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Sunday, September 7, 2014


We are living - in the year 2014 - and the world is in dire turmoil. 

Wars, drought, flooding, human slaughtering other human beings, raping, and murdering children and women.

Meanness of the highest order, diseases like Ebola, bullying smaller nations, cheating in the financial world - the so called powerful nations - who lack spirituality - spiritually, bankrupt.

Then you have the many poor nations - their citizens living day to day - lacking clean water, food, health services, transportation - you all get the picture.

Those of us who enjoy a better standard of life - have an obligation to do something - more action and less - talk.

Here in the United States of America - better known as "Turtle Island" we have the Native Americans - the indigenous people of the United States of America.

Here is San Francisco the Muwekma Ohlone:

It is the year 2014 -  President Barack Hussein Obama - knowing well what he should do - has NOT addressed the plight of the Native Americans - the indigenous people living on "Turtle Island".

The indigenous people of America - living on Reservations - deprived of the own land - the land of their ancestors - treated with disdain - disrespected - but for how long.

Many Native American Tribes - are NOT on the Federal Register - and if a tribe in not on the Federal Register - they are second class citizens - deprived of right and benefits that are due to them.

All this happening - for hundreds of years - here in the United States. Most decent Americans are not aware of such facts.

Until 1927 here in California - the Governors of California send edits - to kill the Native Americans - and if the killers and murders showed proof of a scalp - they could fetch a measly - five dollars.

Many others who are fanatics - think that this land is theirs - even though they stole the land, killed the Native Americans, raped the women, and committed atrocities - that cannot be described.

Today, here in the United States of America - we have a population of about 313,232,044 million and a vast area for this population - 3,717,812.8 square miles.

Within this area - we have mountains, rivers, lakes, vast plains where animals roam freely, fertile land, forest and wetlands - we have everything we want.

Blessed with resources protected by the "indigenous people" for thousands of years - resources like clean water, our forest, the animals, fauna and flora - fish and all that is good - placed by the Great Spirit for those that respect - Mother Earth.

Deep into the earth coal, petroleum, precious minerals, so much  petroleum, coal, the many minerals that are needed and more -  that must be used wisely.

All here in the United States of America - better known to the Native Americans - as Turtle Island.

Here in California - the 8th largest economy in the world - all this land belongs to the indigenous people - the Native Americans.

18 treaties were signed between the Native American tribes and the United States government. These 18  treaties were - never, ever - ratified.

Those that truly know about legalities and land uses - are quick to accept the truth - but slow to admit - who truly has jurisdiction - over the land.

That is the mentality of a rogue, a thief, a liar, one that steals and fake belief and he or she owns it. Time for restitution.

Here in San Francisco - we do not have one single document - that gives City Hall - jurisdiction over the land - we call San Francisco.

The settlers, the former Governors of California, laid stake to the land - and took it. Took surveys, bribed those in power, and embezzled all they could get - typical of those that are - GREEDY.

In San Francisco they did it to the former Spanish and Mexicans landowners.

The Americans - took the land and did what they wanted - they paid you some - and in most cases they eliminated those that came in the way.

The Ohlone names were brushed aside - the Spanish names reign supreme - San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Santa Clara, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz - you get the picture.

It is same mentality when it came to taking Hetch Hetchy valley - damming the Hetch Hetchy valley - and creating the Hetch Hetchy dam or reservoir - that caters to our clean drink water.

Missing in this equation are the Native Americans - the Piutes, the Miwoks, other Native American tribes - the Pomo and others who in their own way - can lay claim to millions of acres of land - that the thieves with blue eyes - laid claim to. The thieves better know as - " Pale Faces" - people who  talk with a - "fork tongue".

Once in San Francisco we had hundreds of Shellmounds - at these sites - lay the remains of the Native Americans - closer to home the Ohlone - known as the - "people from the west". In San Francisco - the Muwekma Ohlone - who I represent on issues that are linked to land use, infrastructure, and so on.

