the way - are busy cutting ribbons - at events paid by our tax payers - wasting tax payers money - forcing us to see this nonsense on television - government television - Channels 26 and 78.

These minions be it the City Administrator, the SF Board of Supervisors, other City Department heads - they work for us - but they choose of their own violation - to waste time - listening to diatribe and hot air - more toxic hot air - failing to deliver.

When will this nonsense STOP?

When will these minions - most of them not educated on issues - do the the work of the people?

When will they be accountable - to the tax payers - who pay their very high - salaries?