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Saturday, September 6, 2014


The San Francisco Planning Commission continues to make a mockery of our City and County San Francisco Planning process - and fails to address Quality of Life issues.

In the bargain thousands of innocent families in San Francisco are adversely impacted.

San Francisco has a population of about 805,000 which grows to over 1,500,000 - a majority of the people coming into San Francisco to work - in our large Financial District - downtown.

Our Hotel Industry, entities like University of California that employs thousands - many living outside San Francisco.

The same with our thousands of San Francisco City employees. Few people know that our City and County of San Francisco employs over 37,000 City employees and more.

A fill twenty percent of these employees make over $200,000 with benefits.

In years past the San Francisco Planning Commission has failed miserably to curtail entities like Academy of Art University - buying hundreds of buildings - many of them entitled with "rent control".

Remodeling these units - illegally - and the converting them to dormitories - this one entity the Academy of Art University has done damage to all San Franciscans - and is known culprit - deceiving the students - taking their money - and giving them certificates that are not valid.

Thousands of mostly foreign student paying exorbitant rents to live in these dormitories - adversely impacting San Franciscans.

More depriving tax payers, hard working San Franciscans - from having access to "rent control" units. The Main Media has failed to investigate this fact - and other facts that I have revealed from time to time.

I have brought this up - about the Academy of Art University - at the many meetings at City Hall and more at the San Francisco Planning Commission.

The on going investigation - where the SF Planning Department has promised to reveal the findings - about the Academy of Art University - is not forth coming at all.

Thus proving that our SF Planning Department - for all its vain talk - cannot walk the walk.

These jokers talk a lot at the SF Planning Commission - and with additions like a new fake Commissioner like Christine Johnson who knows nothing about planning, less about the history of San Francisco - and even less about the last five Housing Element documents - that she and the other - SF Planning Commissioners - ignore and are ignorant about. 

Region wide ABAG and other entities engaged in shedding light on Quality of Life issues - have tried to guide the SF Planning Commission - but the SF Planning Commission is head strong - and lacks - sound leadership.

The SF Planning Commission has failed on Hunters Point and the near by area like Candlestick Point. Rubber stamping plans for over 30,000 units on land prone to liquefaction and flooding.

The air is foul and contaminated with particulates, carbon dioxide, asbestos friable, and high levels of radioactive elements. The documents and statistics are there - but no one - "worth the salt" wants to investigate the sordid projects and programs - backed by very corrupt - politicians.

In the case of Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - high levels of Radioactive elements - and all this will come to haunt the SF Planning Commission and the Mayor's Office of Housing. Make no bones about it.

Recent MNBC a television station was bold enough to reveal - how Class One - very toxic dirt - is being diverted to landfills that cannot accept such dirty soil - containing among other things - high levels of radioactive elements. The manifest changed - and the truckers lied to - putting thousands of innocent people in harms way.

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District is asleep at the wheel. So is the very corrupt Department of Toxic and Substances Control (DTSC) - people fired for not doing their job - and new legislation introduced - to put stringent measures in place.

The SF Planning Department keeps rubber stamping - ill planned infrastructure - contaminated with Asbestos Structures - man holes contaminated - all leading to the Sewage Treatment Plant - at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard - more on Parcel A.

Such plans go before the Land Use - a committee that has done injustice to San Francisco and San Franciscans.

With inept and sordid SF Supervisors like Jane Kim, Malia Cohen, and Scott Wiener - rubber stamping - and not representing the tax payers of San Francisco.

Why would anyone want to build homes on contaminated ground and more surrounded by land prone to liquefaction and flooding?

Why lie and try to convince innocent people that building homes in the middle of Chernobyl is right - when it is wrong?

Right now - this is being done at Hunters Point Naval Shipyard on Parcel A - by a rogue developer - Lennar Urban.

