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Monday, September 22, 2014


It is becoming a norm now to experience back to back traffic jams - on your way to work in the morning as early as 6 am to 9 am - and the same at peak hours in the evening from 3 pm to 7 pm. 

The Main Media seems not to mention this fact  linked to congestion.

We, San Franciscans need  an investigative report - the amount of particulates spilled into the air - and how Quality of Life issues are compromised. The increase in respiratory diseases, heart attacks, and so on and so forth.

The San Francisco Health Department and its Director, Barbara Gracia has no clue what is happening.

Even if you bring it to her attention - she will point fingers - and suggest that this serious health issue - that affects the most vulnerable - the very heavy concentration of particulates - does not come under her jurisdiction, really.

The over 60 construction projects with cranes on site - continue to create congestion all over the City and County of San Francisco.

At times - it takes 30 to 45 mins to make one's way by three blocks - in the City and County of San Francisco.

This is ridiculous - again those in charge are fast asleep at the cockpit. It is obvious these so called City Department heads - do not care.

We have a population of about 810,000 and over 38,000 City and County of San Francisco workers - most of them live outside San Francisco - and contribute to the congestion. Traveling to the City and County of San Francisco - from far off places - some as far as Sacramento.

Recently one dumb Supervisor brought up the issue of our ambulances - not arriving on time and coming to the aid of those that need the ambulances to ferry them to the hospitals.

This issue is also compounded by fewer ambulances and even fewer Medical personnel to man these ambulances.

Nothing happens in a vacuum - and our SF Board of Supervisors and especially Scott Wiener, London Breed, Jane Kim, Katy Tang, Malia Cohen, and David Chiu - continue to wag their tongues - failing to represent the people.

They are always barking about mundane issues - and fail to address the more serious issues like housing, transportation, education, health, the high rents that have sent thousands - leaving our City and County of San Francisco - elsewhere.

Our Artists are now leaving in droves - much like many left - during the days in that late 1980s and early 1990s.

Now, the "techies" and the ploys and machinations by the AirBnB - are encouraging landlords - to evict the most vulnerable - seniors, those who live pay check to pay check.

In short those that lived here once comfortably - but cannot, now.

It cost over $3500 for a one bed room apartment - and only those folks like the "techies" can afford to live in such expensive apartments - they have money to waste and more to spend.

Again the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) has failed - letting down the Taxi Cabs.

MTA has failed with MUNI - with many of its buses stinking to high heaven - MUNI doing a poor job - cleaning and washing the buses.

Over 60% on the Muni buses late at the many bus stops.

Add to that it has failed to work with the Department of Public Works, the San Francisco County Transportation Authority - to address the state of affair of our roads, traffic management, and the maintaining of our many roads.

We have too many cars on our roads - and the time has come to only allow certain cars with permits - to enter the center of our City.

Car owners should park their cars on the outskirts of our City - and take Public transportation, ride bikes - and those that are fit - walk to work.

The corporations and other sharks that rake in the millions - can compensate these workers - thus reducing the particulates. congestion - and creating a model - that has been used all over the civilized - world.

As things stand now we have too much congestion on our roads. And with congestion comes health issues like heart attacks and stress. Particulates bring on respiratory diseases and all sorts of other chronic health issues.

When is San Francisco going to hire a Toxicologist - Director - Barbara Gracia?

I ask the same question to Mayor Ed Lee?

And I also the same question to Ed Reiskin who is in charge of the Municipal Transportation Agency - that has failed all those that it deems to be in charge of - especially the our Taxis and Muni - which is our Public Transportation. Aho.