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Saturday, September 27, 2014


San Francisco once led the Nation in innovative and leading edge technology and brought some of the best minds to embrace great discoveries and changes for the best.

From the Cable Cars to technology ahead of its time - in recovering minerals - to logging and transportation - from hills far up to - where the logs were felled to the logging mills down thousands of feet below.

In medicine, education, the digital world - here in San Francisco - and the extended Bay Area - we have been innovative - and contributed discoveries to the world at large - to bring about real progress.

Many of these innovations have changed the way - we do business  in San Francisco - in the financial world - but also when it comes to construction - both horizontal and vertical. 

Our engineers were able to bring clean drinking water from the reservoir at Hetch Hetchy - 160 miles away to San Francisco - and use gravity - to accomplish this defeat. There is no doubt that our past engineers, architects, educationists, doctors, construction experts, our railway, our light rail, as I said our cable cars - truly too us near the stars.

We have talent that have created "niche" projects and models - we understand issues - and if need be we can tweak things and improve on them. That is why some of the best minds - come to San Francisco - the land of the Ohlone - more the Muwekma Ohlone.

We are a City that knows how - we are San Francisco - not only a City - but a City and County - and we have earned the right to be the best.

However in recent years - unfortunately we have folks like Jane Kim, Maria Ayerdi-Kaplan and others - who are putting the good name of our City and County in jeopardy.

Prodded by a sugar daddy - these "lollipop panderers" talk the talk but have not been able to walk the walk. Engineers come to me and tell me - how arrogant these mostly women are - all because they think they have some little power - when they none.

This over $4.5 billion project - the Transbay Center - has been rift with problems - owners who have business like John Gasser - others have been intimidated - some of these political whores - think they can get away with murder - in broad daylight. 

Their day and night is coming - and will hit them - faster than the lighting - first you have the lighting and then the thunder - that will wake up all those who are asleep.

When a parcel measuring 50,000 square feet formerly belong to Caltrans was sold for a whopping $3,700 per square foot to build a 1070 foot Salesforce Tower - much was made about this sordid deal.

Situated at 101 Mission - I have fond memories of this area - on my way to work - when I worked at the Presidio of San Francisco for Sixth United States Army and Presidio of San Francisco.

Much is made of this tall building the tallest on the West Coast - but this is not what San Francisco must be know for - the tower of Babel - not in an area prone to liquefaction - and not of a whopping $192 million - to some real estate developers - Boston Properties and Hines.

Recently Boston Properties did not agree with the amendments - and the increase over a great number of years - the premiums once laid down and now changed - in the Mello-Roos model - that is convoluted in nature. Time will tell.

Thieves have always had their way in San Francisco. The stole the land. 18 treaties signed by the United States Government and the Native American tribes - were never, ever ratified. Of course the thieves - will not admit that - they come up with " financial schemes" - Mello-Roos and others - where you pay premium money for the air, space on the upper floors, and other ploys and machinations.

Never mind the land is prone to liquefaction and flooding - that the Big One is close at hand - and tall buildings - are truly not need to deface our skyline.

The tallest building on the West Coast does not give any sane person - any pride - and those pushing for this phallus of a building - may serve the horny whores and sterile political, pimps - but should not be built to the determent of the populace of this City - named after Saint Francis of Assisi.

The recent happenings - leading to the stalling of the Transbay Transit Center -  falls into a unique category - rift with confusion, pandemonium, and utter, stupidity.

San Franciscans and San Francisco does NOT embrace folks who lack sound leadership - and the practical applications of true - transportation - more Regional Transportation and all that - what this Transportation Center - should aspire to be.

The Transbay Joint Powers Authority (TJPT) and its Board has been busy spewing diatribe - with Jane Kim its Chair and Maria Ayerdi-Kaplan patting their behinds - saying one thing and meaning another.

There is nothing fully transparent more with full accountability - in all of their sordid - deliberations.

Early on promises were made by the Federal Government and the State Government - financial promises - that have fallen by the way side. Millions of dollars wasted - and the discussion go on - nonchalant and these folks think they can fool all the people of the time. Sorry - we know what you all that I have mentioned are capable of.

The high speed rail project - has gone through so many changes - that is is baffling at best. No one can keep up with the many ploys and machination.

The many private properties, the many agencies that are not on broad, the many Environmental Impact Studies and Reports - that reveal so much to be addressed - and so little is address - because those leading the charge - are ignorant and with arrogance of the highest order - they are full of it.

A special task force created to deal with the High Speed Rail - that was to have its starting point right here in San Francisco - all the way to San Diego. The many plans that came before these experts did not meet any standards.

The project that began with good intention to have a high speed rail began with a figure closer to some $800 millions and now has reached in the billions - to over $1.9 billion - plus

The Chinese wanted to build this high speed rail - the negotiation are on going - with our Governor wanting to leave some faint legacy, to his name.

Bragging rights that he , the Governor Jerry Brown was instrumental in building this 'much need high speed rail' that has a lot to with the Transbay Center - its many levels of stations - that can facilitate - the movement of the many trains - local, regional, and even National.

Today, this is a conceptual plan - a dream - you wake up and it could be your worst - nightmare.

In short there has been too much talk - but very little deliberation and fortitude.

It does not help with Maria Ayerdi- Kaplan patting her own behind - and that Jane Kim rolling her eyes - and chiding those that do not want to endow the Transbay Center - with money, more money for less accountability and even less transparency.

Anyway you look at it - it is our tax payers money. Nancy Pelosi and some others - have played some role to convince those in Washington DC - that we all need this "high speed rail" and more the Transbay Center - some rail center - much like Penn Station -  and Grand Central Station - on the East Coast.

We are not the East Coast and our innovations have quickly been embraced by those on the East Coast - and in many cases - compromised - we have the patience and more the tenacity - here on the West Coast.