Never mind Kofi Bonner who hails from Ghana - and works for Lennar Urban - thinks his plan will work - as it did at the Emeryville Shopping Mall - built on a Shellmound - containing Sacred Remains of the Ohlone.

He will soon find out the "truth" and sink in the "cesspool" of his own creation.

No one should disrespect the Ohlone - and in San Francisco the Muwekma Ohlone - that I represent. I have been warning you all - but the clarion call - has long been called - you are now waiting your peril - and you all know what you have done - wrong.

Innocent Chinese are bluffed into buying an EB-5 Visas - for $500,000 a pop.

Elsewhere where the land is NOT contaminated - it cost $1,000,000 a pop.

Lennar Urban is greedy and has hoodwinked innocent people linked to most of its projects - all over the Nation.

Closer to home at Vallejo - Lennar Urban promised to build 10,000 homes on Mare Island - Vallejo expanded its finances - to make this happen - only for Lennar Urban to declare - bankruptcy and leave the City Council of Vallejo - holding the empty bag.

We all know this - yet we are bragging that Lennar Urban - will develop Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and Candlestick Point.

Keep on dreaming!

Knowing all the time that this "devil" - has not and will not attain what it promises to do. It has not before - has no standards, is unethical, immoral - scumbags of the highest order and will not keep its word - not now and not in the future.

For many years - the SF Planning Commission has NOT provide sound housing for low income and no income.

In recent years - the Mayor's Office of Housing, the SF Planning Commission, the SF Board of Supervisors - have penetrated Public Housing - created HOPESF.

Divided the vast properties - among Bridge Developers, Mercy Housing, and the blatantly discriminating entity and Property Management Company - the John Stewart Company.

The model used is "Land Banking" and so far the John Stewart Company with the help of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi - has raked in millions from the State of California to built these inferior units.

For better measure - assisting the John Stewart Company in its sordid exploits -  the Mayor's Office of Housing.  Giving the John Stewart Company in all with the State's contribution - over $200,000,000.

Mostly people of color live in Public Housing - which at one time - if you studied the floor plan - that very large rooms - where two or three - king beds could fit. 

The inferior housing units - the John Stewart Company has built at Huntersview cannot accommodate a "Queen Bed" - and if you manage to squeeze one in - you will not have sufficient space to move around!

The windows leak, you can hear the foot steps and other noises of people living next to you and above you. Of course our City and County of San Francisco is cognizant of the fact - but looks the other way.

What are these white folks doing - with people of color - and why are the sell out Blacks - selling their own people out - Linda Richardson and others - one worse than the other. Linda and Dwayne Jones - were investigated and black listen - so why are they hanging around in San Francisco - crooks of the first order.

Here is how it works for the developers and the Prime Contractors.

If you contribute to the "corrupt politicians" - the politicians like Sophie Maxwell, Gavin Newsome, Nancy Pelosi, Malia Cohen - will look the other way - permit those that give tainted money - all they want to do.

Scumbags all - who will burn in hell.

The SF Department of Building Inspection has its hands tied - they will not inspect these inferior and contaminated buildings.

Even though Asbestos Dust is found all over the place. The result of Serpentine Rock being crushed - that naturally releases Asbestos structures - and no one really cares.

But, all this and more will reveal itself - as people fall sick and many slowly die. Many have died - and their spirits are hovering - asking for justice - and that time is coming. Make no bones about it.

No one can harm our children and elders - and think for a second that all will be well. You time is coming you sell outs - that I have mentioned umpteen times. You are already in hell.

The victims most vulnerable our children and our Seniors. We respect our children and our elders - not so the politicians - the likes of Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, Scott Wiener,David Chiu and those that are in bed with the John Stewart Company and Lennar Urban a rogue developer.

Recently again -  we - a few advocates revealed all the adverse impacts - in and around the old Schlage Lock Company.

 To no avail - the watershed is contaminated, there are petroleum tanks that foul the air in close proximity to the project.

