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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


London Breed the District 5 Supervisors wants to bring progress - spending millions on MUNI buses and MUNI Light Rail cars- with no accountability and less transparency.

The example she gives is one's home - you put down money - to buy your home and that is an investment.

Prodding San Franciscans to vote for the Bond Measure - to give the Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) to procure buses and Light Rail cars for our failed Light Rail system. Millions of dollars - I say vote NO.

The Municipal Transportation Agency (MTA) has failed - and must be totally - revamped.

The MTA has wasted millions of dollars - and it is time for the Federal Bureau of Investigation to come in - and take charge. 80% of our cameras on the MUNI buses and Light Rail - do not work.

The Controller and other have the information - but political forces - have made inroads - where large sums of money are raked in. This is not talk - we have supplied empirical data - and emails that reveal the truth.

Our SF Board of Supervisors - the likes of London Breed, Scott Wiener, Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, Katy Tang - talk the talk but fail to walk the walk.

Big difference when you buy a home and invest in it.

It is a house that you buy and home that you make of it.

There is every desire to maintain your home - and this analogy - comparing - investing in your home and comparing it to MUNI -  which is a FAILED system - is far left field as one can possibly get.

John Haley must be fired - and those that keep him hovering around - his presentation are full of loop holes - and only those that are not educated on issues - will be hood winked. This man encourages corruption - and the Controller's Office has all the information.

Such a comparison can only come from a heifer, an air-head, someone that has lost it.

London Breed - who thinks - if she can run her mouth - like those in the "hood" - that she has some spunk - but in this case - it is just hot air. Betraying her ignorance.

Notice - all of her suggestion - mandating the "tax payer" to foot the bill - when it comes to Muni buses and light rails linked to improvement and progress.

One good way to bring some sense to this spineless, inept, ignorant and arrogant woman - is to cut her salary and those that talk and behave as she does.

At one time the SF Board of Supervisors made $38,000 - now they make over $120,000 plus benefits. Most of them are lazy, loud mouth, and not educated on issues. They cannot think for themselves - and run to the City Attorneys and drab legislative staff for answers.

Often time the public at large - the constituents - teaching these dumb SF Supervisors - the things - they ought to know and more implement. One worse than the other when it comes to London Breed, Katy Tang, Scott Wiener, Jane Kim, and David Chiu.

You will see London Breed having side bar conversations - right when someone is talking - be it at "public comment" - or when there is some - serious deliberations going on - in Room 250 which the the august chamber - of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.

Recently, this heifer dared to take on our astute Fire Chief - Jo Ann White-Hayes - who I have known for a long time - and respect.

London Breed has no clue how to run any large Department - she use to run a Nonprofit - pandering to entities like the Fishers - for money. 

Much like a whore who sells her wares - only in this case - this ugly heifer is not worth looking at - not with a second - glance.

Our San Francisco streets are clogged - back to back traffic - and many a times - it takes 30 to 45 minutes - just to move by three City Blocks - now, this is very - serious.

The SF Board of Supervisor have not addressed this situation.

The Mayor is busy at ribbon cutting and bragging about this and that - but has not addressed - how the traffic can move better - with less particulates being spewed in the air.

We brag about the 60 or so large development going on - tons of Market Price units available - but nothing much when it comes to moderate housing, low and no income housing.

Of course London Breed should know something about housing - having lived in sordid Public Housing, filthy, laden with crime - that is still the case in the Western Addition.

She has a deep knowledge about crime, drug sales, killings and shootings - and has done next to nothing to address this situation in her District.

Now and then - some mention - about some mundane stuff  but never something worth the salt.

What London Breed does well - is pander. Beg for money in the name of some Nonprofit - and most of us know - how this works.

Ask London Breed to explain the Housing Element - and give you a gist of the last three Housing Element documents - and she will have nothing much to say. She has a big mouth - we know that - we can deal with her - when the time - comes. This is just one salvo of many - that will follow - to bring this heifer to her senses.

Our Fire Chief - Joann White-Hayes has done a commendable job - and I have been following the many situations - linked with some hi cups at the San Francisco Airport.

Our San Francisco Fire Fighters did more than well with the biggest fire at Mission Bay. Stellar job and all under the direction of our Fire Chief - Joann White-Hayes.

The many home fires in the last six month were attended to promptly and with the unique experience our Fire Fighters have - back to back homes - not so easy to deal with. 

Unique homes built with wooden frames - and in many parts - lacking water with hydrants that have not been up-graded. Add to that congestion on our roads - rampant parking - and our SF Fire Fighters - do a commendable job. Kudos to Joann White Hayes.

Our Fire Department has some problems with hiring - and we can do better.

No one faults London Breed for having aides that are White and some Zionists at that.

We know how she operates - and we watch and analyse all the minimal and shallow legislation - that comes from her sordid - office.

People come to me from her District and complain - mostly Blacks - and I tell them deal with her - London Breed - she has a big mouth - go to her office and complain to her - all you want. She after all minds everyone's business - let her to her ugly face - how she runs her filthy, stinking, District 5.

I for one will not step my foot in her office - dumb stupid person that she is - she and those that work for her.

I followed London Breed when she was anointed a Commissioner at the now defunct San Francisco Redevelopment Agency.

This evil woman - heard us out - listened at length - how our children and elders - were bombarded by Asbestos Dust.

How the mostly Black children and elders - suffered from the Asbestos bombarding.

This Black woman -  London Breed - did nothing - but pander to the then Mayor Gavin Newsom and to Lennar - a rogue developer. Raking in the money - to fill her personal - coffers.

This woman surely likes to dish out - but, now is my turn to dish out - too. I have had a lot of patience with this sordid - woman.

In my humble opinion this Black woman - has lost it - does not know how to gather empirical data, has no accountability and transparency - and hides behind those that have a hidden agenda - that this evil woman -  endorses and is in bed with.

There was a hearing some time ago on opportunities that the Hotel Industry provides - also known by many as a Service Industry.

The Hotel Industry - that employs thousands of our low income San Franciscans - maids, janitors, line cooks, dish washers - you get the drift.

The Hotel Industry contributes millions to the General Fund - from the millions collected - called the Hotel Tax.

This Hotel Tax originated a long time ago - when the then SF Board of Supervisors - studied the Hotel Industry - and put in place certain norms and legislation.

From the millions collected - the Mayor's Office takes the lead - the many parades that our great City has to offer - are sponsored from this fund.

Grants that are pertinent to some non-profits - like the one this heifer operated in the Western Addition.

London Breed did not want to have anything to do - with improving the way the Hotel Tax collection and more with tweaking the present system - accounting for how the money was spent.

At this hearing - she told those present at the meeting - that her office was occupied doing other things - and it was wrong to point fingers at her - and the other Supervisors.

Well, London Breed power has gone to your head - and I do not want to name that part of your anatomy - from where our idea and concept - originate.

 Suffice to say - some dumb ass like you - or your sordid aides - can figure that.

All the Supervisors while representing their own District - also represent the all the 11 Supervisorial Districts that make up - the City and County of San Francisco.

District 5 as it is operated today is pathetic - the homeless, the area round the Safeway -  whores and pimps, and drunks of all sorts - creating a Safety hazard. 

The homeless with their carts - constantly begging and what is more lacking hygiene - they stink to high heaven. Some have not had a shower in months. The area around the McDonalds - close to the Police Station.

Often times London Breed will tag Malia Cohen - on Black and other mundane issues - another dumb ass - laughing jackass - that has failed District 10. They purport to represent our great City - one worse than the other.

Stop messing with Department Heads in our City - we know how hard they work.

They are not lazy, less spineless and shallow - like you are London Breed.

I thought you were worth something - but now know - that I should have gone by  my gut feeling and sixth sense.

I tried to give you a chance - my gut feeling was - spot on - you are one pathetic individual that panders and cannot be trusted - you care about you own ass - and give a damn to others - that matter.

Stop pointing fingers at Department Heads such as our Fire Chief Joann White-Hayes. Our Fire Chief deserves better - and more from a pathetic individual like you. Even though you London Breed should know better - having be anointed at one time - after leaving the SF Redevelopment Commission - on the SF Fire Commission.

Our ambulances try hard - but you do not want me to get into the details - a lot of what you notice and tickle your brain - is mundane -  a facade of sorts - you know nothing much - what is happening at other - pertinent and critical - levels.

How can you London Breed know that - you are not educated on issues?

You London Breed - this is not the hood - where some heifer like you can bark up the tree - and idiots pay attention.

In the civilized world - actions count - not spewing hot air - as you do - again and again.

Failing to respect the constituents of San Francisco, those at Public Comment at City Hall - always having side-bar conversations - think you know better.

If at all - you went to University of San Francisco - you learned nothing much - from this so called Jesuit Institution.