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Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Our San Francisco Unified School District teachers and school aides are going on strike - and this is not the first time - this is happening.

Again and again every year - no one - "worth the salt" - cares about the salaries of the teacher - that have stayed stagnant for the longest time ever. What is our Mayor, Ed Lee going to do about this situation. Many are going to join the picket line - and all for a just cause.

Wake up Mr Mayor and the SF Board of Supervisors - you all talk too much - and the time has come to take care of our SF Unified School District - teachers and teacher aides.

Now, time and again I have seen the SF Unified School District Board - brag about this and that - and again the again the parents of the public school school children - keep reminding the SF Unified School Board - that the Board has failed the parents.

The SF Unified School District sending one sibling to one school and another to another school - miles away - traumatizing the parents - who have no control - over this madness.

What has the SF Unified School District done to mitigate this situation - nothing, much. Wake up San Francisco - our families are leaving San Francisco - and soon there will be no children left in numbers - as we had before.

Mayor Ed Lee seems to think that if Salesforce and other private corporation donate some Ipads to the children - all is well.

All is NOT well - fundamentally, we all must understand that we have to invest in our teachers.

We have to invest in good housing, and in our parents to take care of their children. We need youth and young adults to contribute - and we as a Society have to provide them the nurturing, the love, and the fortitude to deliver as good citizens.

As years go by - more divisiveness from the intrusion of the "techies" - wiping our neighborhood characteristics - pooh poohing our values - the SF Board of Supervisors more folks like Scott Wiener, London Breed, Jane Kim, Katy Tang, Malia Cohen and David Chiu - contributing to this exacerbating - situation - adversely impact all of us that life in San Francisco.

If our stupid SF Board of Supervisors - other very corrupt politicians make over $120,000 in salaries - paid by the tax payers - we must agree to invest in our teachers - more.

I understand that the salaries come from the State of California -  to pay our teachers. Every year the teachers have to protest - every year the teachers are given "PINK SLIPS" the SF Unified School District - threatening to fire the teachers.

San Francisco with its $9 billion dollar budget - its growing economy - can do something - to infuse some increase in salaries - for our teachers and those that act as teacher aides. Some of  teacher aides earn as little as $25,000 - and this is not fair.

The SF Unified School Board linked to the SF Unified School District - use the SFGOV TV to force the viewers to listen to their long winded speeches.

Often patting their behinds - and we the people want action - practical action that help the children who go to public schools - and always paying attention to the parents - who nurture the children.

Good parents, hard working parents, parents who make a lot of sacrifices - and play an important role in the formative years of our children, our youth and young adults.

The new Willie L. Brown School did not get all the vetting from the Bayview neighborhood.

Now, for no reason at all - the media and others - and spewing diatribe - that where the school is situated on Silver and Revere Street - that this area is a hot spot - linked to crime. It is not.

The area is in a neighborhood that has maintained its homes - and keeps the streets - clean.

Even though there were a couple of schools before and only one high school now - with children creating havoc sometimes - the neighbors took and take it in stride - and worked things out without the SF Unified School District - offering any help.

Thurgood Marshal High School not long ago - had riots - created by the Principal who did not know what he was doing. Inviting the SF Police Department who sent in their SWAT team - and beat up some students.

We the residents had to fight this case - to bring about some resolution. It took us five long years.

Many meetings before the SF Police Commission. 

The SF Unified School District - though involved in this matter - where many innocent students were adversely impacted - did not give us any qualified support.

Right where the present brand new school named after Willie L.Brown Jr - there was a Police Academy.

While the Academy was there - that neighborhood was safe and is safe now.

It is safe now - with the Silver Soccer and baseball fields, near by - attracting all sorts of decent people - families.

More youth and young adults - to the Silvers Soccer fields. Well known all over San Francisco.

The SF Unified School District Board - that brags a lot - wags their tongue, more - should work hard to meet the parents and provide transportation to and fro - to the brand new Willie L. Brown Jr. - school.

The Willie L. Brown Jr.  foundation and his cronies can pay for this transportation.

The SF Unified School District and its Board in toto - is quick to pander to the former "thug mayor" - Willie L Brown Jr - naming this school - while he is still alive.

Naming a span of the bridge - leading to the East Bay.

 Willie L. Brown Jr. has millions he has amassed - and can contribute some to better the interests - of the parents, the teachers, and of course our San Francisco students.

In the interim - we San Franciscans - must hold a hearing to fully understand the plight of our teachers and those teacher aides - that are not paid well.

Often times the teachers - must dig deep into their own pockets to provide for the students the teach - books and material the students - need.

It is here that Salesforce, the other Corporations who donate and get write offs - can contribute - contribute to the welfare of the teachers - who are at the center of everything and sound education.

Good teachers are a premium - and we must do all in our power - to treat our teachers with dignity - and always be grateful for their sacrifices, hard work and fortitude.

In the interim the SF Unified School District Board - must act more and talk less - more Hydra Mendonza who is all over the place - talking to much.

Never mind she is close to Willie L. Brown Jr. and the present Mayor of San Francisco - Ed Lee.

Always pandering and not serving the best interests of the parents, the children, and for sure San Franciscans.

We pay this woman - who talks too much - does not represent all of San Francisco and less San Franciscans - as some drab adviser to the Mayor, Ed Lee - and all we get is FLUFF.

It is a shame that our teachers must organize themselves to go on strike to force the City and County of San Francisco - and the corrupt SF Unified School Board in toto - who have lost their mind - to offer the teachers some succor.

Just because the SF Unified School District  keeps getting private donations - none of which go held our - hard working teachers - we must not take their word - that all is well. All is not well - just listen to them talking - with little of no action - as their long winded meetings - that go no where.

We have a Superintendent who has FAILED us - and this is a clarion call - to the Superintendent.

Wake up from your long slumber - Mr Superintendent - stop smiling a lot - and work hard to bring about some - order - to this situation adversely impacting the parents and students.

More - where the parents are hurting, the children traumatized, the teachers not paid well - and the SF Unified School District Board - imagines and dreams that  all is well.

It is not. Wake up SF Unified School District - and put your house in order. You have FAILED - all of San Francisco - and ardent, decent, hardworking, ethical - San Franciscans.