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Sunday, September 14, 2014


The Middle East and more Syria is very deep in history.

Today, Syria is the focus of the ISIS connection - and other deeper issues - that few know about.

Some mostly White women on CNN and other Media outlets - pretend and think they know about - but, make a mockery of themselves - and lead astray - those ignorant listening to them.

You often hear the Zionists control the news - so very true.

For months now - we have been hearing about Syria - but not once - has the public been given - a short history of Syria and its people.

Mind boggling - not so when you listen to the news in Europe - or other civilized countries.

Syria once has a population of 23 million - today it is down to 18 million - over 5 million plus have fled Syria - and live in refugee camps.

There has NOT been one single documentary done on these refugee camps - the elders and children suffering and often dying.
Most of them given succor in Turkey.

The United States - takes its time when it comes to offering humanitarian assistance, and negotiating on time - to cease the moment. We call ourselves a Superpower - but today Shuttle Diplomacy - drab as it is - with John Kerry in charge.

74% of the Syrian population are Sunni. 16% Alwites - the present dictator Assad belongs to this group.

In Syria today 10% Christians, a sprinkle of Jews, Greeks, Kurds, and others - all tied to the very rich history of Syria.

The Ottoman Empire left a deep impression on the Syrians - the Turks who created the Ottoman Empire - treated the Alwites with disdain.

To this day - those Alwites who do not forget their history - remember the atrocities of the past.

After World War I - the French controlled Syria - that is why the elite in Syria speak French - but also Arabic, and of course the International language - English.

The present President was trained in London as a dentist. His name Bashar al-Assad. His father was President of Syria - Hafez Assad.

Upon the death of Hafez Assad - and that of his brother Bassel who passed away in a car accident - Hafez Assad - anointed Bashar al-Assad to be heir apparent.

Dictators are not easy to deal with - much the same as is the situation in Saudi Arabia. In Morocco, in Yemen, Libya, in Egypt - all over the Middle East.

If ISIS by chance captures and takes over that territory ruled by Bashar al-Assad.

Those that are captured - will be put to death.

We are talking over 10 million people for sure. Over 3 million Christians, Ismailis, Kurds, Greeks. Palestinians -  ISIS presupposing - they all cooperated with Bashar al-Assad.

Today, President Putin from Russia, the Turks, and the Iranians support the government of Bashar al-Assad - in various degrees - the Russians strongly supporting - the current President of Syria.

The United States had a window of opportunity when we were in Iraq to bring about some solution - when we observed - the brewing situation in Syria.

We must remember millions of refugees fled Iraq - among them Christians when we the United States were in Iraq.

They went to Syria and the Main Media had nothing much to say. These same refugees many of them Christians from Iraq - fell prey to ISIS. Nothing much about these thousands of Christians - raped, killed, and tortured by the fanatics - ISIS or ISIL.

Christians died in the thousands in Iraq - under our watch. We saw the horrific atrocities - mostly reported by the foreign press - while our U.S. Main Media - looked the other way.

Recently much was made about the Yazidis - now, suddenly all is silent on the Western Front. Thousands of Yazidis are traumatized and this is a fact. Thousands raped and killed - what else needs to be said. Most of the Yazidis are in Kurdistan.

In Kurdistan it is the same.

The Kurds who have befriended America - even today are begging for arms and humanitarian help - the Kurdish soldiers -  are the only soldiers "boots on the ground" - trying their best to push ISIS back. This on the Northern Frontier.

The Iraqi soldiers the U.S. trained - failed us.

Most of them Sunni - most of the heavy equipment including tanks - American made - are now in the hand of the ISIS. ISIS simply took them - when the Iraqi Army - folded and ran way.

Looted millions from the Banks - took whatever was worth - and are now worthy - billions.

Who created this situation?

We the United States must analyse deeply - why are we interfering in the affairs of others?

Did we find the Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Did we really have to go to Iraq?

Why did we not bomb the living hell out of Saudi Arabia?

These countries in the Middle East - are not the Banana Republics of yore - toppling some governments - in Argentina, Peru, Columbia.

Instigating turmoil in Iran.

Few are fully aware of the clandestine ploys and machinations - they are all coming to haunt us - now.

The Syrians, the Iraqi, the Iranians, others are a civilized people - their civilization is thousands of years old.

We simply cannot brush that aside - and because we have the power to bomb the living hell - foster turmoil and then decide at the last moment - to stop what we deem we are capable of stopping - but now realize we cannot.

Those in the know - have been stating in clear terms - three years ago we should have stemmed the early beginnings of ISIS - but we took them for granted - and today it is too - late. 

We do not want to deal with the Iranians and the Syrians - to deal with the situation at hand. We must.

The only other alternative is to put our American soldiers - men and women in harms way.

We must learn from generals of the past - who used the enemy caught in a bind - to deal with those that could be dealt with - to bring about the best end results - in the prevailing - circumstances.

We may think we have some norms - but we have none - we compromised the Constitution too many times - and we must not debate this now - but proceed fast - and bring about some solution - for the good of the majority.

After all these alliances are far away from the United States - and we can provide air support - while the Special Forces from Iran, Jordon, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Britain, France, Belgium, Kurdistan - can easily - bring down ISIS. At least stall their operations.

Daily we hear White women on the Main Media dishing rubbish to us - stuff written by ignorant Producers.

Producers - who are not aware - that many ordinary citizens in the United States - are far more informed and educated on issues - than what is dished out and has been dished out for years - now on our sordid - airwaves.

We made ISIS and now we have to deal with them - on a war footing.

The only way to bring about the demise of ISIS - dogs with fleas - and destroy their organization - is to think outside the box. Fight fire with fire.

Alexander the Great did that and so did Genghis Khan.

Our American General know about those tactics - not to forgeT Hannibal the great African General - who invaded Europe and brought the Roman Legions to their knees.

We have spineless Foreign Policy leaders - who talk the talk and have no idea - how complicated the world has become.

The politicians and their ilk - will not send their daughters and sons to war. 

The Zionists experts and commentators at CNN and the Main Media elsewhere - are first to comment how best - this and that can be done. They wag that tongue - that has no bone - or if it did - it would have cracked and fallen our of their putrid - mouths.

These Zionist commentators - all stepped back when Israel killed thousands of children in Gaza - using our U.S. made weapons, planes, technology, and of course our hard earned - tax payers money.

Today our President Barack Hussein Obama regrets he chose to go play golf when he could have done better. He is slow to react - sitting on the fence - and observing which side of the fence is greener.

President Barack Hussein Obama - relies too much on the information he gets from Zionist sources - and has held our Nation - the United States of America - captive.

Right now we do not have the intelligence resources - to pin point exactly the ISIS operations in Syria - we dismantled our operation - when in toto we withdrew - any astute General would tell you that was a grave - mistake.

We spent millions gathering information - putting our agents in harms way - embedded here, there everywhere - and then just like that we folded our operations.

Today - we want to say we are capable and each time we brag about something - we want to assure the general American public - by saying " no boots on the ground" - who is kidding whom.

Politicians -  idiots that they are - should be kept out of the loop and at arm's length. Leading that pack of wolves Senator Diane Feinstein a Zionist.

We need our stellar Generals to make the decision - to wipe the EVIL that is doing on now.

Anyway you look at it - we the United States - had a role to play - in creating a vacuum that bred this - virus that can be eliminated.

Talk less and do more.

Tell the Main Media to shut up - and do some investigating reporting. The mostly White zionist women on CNN to shut the fuck up.