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Thursday, September 18, 2014


San Francisco our great city has always embraced people - those San Franciscans that embraced people from all over the world -  all these many years - more from the 1950's are well - known for their compassion and understanding.

All over the world - people from many Nations - love to come to San Francisco - and often remark at length - the hospitality showered on them - by San Franciscans - the locals.

In the last 5 years over 20,000 families have left San Francisco. When these decent families left - they took with them - what can never, ever - be replaced.

The contribution to this City made by these families is etched in the various neighborhoods - the neighborhoods are changing and City Hall - is fast asleep at the wheels.

No one at City Hall is concerned about the "legacy" left by decent, caring, compassionate - San Franciscans.

The mentality of those at City Hall today seems to be focused on entities that cannot contribute anything - worth the salt - to the very essence of San Francisco - art, music, cuisine, opera, the fine aspect that make us all - a better person.

San Franciscans are educated - that is why we can meet - and have a session - talking, laughing, and sharing - and leaving our sessions - as a better persons.

Through the years - we have seen the Board of Supervisors changes - but this present gang of crooks - Scott Wiener, London Breed, Malia Cohen, Katy Tany, and David Chiu. None of them are worth the salt - and not worthy to represent.

Our San Francisco Planning has changed a lot - and more those that make the policies - no one wants to preserve the characteristic of our great neighborhoods.

Of course those that cannot contribute much - like the "techies" - could not care less. Even our Housing Element - a document brought about every 5 years - have failed us tax payers - constituent of San Francisco.

We have some San Francisco Supervisors the likes of Scott Wiener and Jane Kim - transplants from New York's China Town and the Bronx - these two could not comprehend what I am saying - and care less contribute to this great City - that belongs to the First people - the Muwekma Ohlone.

Mayor Edwin Lee could do better - but thinks that by asking favors - stuff he gets from Salesforce - other millionaires - who mammon - Mayor Edwin Lee feels that is the way to go.

 Mayor Edwin Lee will fail - because none of his plans - leave a legacy - the temporary  - feel good - will fade away - and in the end - he will realize some - but it will be too - late.

 Well, money cannot buy families that contributed to the well being of San Francisco.  Money cannot bring back - what we have lost - with Mayor after Mayor - looking away.

 If we want to go the way - we are going now - our culture will be "drab" -  bland like some "cardboard".

Now, when all the Mayors from all over the Nation gather here in San Francisco - next year - they will see - through the gimmicks - gimmicks have a short life. That is all I will say - God sees everything - and all it takes - is one major episode - timed well - to bring most everything to light.

Do not think for a second the praises showered on you Mayor Edwin Lee by those that pander. Those that pander - are mammon - the likes that you mention - but the intention is far from the TRUTH.

When families leave children leave and this has impacted our San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD). 

It is true that our teachers who work for the SFUSD - are treated with disdain - and every year - told that they will be released, fired, or whatever the pink slips state. Then at the last moment - we say - we have a "rainy day fund" - save their jobs - but stress them and traumatize - each and every year for the last ten years.

We must first take care of our teachers - and stabilize our teachers.

We may focus of the Ipads and all the training that Salesforce and other "tech companies" - make available to us - all that is fluff - needed but not the end true - end product.

We also must look at the welfare of our children - in its totality.

The children that most need help - are not cared for in San Francisco. Many live in despicable conditions. 10 to 15 people sharing a room.

When the Mayors come to visit us - take them on a tour and show them - how our poor people live - adults and children sharing a small room - and paying through their teeth. All the talk about building low and no income - but nothing coming forth - no light at the end of the tunnel.

We few advocates are watching you all - you that serve mammon - and think that money is what makes things click - well, as I have tried to explain there is more - and if there are no standards, no morals, no ethics, all fluff - that god you all worship - will fail to deliver - but what is worse - you all will fall on your faces.

One has just to watch the San Francisco School Board and listening to the parents - who beg the SFUSD -  give them slots - so that their children -  children they love and care for -do not have to travel long distances - and more to areas that compromise the "safety" of our children.

So, I want to ask Mayor Edwin Lee if he is really living in the City and County of San Francisco?

What is he doing to make it easier for decent parents - so that their children are accommodated and and go to schools - nearer to their homes?

I want to ask him - when is the last time we visited the empirical data - linked to the many students - who have dropped out of our Public Schools - the San Francisco Unified School System.

No one has bothered to follow through - and bring out some solution, sought some mitigation - brought about some ratification.

Some healing - some caring - which our great City of San Francisco is all about - but not with the present San Francisco School Board - most of them hog wash.

Mayor Edwin Lee and Jane Kim - helped TWITTER establish themselves in San Francisco.

Bragging that the tax breaks TWITER given to TWITTER by the City and County of San Francisco - would earn our City great dividends.

What we San Franciscans received - is lots of empty promises - and hog wash.

The Mid-Market is slowly changing - no jobs for those that lived in the area for ages.

In fact many decent, hard working San Franciscans - have been forced to move out of our great City - the City and County of San Francisco.

The "cold blooded techies" - have helped increase the rents - from $1000 a month for a sound one bed room apartment - to over $3500 today - and the rents keep going up.

If families leave with their children - how are we truly going to give opportunities to those children - we should have been caring for - many are in the pipeline - to move - and where do you think you will get children?

The "techies" and those that favor some life style - do not favor  - children - this situation needs no experience - and this is what we need to explain to the Mayors when they gather here next year - the City of Sodom and Gomorrah. 

Finally all this land - we call San Francisco was stolen - and those that took the land - must pay restitution - they do not want to hear this truth.

There is Karma - as you sow - so shall you reap - if you are sordid - that is what you deserve - you will all drown in the cesspool of your own - creation. Aho.

No equality in our Nation and more in San Francisco: