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Saturday, September 20, 2014


It is clear now that our San Francisco Planning Commission has failed to REPRESENT the constituents of San Francisco.

All sorts of shady businesses targeting "rental units" and "rental homes" - to cater to foreign students, the "techies", and the recent trend - tourists.

In San Francisco we have "rent control" - that means nothing - when the "Rent Control Board" - does not have the means nor the person power - to enforce its own rules and regulations.

Greedy businesses have crept into City Hall and in Room 200 where the Mayor makes his abode - making all sorts of deals with the Mayor and the SF Planning Commission.

These sordid deals lead to the eviction of those that need to be helped our seniors, other who are challenged - never mind if those adversely impacted need help, are seniors, others who have lived in a rental unit - for a long time.

These very greedy forces - just want to make money -  to cater to the tourists - others, who need and rent "rental units" - depriving San Franciscans of rental units, homes for rent - in favor of making tons of money - adversely impacting our San Franciscans - our constituents that live here and love this City of San Francisco.

Even before this trend started the Academy of Art University - a private entity - gobbled thousands of buildings - all  catering to a population renting.

Bought the buildings and converted them dormitories - to cater to foreign students and others.

I wrote about this state of affairs - many times years ago - and many of us spoke about this issue before the San Francisco Planning Commission at City Hall in Room 400.

This issue was much before John Rahaim the present Director of the SF Planning Department became - Director.

The SF Planning Department failed to do due diligence - issuing permits - and the former Zoning Czar, Larry Badner - was instrumental - in creating this mess.

Today Larry runs his own consulting firm - appears before the SF Planning Commission - and thumbs his nose.

Never mind Larry was fired for distributing pornographic material - while working - on the City's dime - we got rid of this one bad apple - but the "cancer" is still there - and no one has the gut nor the fortitude to do - right.

Willie L. Brown Jr., Gavin Newsom - previous Mayors knew about the above situation but did nothing much.

Looked the other way - and for a long time - that was the position of the present Mayor Edwin Lee - who as the City Administrator - before deciding to become the present Mayor of San Francisco - was fully briefed about the situation at hand.

Today the business folks who run these ploys - depriving the locals, San Franciscans, tax payers, constituents - our seniors and those that need rental housing - depriving decent San Franciscans - of "rental housing".

All in favor of catering to the tourists and other short term entities - who will grab anything - in this very tight housing and rental - crunch - in San Francisco.

Slick corruption of all sorts - deals made in Room 200 and with businesses who are raking in millions and billions in the long run - more,in the digital world.

The City and County of San Francisco - gets mesmerized - when some " digital platform" - is used to garner money for the City or for the politician - to fill her or his - campaign coffers.

We have seen this with Salesforce, Twitter, Google, other such forces - all of them have made money - in a manner that cannot stand standards, dog eat dog world - when you have millions and billions - anyone can throw some bread crumbs - to those that are hungry - and will grab and take - anything.

Today's politics is not about representing - that is already becoming "old school". 

The new way of thinking and acting is rake in as much as you can - make hay while the sun is shinning.

Those engaged in this game will fall flat on their face.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation and other Law Enforcement is already looking - into the shenanigans, the ploys, and the machinations.

No one can bluff or hoodwink - all the people all the time.

In the interim our seniors are adversely impacted.

Having lived in rental units on fixed income - many helped by their children who help their aged parents - now suddenly in their golden years - the seniors - are evicted.

In the past five year 20,000 families have left San Francisco. We have a population of about 810,000 - but daily our Quality of Life Issue are being - compromised.

Our City and County of San Francisco - looks the other way - and there in no one entity that has tracked these ploys and machinations - in a meaningful way.

The ploys and machinations should have been nipped in the bud - but, alas the crooks and those steeped in corruption - are busy raking the money - with those in charge, in authority - looking the other way.

Failing to abide morals, ethics, standards, simply - failing to follow the "conscience" - which is a guide to many things in our daily life. 

Today, those entities that have taken bribes, are corrupt are looking over their shoulders - having taken bribes and not reporting the illegal money. 

While corrupt and failing to represent - these same entities are seen at "ribbon cutting" events - lying through their teeth, promising San Franciscans - failing to speak to the TRUTH - and depriving thousands of the basics. 

Good housing, sound transportation, compromising their safety, no good permanent jobs - daily people work two and three jobs - to pay over $3000 for a one bed room unit.

We have now ten to fifteen people with children living in small units - this is not the way - human beings must live - but they do.

Soon there is going to be a revolution - and I hope it does not coincide when the Mayor from all over our Nation - gather in San Francisco next year.

Some politicians having made sordid deals - have been caught with the hand in the cookie jar and their pants down.

Corrupt crooks the likes of Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, London Breed, Scott Wiener and David Chiu - and there are more of these cockroaches - that have to be dealt with - all in good time. Aho.