The traffic spews over 200,000 tons of particulates, the dirt is so contaminated that no one can touch it - less dig and plant - and the folks think that all this and more - will not adverse those living there.

In this case Malia Cohen and Fran Martin - one worse than the other - spewed diatribe - and to top it all the owner of this site - stole $800,000,000  from Taiwan and is now in Mainland China - and cannot travel - a recluse and a thief. 

It is a shame our City and County of San Francisco - makes such deals - and thinks - all is well. Malia Cohen should be ashamed of herself - and has no right representing anyone - less the constituents of District 10.

Malia Cohen is a thief, a liar, and recently was exposed - for accepting thousands in campaign donations - linked to her Supervisorial seat - from sordid parties that - evict renters - the owners of these buildings - using Ellis Eviction - tools. 

Again and again Malia Cohen has gone before the SF Planning Commission - with plans and projects - that have NOT been vetted by the tax payers, the constituents - only for the SF Planning Commission to - rubber stamp - her projects.

The most famous one the Wellness Center at 3450 Third Street - where the air is foul - and the area a toxic hot spot.

Malia Cohen and a Jamaican Doctor - Nadine Bruke - received $4,000,0000 from California Pacific Medical Center - and the 49ers doled out another $300,000 - towards this project.

Our children who are treated must get the best facilities - not some toxic hot spots - contaminated - foul air - 24 hours - 7 days a week. Time will tell.

The last frontier is the Southeast Sector - and we must have Representatives in place to do the right thing.

We do not want homes built on land that is contaminated - and prone to liquefaction. We surely do not want to put our children and seniors in harms way. 

This land is Ohlone land - to be precise Muwekma Ohlone land - and the First People of this land - will not tolerate - the abuse of the land and more tolerate putting human being in harms way with intent.

Right now the San Francisco Planning Commission and SF Planning Department is doing - just that. Shame on them - all.

Never mind this SF City and County of San Francisco stole the land - and has abused the land we call San Francisco - all these 250 years.

As I have been saying - San Francisco - once was pristine and is now very, very, very - contaminated.

In the last ten years our Carbon Footprint - has increased - exacerbating chronic diseases more respiratory diseases, heart problems - the statistics are there - but no one want to study them.

No one wants to bring about solutions - it is all about GREED.

San Francisco steals its water from Hetch Hetchy - water that belongs to the Pitutes and the Miwoks - some 160 miles away.

Ten years ago we should have had grey water to flush our toilets - if not fifteen years ago - if we were progressive - we talk a lot - but their is no action.

We contaminate our watershed - and do not have the "guts" to provide the real time statistics - on the Internet.

It is the same with our Raw Sewage Plant - spewing lead and mercury and methane gas - into our watershed, the Bay, and thinking that all is well.

Our SF Planning Department and Planning Commission - must follow State Guidelines and they do not. Where do you think you will get the clean drink water - for thousands more?

Daily thousands of tons of methane gas spews from our landfill areas - one ton of methane gas equals - twenty two tons of Carbon Dioxide.

Try multiplying 500,000  tons by twenty two - and this is conservative number - spilled into the air - every single year.

Condoning such actions is criminal - and yet these fools talk about some Carbon Footprint - lying all the time - and wagging that tongue that has no bone. 

We have the Precautionary Principle on our books and no one bothers to apply this law.

We have the Mather Ordinance - when it comes to contamination, pollution, landfills, and so on - and no only really cares.

Our Department of Toxic and Substances Control is a joke - and the recent firing - and the new legislation introduced - as a result of the the sordid work done by the DTSC - is there for all the world to see.

We tax payers - we citizens of the United States are taken for a ride - by corrupt, evil, despicable politicians - looking at us in the eye and lying through their - teeth.

Who is really responsible to keep Mother Earth - free from contamination and pollution?

You all who are corrupt think you can fool all the people - all the time.

You jokers - think no one is watching you all - I am like a HAWK.