The Muwekma Ohlone have "patrimonial jurisdiction" that the White men's law cannot stand to - but who is to say - when the thief is put in the cockpit?

These remains of the Ohlone - have been carbon dated going back to 13,000 years in some cases.

Most around 10,000 years. At the University of California - Berkeley - lie 10,000 Ohlone remains - not hundred but ten thousand. Go figure - why would anyone - having an iota of decency - dare to conduct themselves in such a manner. More an California - Educational institution.

What does this one fact say - about a people - who do not respect the "dead'?

Native Americans - the indigenous people - all over the world - respect the "dead".

Shame of those that do not respect the dead - remove the remains and artifacts - and store them - as trophies.

I have met stellar anthropologist, archaeologist, historians of a kind.

I have sat with the Elders of many Native American Tribes and heard the facts of life. Foremost for the last 35 years - I have fought the good fight - and my heart has led me to the - "truth".

There is nothing too difficult to comprehend - that when some land, some thing precious does not belong to you - it must be given back.

There is restitution - and restitution - whether linked to slavery and free labor, stealing artifacts from graves all over the world, dehumanizing a human being - is plain wrong - and if you are a thief - then you must be brought to - justice.

History is there for all the world to know and study.

We know that those that came here to America - when they arrived here - there were other here living for thousands of years.

The White men - only dares to say what he think is best to say.

This is the mentality of a thief, a liar, someone that has no ethics, no morals, and less standards.

In the sixteenth century there were in access of 300,000 Native Americans west of the Rockies.

We can go into the details - but the fact of the matter is that -  these tribes all flourished.

There was sufficient resources - and the land, the rivers, the hills, the mountains. the air, the environment and more - were all - pristine. What should be noted - there was sufficient for all - and some law and order - nothing that we see in today's world - where despicable actions and happenings - occur each and every day - on a gigantic scale.

There is a lot of spirituality with the indigenous people - I have experienced it in person.

Compared to that spirituality - the lack of spirituality - the white men brings to the table - pales in comparison.

Colonizing the world - for one purpose only to steal resources - is not the right thing to do.

Again and again this has been repeated by the Dutch, the Portuguese, the Spanish, the British, the French, the Belgians, the Germans -  in modern times - you do get the picture.

Turtle Island will always remain - long after those that populate it - wither away - it may be some huge catastrophe man made or that nature chooses to display with all its might.

I know for certain that the indigenous people have "jurisdiction" over all of California. I have clear knowledge of it - on many levels.

The others who disagree - might huff and puff and bring about their sordid explanations.

We all have a conscience - far more powerful than the "Magna Carta" - other legalized documents not worth the paper or scrolls they are written on.

The White men rule and ways - have been detrimental - to all indigenous people.

More to innocent children, women, and men steeped in the ways - that are closer to "Mother Earth".

We know who is greedy and what segment of the world's population has caused so much harm. Adversely impact this Earth.

We know who has strayed far away from what is wholesome and spiritual. We know who worships Greed - what consumes the White men and his ilk.

I have traveled the world - seeking out the indigenous people.

The indigenous people know me - before I utter a word - embracing me and their elders bestowing of me the kindness and more the wisdom - not written in any books.

I have met the others so called women and men in authority - who find it difficult to speak to the truth. They lie to your face and when confronted with "truth" - have nothing to say.

The worse type are those who care less about our children and seniors in San Francisco - bringing this dialog - closer to home.

We, the indigenous people in San Francisco and others who support the struggle - do not care - nor do we want the "greedy" - many of them have made their abode at City Hall - and, the worst of them - deliberate in Room 250 - the likes of Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, Scott Wiener and David Chiu.

We, the Muwekma Ohlone are watching you all like a hawk.

We have warned you all - and you that are "evil" seem to think - that lying, stealing, and bluffing will get you somewhere.

"You will receive your reward soon -  the wailing, and grinding of your teeth - will come to you in this life time.

Remember these words - for time is running out - and you that know it - have nothing much to say - but resign to fate that awaits you all - scumbags". Aho.