We must not fall prey to the skyscrapers of Manhattan or the rapid changes in the Bronx - and other places - that I saw with my own eyes - all over the five boroughs - I stayed on Long Island - and traveled all over by train - and my car - listening to the many experts - explaining to me the folly - of rapid development and the evil consequences - of blatant greed.

The dumb forces - pretending to represent -  are put there on the Board - anointed by politicians - who have NO clue  -  it become all about pandering and sordid - greed.

When Nancy Pelosi and other like her and of her sordid ilk - attend the ribbon cutting with folks like Jane Kim and others smiling and pandering - on sites that they purport will raise from the ground and serve others.

Each time they utter such thoughts - they are making a mockery - jerks that they are - and not truly  representing our community.

The Transbay Transit Center has had many meetings - and the initial meetings were worth the salt.

Not the ones held in the last 4 years. We see people leaving the Tranbay Joint Powers Authority (TJPT) - others like Maria Ayerdi- Kaplan pandering - saying one thing and delivering another.

The buffoons are all about power, authority and nothing about sound leadership.

Good leaders know the way, show the way, and go the way.

We saw this with the insertion of the high speed rail - and how this concept was practical shot down. People rushing to make decision that were never vetted in the first place. So much so the Courts - has to question - the authority of those - who did not have their finances spelled correctly.

Ordering the TJPA to go back to the drawing board - and warning them not to jump the gun - which they continue to do - thinking they know best what is good for San Francisco.

Even a special body that was set up - to address a viable and sustainable plan - to put a high speed rail project in place - found the many changes, the politicking too much - and disbanded itself.

The Transbay Transit has a Board that meets - and each of their meetings - is more about FLUFF and more FLUFF.

Idiots patting themselves on the back - when we know from sources close to ground zero - that millions are wasted. All tax payers money.

The recent ploys and machinations at City Hall in Room 250 - with the SF Board of Supervisors - and especially Jane Kim and Scott Wiener trying to bluff the tax payers - trying to defy the developers - and pretending that they have some solution - is not flying.

They even had to pay Willie L.Brown Jr. a past Mayor - more a "thug Mayor" of San Francisco - $100,000 to bring the parties together - so that some deal could be worked.

The Mello-Roos model does not work as well as it used to work when the SF Redevelopment Agency - was in place.

The Mello-Roos has been used in many places - and not in every case - has the end result been - successful.

In the case of the Transbay Transit Center - the Joint Board that meets - truly does not have a backbone - it is spineless - but what is apparent for all to see - is the apparent lack of sound - leadership.

Jane Kim is the Chair - the woman does not have a clue about Project Management - less about the convoluted financial models - such as the Mello-Roos concept and its implications involving  the Developers - who were promised one thing and now are told another.

All that is need to stall this project is for one developer to go to Court.

One has to know something about the dire straits of the our present California Court System - and the backlogged cases.

It takes a case years - if it takes 5 years - all that we will see is a big, big hole in the ground - that will remain there for years - with the world wondering - what the hell is happening.

Salesforce and the Boston Developers - other players - who thought they could win and make some money - are now stumped.

The SF Board of Supervisors are novices at this game and more Scott Wiener - a Queer - who thinks he represents this City and more the constituents - be that  - this fact is far - from the truth.

Scott Wiener talks too much - and he does not represent ordinary San Franciscans - we do not stand for someone - that talks and talks and talk - and most of it - diatribe.

It does no help to have other air-heads on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors - the likes of London Breed, Katy Tang and Malia Cohen - who do not understand the fundamental principles of Land Use, less of sound infrastructure, and still less of sound development.

These idiots depend on the City Attorney - other so called experts - who lead this idiots down the wrong path.

Ignorant to the core - these so called Supervisors - who cannot represent any issue worth the salt - because, they are NOT educated on issues.

Right now there is no money - and we have a big hole.

Blatant lies are spewed at the Board meetings held at City Hall by the Transbay Joint Powers Authority.

It is JOKE to watch these folks and more the vague and convoluted statements made - by Maria Ayerdi-Kaplan and Jane Kim. Pathetic.

Billions are at stake in this project - that has promised us a lot - and delivered little in return so far.

First came the spiraling of our economy in the year 2008 and then just as we thought - all was well in 2012, 2013, and 2014 - a stall that has hit everyone in the books.

The open space and park called the "roof top" has been cancelled -  to save money. But, this ploy was used to bluff the tax payer - no one is against open space and roof top garden. But to use it as a ploy a bait - that is low, low blow.

We have Willie L. Brown Jr a former mayor and a well know "thug Mayor" - who has screwed our City before - he promised to put MUNI on track within 100 days - he failed.

He initiated buying some inferior buses - that soon fell apart. He has his evil paws all over the place - and he use his evil crafty ways - to fill his pockets first - he talks the talk but fails to walk the walk.

Willie created Maria Ayerdi-Kaplan and back Jane Kim who end winning the seat in District 6 - this Korean woman from New York who knows less about San Francisco - and even less about our history of  transportation and Quality of Life issues.

Jane Kim is on the Board of Supervisors - but does not know when to introduce her amendments - she has to be told - many times - about some basic rules and regulation. Jane Kim is about herself - fluff and more fluff.

Even the Tenderloin does not respect her - and the time has come to send her packing to the China Town in New York. Much like Scott Wiener - must be sent back to the Bronx where he can roam at will - with his black cloak, beard, banging his head on some drab wailing wall - all he bring is trials and tribulations to San Francisco.

In the interim the Transbay Transit Center is just that - all talk and no walk. Millions pumped down some sordid sink hole - the making of some very greedy and corrupt people in San Francisco - the brainchild of Willie L.Brown Jr.

Time will tell.