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Sunday, September 28, 2014


The United States of America is as strong as its people are united and cared for with dignity.

This land belongs to the Native Americans and to the First People we owe - all that we have.

For thousands of years - the First People kept the land, the air, most everything we see today our lakes, rivers, the forest,hills and mountains -  everything we see today - pristine.

Some 300 years ago - some Whites landed on this land - failing to comprehend at that time - that they were not civilized - as they assumed to be.

They were introduced to Turtle Island - now known as America -  they brought to this land - strange ways - it is these strange ways and strange way of living that would lead to the mess we have now.

We as a Nation are beholden to the guests of this land - the Native Americans.

We have NOT been kind to the Native Americans - more, by placing them in seclusion - on vast lands that are not fertile - and we call the land - on which we segregate our First People - in our own sordid way - reservations.

The Great Spirit sees it all.

The time has come for us to open our hearts, our minds, to delve and see within ourselves - if we can resolve the doings - the on going cancer - by restitution.

Our Nation has lost its "moral compass" - make no bones about it.

What we have done to those that cared for this land - is bite the hand that fed us - the trillions of dollars plus - in resources - tarnished by greed.

We killed the Buffalo and heaped hills of flesh - we took the skin and left the flesh to rot. Insulting the First People - and killed them at will - no questions asked.

Up until 1927 you could killed a Native American in California no questions asked. The strangers laid claim - put some stakes on the ground they saw - and became stakeholders.

The ways are not legal - but they became legal - the way of the crooks, the rogues, the thieves, the liars - was endorsed on some paper - tarnished more by some ink - crying to heaven for justice.

They did the same to the Red Woods - just cut down the gigantic trees - cathedrals going up - thorough which you could see crystals - and in the night the stars - what an awesome feeling!

Here is California the thieves were late in reaching to grab what they could gold, redwood trees, salmon, abalone - you name it - if it was there - they grabbed all they could - never thinking in their greed - that some could be left over - for others to enjoy.

We collectively with intent have used greed to foster materialism.

We have lost our soul and more our spirituality.

We have lost our mind - and the wars that we have fostered and gone to waste more trillions - say it all.

One in four children go to bed hungry.

We call ourselves a Superpower - and thinking nothing when we drop bombs - worth millions of dollars.

We have forgotten to respect our Elders - and many Seniors do not have sound health care and less food to eat.

We, in our ignorance - do not care about those we should respect in their Golden years more.

We must respect our Elders and take care of them in their Golden years - more because it the the right thing to do.

Our youth and young adults are our future - more and more we heap debt on them - we tell them to go to college - and stress them with loans - that will take years to pay up.

The price of food, clothes, the simple things to live - are expensive. We have entire families sleeping on the streets of San Francisco.

Our Mayor Edwin Lee, his minions - are in bed with corrupt forces that have amassed great wealth through sleuth and avarice.
So called developers - who have no heart - and when they shell out a little - they must be some ribbon cutting - and bragging on top of roof tops.

Twitter, Salesforce - others - while our teachers under the San Francisco Unified School District are treated with disdain.

When will we dole out a $10,000  check to our teachers who have served more than 10 years - $5,000 when they have served 5 years - when do we give the Principals a huge check to do as they please. Who do you think does the heavy lifting? If not the teachers!

We have a SF Superintendent who is pandering to money - listening to spineless folks like Hydra Mendonza - who has with intent - brought disgrace to quality education.

Hydra talks a good talk - with no action - and more of FLUFF.

In the last five years over 20,000 families with children have left San Francisco - never to return again. What are we doing about this situation at hand?

On another note - worth pondering - we had no business going to Afghanistan and Iraq. But we did.

We had no business going to Libya and now again to Iraq and invade Syria - but we have.

We will pay a price - and that price will be very, very high.

We have thousands of service women and men - who have lost limbs - eye sight and hearing - and we still have not learned - much.

Too make matters worst - we have not treated our Veterans - many dying a slow death - while some administrators - screwed up their medical schedules - forcing them to suffer and eventually die.

We as a Nation have not learned to respect those that lay their lives for this Nation - on foreign lands.

We must not go to war - and invade other Nations - that have not harmed us directly.

When 9/11 took place the majority of the culprits were from Saudi Arabia - we did not go to war with the Saudi - the Wahabis.

We chose to go to Afghanistan and Iraq. 

Such are the follies of our apparent foolishness - in Washington DC - that knows no bounds - and embraces - buffoonery. 

We have forgotten who got us in this mess - it was George Bush Senior.

It did not help us much when Bill Clinton thought he had things under control and fell into the trap - laid for him by the Republicans.

Then we had George W. Bush who took us deeper into this on going mess.

Only for President, Barack Hussein Obama - to sit on the fence - and carry out the policies of the past - saying much and doing less - and listening to the Zionists.

The last four Presidents have NOT served our Nation well - and have slowly brought about great - divisiveness.

Today we have the filthy rich - who have access to more money - easily. 

We have the poor and the middle class is vanishing - and the ranks of the poor - crying to heaven for help - and no one is paying attention.

God sees it all - and those who have a conscience want to say something - but are afraid - but the time has some to unite and speak up and do right - and right the wrong. Now.

The paradox is that the past will lead us to a future - that will bring about a "revolt". 

The next in line to rule this great Nation will be the Republicans.
The signs are on the wall.

Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstien the two hags that have been having their way - will continue bark up the wrong tree.

Right now - while they have the opportunity to do right and represent.

Nancy Pelosi and Diane Feinstein - are not "representing" - both are busy raking in millions to fill their own bloody - pockets.
Shame on these two hags.

The Democrats had their chance -  they blew it. Too much talk and very little action. No sound representation at all.

No one can fool all the people - all the time - and the time has come to boot these fools - off the tracks - those that do not have the guts to represent and do right.

Both the House and the Senate will hear the voices - the likes of John McCain and others - taking us down the gutter - into the cesspool of their own creation - the  "Republican Sewage Cesspool".

Our Nation has not paid attention to a past President - a well respected General who warned us about giving too much power - to buffoons - who do not know the meaning of power.

We have a population of about 314,000,000 which is a very large piece of land - there is no doubt that this large land that measures - 3,717,812.8 square miles - suffices to take care of the First People the Native Americans - and those of us who came here - to live among them.

Our Founding Fathers learned a lot of the Six Nations - and if you care to read their writings and the Constitution - one will notice the influence of the Six Nations.

The Iroquois and others who influenced deeply the Founding Fathers.

Democracy was practiced on Turtle Island - much before the White men and women - landed here - without knowing where exactly they had - landed.

That great mistake carries on to this day.

Those that have the abundance of what is available today in America - mistake it for freedom - but in their actions they further make more mistakes - by practicing license.

There is freedom and there is license. Abuse of Freedom is License - if you get my drift.

Connect the dots - you may be able - you may not be able - but try - and give it a chance - represent - and fight for what is right.

It may be difficult, you may have to make sacrifices - time is running out. Make no bones about it. Every voice counts.

 If you do so - you will go to a better place - make sure you have a "moral compass".

Practice humility - care for those that need help and compassion.

It is all about caring - but more about compassion.

Let us begin this dialogue - the few of us - that want the best in very human being - never mind what color they are - we are all one - though we may say - many.

Spirituality is the glue that can keep us - wholesome - and keep us working together in harmony. Aho

And always remember this land belongs to the Native Americans.

Closer to home the Muwekma Ohlone in San Francisco.

God bless America and God Bless you all that care and have compassion.

Care for Mother Earth - care and respect our children - our Elders and do right - because we must foster doing right - to bring about lasting - harmony. Aho.